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Azinger Zinger: Tiger Woods Acted Like the South End Half of a North Bound Mule: Kicked Chunked Dropped Videos

Tiger Woods Kicks Club at 2012 Masters

In case you didn’t hear, creepy child-man Tiger Woods kicked his club after a bad shot on the second round of the Augusta Masters over Easter weekend. He said he was “frustrated.” Said he knows fans didn’t like it. Said…

Doral PGA Golf: Cadillac Sponsors Golf: 6 Year Contract – GM Owes TaxPayers $25B

Cadillac Escalade 2012

Donald Trump has recently bought Doral Golf Resort and Spa, just outside of Miami and is in the process of rennovating it. Currently the PGA World Golf Championships-Cadillac Championship is underway at Doral, with everyone including Trump, waiting breathlessly to see…

What Do Tiger Woods and Hillary Clinton Have in Common?

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has been compared to Bill Clinton before – that bad boy image has dogged both of them, maybe secretly pleased both of them, but what can Tiger have in common with Hillary? Both of these wealthy, wealthy Americans…