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French Jews Fleeing to Israel: The Oh-Noes Moment – French to be Left the Only Target for Muslim Radicals

Natan Sharansky

Anyone with a Jewish grandparent can immigrate to Israel with free airfare, full citizenship and other benefits to help start a new life, and the Israeli government are courting French Jews, and a fair exodus is underway. Jews have again…

Hervey Medellin Hollywood Severed Head Identified: Medellin Retired Mexicana Airlines – Arrest made?

Hervey Coronado Medellin

The severed head and other body parts found near the famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles has been identified as the body of Hervey Coronado Medellin. Medellin reportedly worked for Mexican Airlines. There have been reports recently of three “beheadings”…

Ronald McDonald Beheaded by Food Terrorists: Finnish Food Liberation Army Videos

Ronald McDonald Beheaded

A Finnish group calling themselves the Finnish Food Liberation Army have beheaded Ronald McDonald, the hamburger king’s beloved icon. Rumors that First Lady Michelle Obama produced the videos are unconfirmed. They then filmed ransom YouTube videos, in an apparent al-Qaeda imitation,…