I write often about Israel. In the four five six seven eight years I have been blogging, I’ve tried to document how the State of Israel was formed, how the original land territory was decided upon by the League of Nations, and how the mandate for their land was changed by the time of statehood. Below are links to posts on the subject. Please don’t miss the video at the bottom of the page.

Homes in Jerusalem’s Old City – Thanks to Michael J. Totten

The following is a list of posts designed to clear up the ongoing “Palestinian problem.”
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● Who and What are Palestinians?

● Golda Meir: War and Wisdom

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● Michael J. Totten, Pajamas Media: The Palestinians of 1967

U.N. Bias Toward Israel (video)

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  • Uli Wolff

    I do not think that “the jews” did themselves a real favour with founding the state of Israel. Actually, this is a unique case in human history: People, being pursued for their religion and habits “decide” to have a state of their own. I would have been a far better idea to assimilate with wherever they were, although this is not easy – of course. The pilgrim fathers sailed to America where they found some co-existance with native americans – that 200 years later ended with these natives being almost gone – and the pilgrim fathers in a melting pot with people from many other nations. The majority of those came to America for economic reasons, not for rekigious ones. Bus America was a huge continent with almost no population – compared to the Near East. Who could ever think that state could have a chance of peaceful co-existance, crowded with people that simply did not fit into this region, even when thy tried. I do not want to throw Israel into the sea – the Mediterranean is polluted any way…^^ Now, while it is there, we have to cope with the fact of its existance. But couldn’t we just re-think it and admit that it was a big mistake? It would not be the only mistake that this world continues to live with but I just would feel better if it was allowed to face this truth. By the way, I am German – and “almost jewish”: My father was jewish by birth and married a protestant woman. Our family lost members during the holocaust years and those, who survived had a hard time, too. But injustice that happened to you does not give you any right or reason to act against justice yourself. I am German and I like my country. I kow the graves of my father an of my grandparents. My grand-grandparents and their forbears were also Germans but I do not know much about them and I do not consider them as an influence for me. I think my grand-grandfather lived in a city now named Kaliningrad, that is now russian. I doubt any russian influence with me… What I mean is: Home is probably where you are and your people were som 50-80 years ago. Not more. Why should Israel mean a home for people that had no connection to this spot except for some thousands of years before? This is just unreal. As for the Palestineans: They probably came late to this place and for economical reasons. These reasons are responsible for about 99% of all people in history moving from one place to another…

    Ideology and religion killed more human beings than alcohol and cigarettes. Abstinence or at least prudent consumation should be recommended.

    Uli Wolff

    • Joel

      it is sad that we live in a world that people can just go on the web and say ignorant things like this . Jews have a land that was promised to them by G-D and no one can ever take it away . read your history every country that opposed them in war were defeated . even an atheist like u can see that , dont claim christianity becuz you would know why they have that land .

      • Joel, just keep in mind that there are people out here, like me, who are writing the truth about Israel consistently. I’ve written over and over about Israel’s borders and their sovereign place in the world. I’m not alone, so take heart.

        • Del

          The borders which have been drawn on a map or a piece of paper by men are not the borders which God has planned for ISRAEL. There is much more land.

      • Julio Goodsaid

        Well incidentally the Jews have been defeated a shitload of occasions, I suggest you read your history books. In the bible there are a number of occasions that jewish people lose, most of them blamed on them not following the will of God. Beside that though the reason why Jews are so spread out in Europe, North Africa, and the MIddle East was because of Diaspora done by the Romans. Now I completely understand why the Jews would get pissed after JUST gaining some independence from the heirs to Alexander’s Empire at this time, so when the Romans came in after only a short period of Independence of course the Israelites revolted. However the Romans got sick and tired of all the revolts so they send 12 legions and wipe the jews from their homeland, sending them as slaves to all over the Empire. In terms of losing this seems only better in comparison to outright extermination which is what a number of peoples dealt with over the course of time, perhaps this diaspora is what ends up saving the Jews? Masada was the big battle here and its mentioned in the motto of Israel’s armed forces.
        At the same time plenty of people also believe in God and the Muslims consider the bible a holy text, they aren’t Atheists even though I’m not sure what that has to do with anything. Christians primarily follow the bible and in history they have hated the Jews and killed them over and over, if you consider yourself Christian which is what I’m guessing, well I do hope you realize that sympathy for the Jews is only about 70 years old, tolerance for maybe 200 years and before that outright hatred.
        Getting back to what I was saying however the problem that the Palestinians had was not with Jews living there, in fact there were plenty of Jews there already, the problem is that there were already people there with their own community and millions of immigrants are being sent there when there’s already people living there, for reasons that they do not disagree with. Personally the idea that Israel is so very fundamentalist (the ultra orthodox Jews that believe they should spend life reading the torah are paid with taxes to do so, taxes of plenty of people who don’t believe in that). Personally if I cared about the jews so much I would have picked a place where they didn’t have to have 50 nuclear warheads, and spend the largest amounts on armed forces relative to GDP in comparison to any other country on the planet, that’s just me.

        • Jim Finn

          I am a Christian first and foremost. The Bible is my only guide and believe it is Gods innerant Word. I attend and Independent Baptist Church and am proud of it. My Younger brother is my Pastor.

          • Julio Goodsaid

            Ah… I was unaware that baptists saw the whole Good vs. Evil or God vs. anything opposing him as a game for God to win and for evil to lose. I always thought that the understanding of how morals worked was far deeper and not trivial. If you do see it this way then how is it that people have already lost? I mean as I understand it Christianity doesn’t say that God has eliminated evil (or things that disagree with him) but that he will do it. So its incorrect to say that God wins as opposed to God will win with certainty.
            Getting back to the whole Israel thing though, the thing that bothers me is how people seem to think that the Israel of today is the same Israel as before. It is not, its a completely different entity with the same name, run by very different people with a very different outlook then those in the Old testament. That said I do wonder why is it that a piece of land would be particularly special to God when all of creation is supposed to be special, or why is it that God suddenly went political saying that a country is inherently better than another. Considering that most Jews are not in Israel, and how part of the reason they have survived was because they got sent all over the world as a result of the Roman Empire’s induced diaspora, it seems that if God plays favorites he’s fairly passive about it. And if he is so passive about it exactly how do we know how he really feels? Many people would say actions speak far louder than words and I can’t help but agree with them.

            • Jim Finn

              Yes, anything and anyone whom appopses God is evil!

              • Julio Goodsaid

                If you feel that way thats perfectly fine, its the basis of a number of belief systems, admittedly its not one that I wholly believe myself. However one thing that cannot be denied is that such a belief system is liable to be perverted. If I were to write a book that wasn’t the bible and say it was the word of God, then for me I’d be able justify my actions with that book as good. For anyone else who would be affected by my actions negatively, all I would feel like saying to defend myself is sucks for you, I’m following the word of God and its in this book and if anyone disagrees with the book they are evil. The reason I bring this up at all is simply that for a number of people the Bible is not the word of God, it is simply a book that was written by men who might have thought it was the word of God, but there is no real reason why it must be God. There are probably thousands of such books that follow under this category and the bible is no exception, there are hundreds of incarnations of the bible (as far as I know) and probably millions of interpretations of it. So not only do you have a book that many people see no reason to think its the word of God even if they do think evil is anything that stands against God, but the book itself has gone through tons of translations and interpretations and been rewritten over the years. What makes YOUR book to be the word of God? Well I am betting your answer will be very similar to anyone elses for their book. Just leaving it at “Because God says so” has lead to millions of people being murdered, whether as witches, infidels, or people we don’t like (Jews got hit pretty hard by this over the centuries).

                • Vic

                  Can you write your bible foretelling events hundreds or even thousands of years in advance, as The God of Israel has done? I didn’t think so.

