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Guns Of August 2013


Ahead of the US strike on Syria, the Israeli security cabinet in special session Wednesday, Aug. 28, ordered the partial mobilization of select, qualitative IDF reserve forces: Rocket, Air Force, missile interception, Home Defense command and intelligence units. Anti-missile Arrow, Patriot and Iron Dome systems were spread out more widely than ever before across the country. US and Syria wound up last military preparations for the US strike. Barring last-minute hold-ups, debkafile’s military sources report the American operation is scheduled to start Friday night, early Saturday Aug. 30-31.(Confirmed)

National Geographic Article On Wrangel Island – A Part of Obama’s Plan to Kill American Energy?

This was a sight not to be missed!! All the passengers had joined our Captain on the bridge as he called out directions to the helmsman to maneuver the ship through the ice which was no easy feat because we were surrounded by it. ~ August 1996 - Run For Wrangel (click the pic for the story of a modern-day visit to Wrangel.

National Geographic recently published an article titled Wrangel Island Russian Refuge. Wrangle lies in the Arctic Ocean, close to Alaska, but closer to Russia. As far as mankind knows, Americans were the first to set foot on the Island (sometimes spelled…

Russia Is Pulling Out Of Syria

“Russia decided to withdraw its personnel because of the risks from the conflict in Syria, as well as the fear of an incident involving the Russian military that could have larger consequences,” said a defense ministry official in Moscow. He stressed that a 16-ship naval task force in the eastern Mediterranean remains on post and arms shipments, including anti-air weapons, would continue to the Syrian government in keeping with former contracts.