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Lefties: How Do You Stomach Your Media?


Republican candidates have been grilled as no Democrat, and especially Barack Obama, have ever been. The rule is, when grilling something meaty, grill it on both sides – both Democrats and Republicans. How do you Lefties stomach your media darlings?…

Media on Bush Unemployment

Obama's Unemployment

Flashback: Media during the G.W. Bush years: From Rush Limbaugh: Shazam, it was almost as though they wanted Bush to fail. You remember. For four years running at 4.7% unemployment, at 5% unemployment, at 5.6% unemployment, they were proclaiming we were…

Anthony Weiner “Jittery Worn-Out Staff” Calls Police on Reporter Marcia Kramer

Marcia Kramer

Capitol Police were called by Congressman Anthony Weiner’s “jittery, worn out staff” as veteran New York political reporter Marcia Kramer, CBS, attempted to get a statement from Weiner’s staff. Weiner represents New York’s 9th District. Kramer wanted a statement from…