              • Jim Finn, what you say is ridiculous, if you think of it. First of all, someone who is ignorant because let’s say he/she grew up with parents who were liberal, and therefore got their information from idiots as he/she grew up – and therefore opposes something he/she knows little about – IS NOT EVIL! Just ignorant!

                Then there’s the VERY REAL QUESTION of just WHO you think God is, or, more appropriately asked, WHAT God is.

                For there are those who attribute divinity to cows, to idols, and even to man. So you see, ignorance can be generalized to include them as well.

                And a corollary the above assertion is this – JUST BECAUSE someone DOES believe in God – that, in and of itself, DOES NOT sanitize him. He could be as evil as they come. Take the muslims who love to kill and torture and rape and mutilate – in the name of God. Are terrorists immunized from evil even though they may well believe in God?

                The same notion can be applied to the Bible one holds dear to them. A Bible is not just a book, but you have to know to differentiate between books and “the book”. And this, my friend, can take some people a whole lifetime and still get it wrong!

          • john eagle

            my country right or wrong
            my religion good or bad
            my mother drunk or sober

            • Jim Finn

              To John Eagle, What God says in the Bible is true, whether no one believes it. God does not change what he says to accommadate our beliefs. When anyone disagrees with God, they are wrong. God has made it very plain in His book that the land of Israel belongs to no one but the Jewish people.

              • Fran

                He also said “Do NOT add or subtract from anything written” in His original testament.

                Yet behold, people discovered a new god, add a “new testament”, and, of course, new “interpretations” of what was added and subtracted to – to justify their first transgression.

                Not only that, Mr. Finn, but he who disagrees your god, “is evil” – which means those who have NOT transgressed what the Author of the Original Testament warned us against – are all evil.

                See how ugly things become (unless you can live with your own logic)! For once you violate the original fixed framework – as defined by the One God – you mess with a perfect system, one created by The Creator Himself – He Who knows best!

    • Jim Finn

      Uli wolff is as wrong as wrong can be. The Jewish people were given the tiny land of Israel, by God about 3500 years ago. The Arabs have zero claim to the land. You may have your opinion but it is best to take up your argument with God. You lose, God wins. End of story!

      • Julio Goodsaid

        For people who are monotheist (Christians, Muslims, Jews, and a whole slew of religions that I do not remember their names, however wish to do no disservice to them) the problem is generally not with agreeing with God. About half the world is monotheist and I feel confident in saying that most justify their morals in some way with God. The question is not about disagreeing or agreeing with God, its about figuring out what God actually thinks and says. Did God give the Jewish people Israel? Well according to the Old Testament that is one rather sound conclusion. However if you take an honest look at it, there are plenty of people who disagree with the old testament and say that God’s word is encapsulated in a different source. If you think about all the reasons why you think the Bible is special in this regard (whatever your version is) there are a number of people who justify THEIR views similarly with their own books or traditions. So if you do believe the bible is the word of God and take the old testament at face value (if you actually read the old testament there are a lot of things I doubt most people would have trouble taking at face value) then yes it is end of story, but it is far from end of story for the countless people who disagree with you. Also Is this some sort of game for you? Where some people play and they either win or lose? That seems like a fairly unusual way of seeing the old testament, if you don’t mind I’d like to hear the name of the sect you belong for simple curiosity.

        • Jim Finn

          Mr. Goodsaid, to whom is your comment directed, the one wishing to know what sect they belong too? Jim Finn

          • Julio Goodsaid

            To you?

      • john eagle

        To Jim Finn…

        I have been given your tiny home
        by God 3500 seconds ago
        You have zero claim to your land
        You may have your opinion but it is best to take your argument up with God
        You lose God wins End of story!

    • Uli – You say, “I do not think that “the jews” did themselves a real favour with founding the state of Israel. ”

      First of all, as you should note from the Bible, it is God’s doing. The founding of the state – by Jews – is merely the right target of people for the cause. They are, after all, the people chosen by God to serve as testimony that there is a God.

