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Abortion On Demand For The Fourth Trimester


That’s why I need to premise this article with a disclaimer: This article is not about abortion. It’s about the murder of children after they are born. Because once a child is born alive, terminating that life is no longer a “choice” … it’s murder by every legal and moral standard. Because while abortion friends and foes can argue about when life begins in the womb, no one disagrees that a child born alive is, well, ALIVE… do they?

Arden Hayes 5-Year-Old Expert on Presidents – Presidential WhizKid Knows Little Details Like Focus of James Polk’s of Presidency


Arden Hayes wants to be the President when he grows up. At 5-years old, this little boy is smart enough to to have just the right answer when Jimmy Kimmel asks “Who is your least favorite President?”  Arden, the future…