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Tale of Two Tulsa Mayors: Kathy Taylor WILL Support Barack Obama, Dewey Bartlett WILL NOT

Dewett Bartlett, Jr.

The Tulsa mayoral race is this Tuesday, November 12th. In this race, there is one big difference between the two candidates, Democrat and former Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor and Republican incumbent Dewey Bartlett, Jr. Neither are fiscal conservatives, but Kathy…

Sunday Worship Music: Healer by Hillsong

(This photo unrelated to this story) Mourning Slain fiancé, Sgt. James Regan

Today, my favorite Christian blogger (forgive me for that weekly confirmation of the “established fact” that Carl Middleton is my favorite) is talking about the “established fact” of the promise of healing. A rather enormous subject, don’t you think? Then why…