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First They Came For The Guns…

And took them out of their hands in Great Britain. They promised the population that they would be safe, that crime would reduce to almost nothing. It didn\’t happen. In fact, crime increased. Crime with knives increased. So now they will ban the knife.

Meatless Mondays?

No Meat

Los Angeles has many problems. Crime, Drugs, Gangs, Failing Schools. But they are waging war on meat. Why? Because they can draw attention away from every other problem they have. They are heading for bankruptcy and all they can do is deny their citizens the joy of eating the foods they love.

Remember The Fish!!!!


On October 11th a truck carrying 1,600 pounds of live fish and tanks of pure oxygen flipped, leading to the biggest fish fry in Irvine history a mess on the street.  While no one was injured many fish became dinner. …

Obama To The American People:


Once again the Obama regime fails to provide sound energy and job programs. Instead of looking to our neighbor to the north, Canada and their oil sands for some energy independence (From Muslim oil), he will be cancelling the Keystone Pipeline. A project that will bring 100,000 jobs (20,000 Shovel-ready.).