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Ted Cruz Iowa Speech Transcript Video October 25, 2013: Focus on Growth, Grassroots and Throwing Out Washington Strategists

McCain says Louie Gohmert “Has No Intelligence” – McCain ‘F-ing Hates Cruz” Says Advisor

Allen West: House Committee Members Must Cough-UP Big Bucks to Get on a Committee


Roll Call of 87 House Republicans Voting YES to Open Government: Tom Cole Stands Alone in OK Delegation


General Martin Dempsey Warns Not To Strike Syria: US Not Ready, A Fools Errand: McCain Calls Dempsey “Disingenuous”

What The Generals Said: Boykin, Brady, Mattis: Chinook Not Adequate For bin Laden Raid, Girly-Men Winning Medals, Plan to Kill Everyone You Meet

Pentagon Halts Anti-Christian Anti-Teaparty Briefings: Training Stand-Down, Retraining Trainers

US Military: No Hazard Pay in War Zones

DOJ Allows States to Opt Out of Timely Ballots to Troops

Military in Iraq Used 70M Rounds of Ammo Annually: DHS Ordered 750M Rounds in One Month


Ted Cruz: Employers Hiring Illegals Under Gang of 8 Bill Are Wholly Exempted from ObamaCare Penalties

Dennis Miller: Fire a Believer of ObamaCare First – Who Else Would You Fire?

Once More With Feeling: Health Care Hikes in 45 States for Age 27 – 49, Stark Reality

Baltimore Sun: GOP Teaparty Only Adults in the Room – Attempts to Focus President on Spending, Entitlements

ObamaCare Navigators: One an Illegal, One Has Outstanding Warrant for Arrest

Unions Get ObamaCare Exemptions Through Rule, Not Law: $600 BILLION to Keep Unions Quiet

Obama Supporters Hammack and Brothers Lose Health Insurance: They are “Hurt” – Oh Noes, Not Me!

ObamaCare Chart: List of State-by-State Premium Costs – Tighten Your Money Belt

Explaining Away “No Reasonable Expectation of Privacy” in ObamaCare

NBC Gives 21 Seconds to ObamaCare Disclosure: 40%-67% Will Lose Health Care


Mike McCaul: No Senate Conf with Gang of 8…Period! Rubio Supports Lee, Sessions (Not Cruz) Piecemeal Approach

The Jihad is Just Getting Started: Muslim Immigration to US Doubled Since 9/11/01

White House Policy Director Supervised Rubio McCain in Gang of 8 Senate Bill – Power Shifts to DOJ and LaRaza

Illegal Aliens Detained in Arizona: Hundreds (Maybe thousands) From Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan

Illegal Aliens Claim Nephews, Nieces Living in Mexico – Getting ‘Additional Child Tax Credit’ – $4 BILLION ANNUALLY

White House Policy Director Supervised Rubio McCain Immigration Bill – Former La Raza Director – Power Shift to DOJ and La Raza

Rubio Rubs Republicans Raw: Chaffing Facts About Gang of 8 Reform – ACORN No Longer Needed

Passport Fraud: Forge Up To Three Before It’s A Crime – Someone Willfully Put It In The New Immigration Bill – Who?

ICE Ordered to ASK Adult Violent Illegal Alien Inmates If They Are DREAMERS: If Yes, Inmate is Released

Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) Asks Public to Help Stop Senate Passing Gang of 8 Legislation

Immigration Bill: Massive Incentive to Hire Newly Legalized Illegals Over Legals – And Replace Legals With New Alien Legals

Rep. Steve King: Senate Immigration Plan Sacrifices the Rule of Law on the Alter of Political Expediency

How’s Mexico’s Wall on Guatemalan Border Going?

House Immigration Gang of 8: Rubio – Senate Bill is Weak on Border Security

Illegals Becoming Legal: No Back Taxes If they Haven’t Filed a Tax return or Been Previously Flagged by IRS

Hows’s This for Treason: Rubio Shamnesty Bill Trashes E-Verify Immediately – Replaces It With Nothing for Years

Rubio Rubs Republicans Raw: Chaffing Facts About Gang of * Reform – ACORN No Longer Needed

Rubio “Selling Lies” – Snake Oil Hawked by Gang of 8: A Little Straight Talk – We Need Hispanic Voters

ICE Agents Attempt to block Deferring Deportation for Law-Breaking DREAMers

Black-led South Central L.A. Tea Party Exposed NAACP: Illegal Aliens, Abortion

Barack Obama’s Dense Network and Seep Tentacles into International Law

California: Illegal Alien Crime Soars – State Wants Federal Dollar Reimbursements

New Amnesty Rules: Obama Fatwa Creates Voters One Illegal at a Time: Obama buys Hispanic Media

On Citizenship: Obama and Anchor Babies

Children of Illegals Cost Broke LA county $600 Million

 Steve King: Anchor Baby Legislation Introduced

Megyn Kelly: What to Call Illegals – Video

Senators Challenge Obama on ‘Deeming’ Illegal Aliens Citizens: Executive Order for Mass Amnesty?

