PJ Crowley Resigns: Skunk Habitat – One Down

P.J. Crowley

If you’ve followed P.J. Crowley’s “career,” especially since joining the State Department in 2009, you recognize his calling the U.S. Military “stupid,” is nothing too unusual or out-of-character. The whole skunk habitat known as the U.S. Department of State needs…

He Died From A Broken Heart


Just a pair of best friends until one was killed by a road side bomb. Yet the love this dog had for his partner was so great that within the day he joined his master/friend.

Rule 5 Saturday Night: Anna Rawson


Anna Rawson is an Aussie, an LPGA golfer and professional model. She turned pro-golfer in late 2004, and began modeling at age 16. In December 2007 she joined the LPGA tour and in 2008 qualified for a full-time tour card.…

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has 4 Wobbly GOP Senators?

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

Today Wisconsin Democrats started “recall” action against Republican state senators. Worse a newly released Rasmussen…yes, Rasmussen, poll seems to be dreadful. Republicans are showing strong support for Walker, Independents are not. The question is, how many votes from the GOP…

Wisconsin Capitol Marble Repair $7.5 MILLION

Wisconsin Capitol Building Marble

Wisconsin anti-government protesters have defaced the marble inside and outside of the State Capitol building to the tune of $7.5 million. No surprise, these are the same kind of people who taped messages to a veteran’s war memorial and piled-up…