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IRS Targets Pro-Israel Groups as Terrorists

The IRS doesn’t know for sure that supporters of Israel are terrorists, but they have an anti-terrorism section to figure it out (because Arabs insisted they do so, and so they did). The special unit receives tax-exempt requests from those…

Sammy Has Been Sighted!

I originally introduced the World to the existence of Mossad agent code named Sammy the Shark. Sammy is a Zionist Shark trained to destroy the enemies of Israel. He first was spotted off of Gaza in 2009 and Hamas claimed to have destroyed him. But he is back and is hungry.

The al-Dura Story A Hoax

For over 12 years Israelis have decried the lie of the death of Muhammad al-Dura. Al-Dura, aged 12, was reportedly shot by Israel in a firefight. This supposed murder of a child was filmed by a French reporter and broadcasted…


46 years ago today the City of David, Jerusalem was reunited after being cut into 2 by the Jordanians and the United Nation.  For 19 years no Jew, no Christian was allowed to worship at their holy places.  In fact,…

Buy Israeli Goods For Chistmas/Chanukah

Now while Chanukah is winding down and really isn’t a big gift holiday. (Chocolate coins, money [gelt], etc…) Christmas is up coming and that is a big gift holiday. A few weeks ago I posted Stand Up Against Boycotting Israel at Monkey in the Middle and Maggie’s Notebook. A reader named Georgia asked this question: Why not publish a list of Israeli-made goods we can buy to support Israel?