DREAM Act Your Nightmare: Get on the Phone and Call These Senators 

SEIU Unions Bussed to Phoenix: SEIU Video of GOP Facism

Twenty Dishonest Loopholes in Senate Immigration Bill

Taxpayer’s Cost to Host Illegals – A Reminder

Heritage Foundation on Immigrants as a Productive Assets


Mohamed Elibiary Tweets: America is the One Islamic Country Where Non-Muslims Are Treated Equally

Kenya’s Draft Constitution Allows Path to Sharia Law: Explosion, Protests

Taliban Siraj Haqqani Rape Murder Tape Secreted to author Brad Thor

John Brennan Connection to Death of CIA Slain Base-Chapman Commander?

Valerie Jarrett and Ingrid Mattson: White House Opens Wider to Islam


Really, Just How Naive Can Black Voters Be? Do You Care What Your Children Are Taught? Are Lies Acceptable?

Tamara Holder Sleeps With Jesse Jackson: Jackson Aide Aruba Tommy Has to Clean Up the Hotel Room?

How Republicans Thwarted Democrat’s Racist History


US Treasury Secretly Lifted Substantial Financial Sanctions from Iran 5 Months Ago (11-8-13)

EU Bloc – 28 Countries Vote to Separate Israel From Settlements – July 21, 2013

John Kerry’s Peace Talks Between Palestine and Israel: Benjamin Netanyahu Isn’t Ehud Olmert – July 21, 2013

Israel’s Pre-1967 War Borders: What They Mean – The Reality

The Angst of Supporting Israel (see Israel’s original and current borders here)

The Flight from Fact: Maddening Realities

How the Gaza Tunnels into Egypt Work

Without Support, What Happens to Israel?

Who and What are Palestinians?


EPA Grabbing Your Water by Regulation: Feds Want Your Water and They Shall Have It!

Fracking for Oil in North Dakota – How it Works: Obama Locking Away Oil and Gas Resources Forever

Media Assisted Polar Bear Hysteria: Polar Bears Vanishing?

Phil Jones: No Global Warming Since 1995

Phil Jones Admits 60 Years of Warming from Urban Influences

Harold Lewis Physics Professor: Global Warming a Pseudoscientific Fraud

Ocean Rise: Sea Level Rise Never Began: Scientists Withdraw Claims

Murari Lal Glacier Scientist Uses Unverified Data

Hide the Decline Graph Trick

ClimateGate Warming Bullies (with GlennBeck video) 


Neal Cavuto to Obama: Fox News is Not the Skunk at Your Picnic

Lloyd Dobler’s Future: Don’t Sell, Don’t Buy, Don’t Process, Don’t Repair, Don’t Mine: The New American Mindset?

Remember John Yoo – Jay Bybee and Torture Memos? Remember Albert Gonzales? Remember DOJ Tried to Destroy Them?

How Unconstitutional is Barack Obama? Let Me Count The Ways.

Can We Raise Holy Hell? Apparently Not.

Obama Shared an Office with Bill Ayers for Three Years


Brooke Greenberg is 16-Year Old Baby that Never Ages

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  • Thomas Brown

    The problem with our economy is that illegal immigrants get food stamps? You’ve got to be kidding! Talk about not getting the big picture. The problem with our economy is that banks and investment firms have been deregulated, starting with the repeal of Glass Stegel in the 1990’s (yes, under Clinton) and continuing through the debacle of the Bush years. Fraudulent investment practices and greed on wall street brought the world economy to the brink of disaster and we are still recovering. Sensible regulation of Wall Street together with criminal prosecution of the Banksters is essential in order to turn things around. There are a few signs of hope. Goldman Sachs is being sued for organized crime and corruption under federal law by the brave CEO of Overstock.com. Usually Goldman Sachs settles out of court for it’s illegal activities, but maybe this time they won’t be able to get away with it.

    Meanwhile, thought you guys might enjoy this patriotic little video: