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IRS “Tax Matter” Scandal a Civil Rights Concern, Not a Criminal Concern For The First Time in History

Jim Jordan

Congressman Jim Jordan questioned a 12-year veteran of the Criminal Division of the Department Justice, a Mr. Horowitz, regarding the IRS targeting of conservative groups seeking 501(c)(4) status. Horowitz says he knows of no (zero, nada not a single…) “tax…

IRS Targets Pro-Israel Groups as Terrorists

The IRS doesn’t know for sure that supporters of Israel are terrorists, but they have an anti-terrorism section to figure it out (because Arabs insisted they do so, and so they did). The special unit receives tax-exempt requests from those…

Reform the IRS Now: Help With Writing Your Letters to Congress

The U.S. tax code is at the heart of a system of institutionalized, legal corruption. The code is so vast because companies, industries and lobbying groups receive special preferences in return for campaign contributions, a cash-for-favors scheme that Washington would denounce as crony capitalism in any Third World country.