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Christianity Becoming Extinct In Its Birthplace.


I feel sorry for the Churches of the Middle East. In every Muslim nation they are being destroyed. In Bethlehem, under the Palestinian Authority, Christians have gone from a majority population of 85% to a minority population of 10%. Pretty soon the only Christians in the city will be the priests, nuns, and tourists. Already the Palestinian Authority has decided to turn the Church of the Nativity into a mosque. The Church of the Nativity is one of the holiest sites in the Christian world. Yet there will be no protests when this happens.

40 Years Ago


On October 6, 1973, Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement), the holiest day on the Jewish religious calendar, Egypt and Syria took advantage of optimal circumstances to launch attacks that took Israel by surprise. So complete was the element of surprise that when war erupted, Israel was only beginning to mobilize the reserve forces which form the bulk of the IDF. The thin forces stationed along the two fronts had to contain the invading armies until the IDF was prepared to meet them in force. The IAF was hampered by the dense anti-aircraft missile system which the enemy had deployed close to the front.

First Gas, Then Fire

Aleppo 3

Over a week ago President Bashar al-Assad of Syria launched a gas attack on his own people. Hundreds of civilians are dead and thousands are wounded. Now to follow up such a hideous act, Assad has launched an incendiary bomb into the city of Aleppo.

Guns Of August 2013


Ahead of the US strike on Syria, the Israeli security cabinet in special session Wednesday, Aug. 28, ordered the partial mobilization of select, qualitative IDF reserve forces: Rocket, Air Force, missile interception, Home Defense command and intelligence units. Anti-missile Arrow, Patriot and Iron Dome systems were spread out more widely than ever before across the country. US and Syria wound up last military preparations for the US strike. Barring last-minute hold-ups, debkafile’s military sources report the American operation is scheduled to start Friday night, early Saturday Aug. 30-31.(Confirmed)

Russia Is Pulling Out Of Syria

“Russia decided to withdraw its personnel because of the risks from the conflict in Syria, as well as the fear of an incident involving the Russian military that could have larger consequences,” said a defense ministry official in Moscow. He stressed that a 16-ship naval task force in the eastern Mediterranean remains on post and arms shipments, including anti-air weapons, would continue to the Syrian government in keeping with former contracts.