Replacing the Eagle with the Condom?


Fellow blogger, Carl Middleton, left this news in comments, reporting that the U.S. is planning to replace the Eagle as our national symbol…with the Condom: Today the government announced that it’s changing its symbol from an Eagle to a Condom…

PJ Crowley Resigns: Skunk Habitat – One Down

P.J. Crowley

If you’ve followed P.J. Crowley’s “career,” especially since joining the State Department in 2009, you recognize his calling the U.S. Military “stupid,” is nothing too unusual or out-of-character. The whole skunk habitat known as the U.S. Department of State needs…

He Died From A Broken Heart


Just a pair of best friends until one was killed by a road side bomb. Yet the love this dog had for his partner was so great that within the day he joined his master/friend.