Mark Turner Case

The following are links lead to my reporting on Mark Turner’s
case in Pensacola, Florida. I began following his case during reporting on the murders of Byrd and Melanie Billings in Beulah, Florida in July 2009.

Turner believes the man now charged with the murders of the Billings also tried to “hit” him in his own home in Gulf Breeze, Florida, and that that “hit” is connected to his civil lawsuit filed against a prominent Pensacolan.

Fourteen months later, with his Appeal denied, Mark Turner is in prison serving a sentence that surely is unjust. This must be what happens when a prosecutor is allowed to pile-on unrelated, trumped-up and false charges, on behalf of a prominent philanthropic citizen.

Mark and his family are working on his post conviction appeal at this moment. Mark Turner’s story is important…because it could be you…it could be me.

Latest News 1-3-11: US Observer Takes on Mark Turner Case
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Latest News 1-4-11: Pensacola Will Hear About Mark Turner…Finally!

Mark Turner: The Important Details

Mark Turner’s Appeal Court Rebuttal – Appeal Denied

Mark Turner’s Bar Complaint Against Prosecutor Russ Edgar

Tipping the Scales of Justice in Pensacola

Mark Turner’s Website

Read Every Court Document Here

  • truthbetold

    Maggie….Please keep reporting on Mark Turner’s story! Please don’t let the corruption in Escambia County go unnoticed! This corruption has to stop!! Mark Turner and his family deserve for the truth to be told….not lies and cover-ups by those in our county putting innocent people in jail and prison for their own person gain!Thanks for all you are doing!

    • Pamela

      I am in a county that does what they want too. In Texas! Coryell always creates and fabricates trumped up stuff to quite citizens that arent…connected to the DA or prior DA. If there was a way to fight this sort of crap. We would but. There are many of us planning the fight to through them out of office at reelection and find someone new to put in there place that cannot be pushed or played into the game behind the scenes. Elections are the main deal to most of these people. Or how the media is involved. Hoe they will look if watched. Then from there it is who they are focused on burning at the dang stake, the others just get a slap and small sentence or fined to death. Here, fines are every case that walks through the door. No one walks. Everyone pays. if they owe you or should be sued…well, they make you the bad guy so they can act as if they are doing you a favor and then still fine you or lock you up for a hot second to shock you into thinking they did you a favor! Watch his case, simple find out, who is prosecuting the case and who benefits. That is how you know the real deal. It is all on who is working deals and who isnt. Murders usually get off with minimal time anyway. It is the money people and so called dealers that take the big hit. Remember money and power. That is how you aproach every case now. Corruption is everywhere. i totally see it too. The govt is desperate for money so, the working class or the class with children that do get into trouble will pay through the family and friends. Be careful in research. Trust me. They would love to hide the smart and strong. We are all guilty now and must prove our innocents. Forgive typos, in a huge rush!

      • Pamela

        If you look up the law on, entrapment, happens alot these days. They build cases to find day cares near by etc…. so, when the judge sees a stack of cases he says…hmmm this guy/gal was busy. Creating a worse person that plotted and repeatedly did things in habit.

        Remember it is hard to call for help, but you can guarantee a cop waiting to ticket you for driving a mile over etc… Twisted but true, they are hungry to take it all. Our rights are close to over!

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  • What is the latest news on Mark? The sites I visited for this info seem all outdated. I sure hope there’s ongoing activity to bring this man to justice.

    • Frank, thank you for inquiring. Mark is in prison in Florida. I believe it’s a 12 year sentence. He is a very long drive away from his family – terribly hard with three children and a wife that works. He lost the appeal last Fall, but another appeal is underway. Things seem somewhat encouraging, but you can’t ever count on it.

      This is just a terrible thing for this family. I’m planning an update, but at this stage, it isn’t easy. Please feel free to inquire anytime and I’ll tell you what I know – which isn’t always a lot. Communication with Mark is also difficult.

      • Does christie’s loss at all help him?

        • I don’t think so. He was hopeful at one time, but I think Governor’s don’t want to get into these things. The DA in Mark’s case has such a disgusting record, and the people in the state seem to know it, but nothing gets done.

          There is an organization with an online paper that is apparently working on the case – trying to expose what has happened, but it is costly and the Turner’s are out of money. You can read their article here:

  • amennasef

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  • Nancy Turner

    Mark Turner has been wrongfully incarcerated now for over 2 years. He is leading a prayer group at Suwannee Prison and has come to be respected by fellow inmates as well as guards and staff personnel. We are currently awaiting the decision of Judge Linda Nobles to rule on the Post Conviction Relief we just filed. She is the 3rd judge to see the appeal and we are hoping that she will be brave enough to rule. The first judge opted to retire before ruling after reviewing the appeal for months. The second judge was asked by Prosecutor Russ Edgar to recuse himself. Please pray that this current Judge does the ‘Noble’ thing and stands up to the local pressure in District 1 Pensacola Florida.