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Steve Davis Former Oklahoma Univ Quarterback Dead in Plane Crash: Tulsan Wesley Caves Dead in Plane Crash in South Bend, IN

Steve Davis

Seems impossible that Steve Davis could have been 60 years old. The former Oklahoma University quarterback led the Sooners to two national championships in the 1970s, one over Michigan in 1976 under coach Barry Switzer, back in the days of…

Best Quote of 2011


I found this tweet by David Burge @iowahawkblog at Proof Positive in his righthand sidebar. It’s my pick for the Best Quote of 2011. While Rick Perry is not my first pick for the GOP nominee, I will gladly support…

Michael Donte Booth Occupy Wall Street Praying Man: Naked, Intoxicated, Covered in Olive Oil in Public

Occupy Wall Street Praying Man, a/k/a Michael Booth

Michael Donte Booth, currently known as Occupy Wall Street’s “praying man” reportedly is wanted in Mishawaka, Indiana on criminal charges of being naked, intoxicated and covered in olive oil in a public park. He was sunbathing. I’m reminded that children inhabit…