      Secondly – why did you put quotes around the term “the Jews”? That you cannot understand why Jews should regain the land they were promised mllennia ago also comes from a lack of understanding and appreciating that the Bible – the Jewish Torah – is an eternal book. One that has divine origin. There is none like it. Just because it is contained on a scroll, or on paper, should not let you confuse it with an ordinary “book”.

      As for your brilliant insight that ideology and religion “killed more human beings than alcohol and cigarettes”, look to you own country that killed more than 6 million Jews and millions of Gentiles. They were, after all, one of the “most civilized” people, were they not. But human “reason”, just as your “reasoning”, led them to commit atrocities like no other nation has ever done. Why? Because they had and have NO divine-oriented book to guide them, something that goes beyond human reasoning. After all, you cannot compare even a human’s most superior reasoning with that of God’s, not anymore than you can compare any number to infinity.

      Finally, if you really want to learn something, may I suggest you read this short article:

  • Uli writes: “By the way, I am German – and “almost jewish”: My father was jewish by birth and married a protestant woman.”

    You are not even close to being Jewish because your mother is not Jewish. Period.
    So please do not feign to represent Jewish thought. You may give your opinion, to
    be sure, but keep it clear from Jewishness, of which you have none.

    • Andrea


      In Germany you did not need to have a Jewish mother to be persecuted as Jewish. Unfortunately are not always the Jewish to decide who is Jewish or not

      • I give you the law as per The Jewish Code of Law, regarding Jews.
        From a Jewish Law perspective, it is irrelevant what Gentiles think is “Jewish”.

        And, by the way, the Code of Jewish Law also relates to Gentiles,
        as far as what their obligations are in this world:
        If I may, or for starters, may I suggest:

        • Andrea

          I agree with you on the fact that from a Jewish law persepective it is irrelevant what gentiles think ( on definition of Jew ). Under a strict legal point of view is a fact. My point is that in Germany you did not need ( unfortunately ) to be compliant with Code to be exterminated as a Jew -nazis point of view was relevant. Shoah was not omly matter for lawyers or Rabbi and among the huge nombers of Jews of any kind killed I am not in the position – personally – to stated who is entitled to proclaim himself as a real Jew victim. There was not any law – Jewish or not – in defence of German Jews at the time and maybe any religion or…but I stop here because I do not want offend any religious or legal perspective. thank you for your link – I will start following your blog as well. Wish you all the best

    • don

      And Frankie baby…if that bit of misinformation is truth, then we are all in trouble. The line of our Lord had at times ONLY women as the carrier of the seed. So your argument is not only wrong, it is biased and totally uneducated.
      And before you go on a woman trashing tour, I would remind you that you came from one.

      • don baby: I gave you Jewish law from a Jew’s perspective. You need not like it, nor deem it logical. Much of Jewish Law, in fact, is irrational in that it makes no sense to mortal minds. In this particular case – in deciding who is Jewish, however, it makes more than enough sense because the mother carries her child 9 months before it is born, whereas the man may have no idea whom he impregnated – so fixating on the mother’s religion is more than sound sense.

        Nevertheless, logic, as such, is primarily irrelevant in the rules God gave Jews inasmuch as they are followed as one follows the demands of a benevolent father – out of sheer love for him. The loving father knows why he insists upon it and the child acknowledges it endearingly.

        Torah enumerates 613 commandments for Jews; Some are sensible, some could make sense if you explore them; while others make no sense. In turn, it specifies 7 laws for Gentiles, the so-called “7 Noahide Laws”, all of which are rationally sound.

        Here’s a post that discusses this:

  • Redwine

    “I do not think that “the jews” did themselves a real favour with founding the state of Israel.” Uli, if you can write this, then you have no understanding of history. The Jews did not need to do themselves any “favor” in establishing the modern state of Israel. Their presence in Israel over many millennia, 3000 years in Jerusalem alone, was reason enough. Persecutions, pogroms, and, ultimately, the Holocaust only exacerbated the urgency of its establishment. For authentic Jews, those who understand our religion and the history, we only have to repeat our daily prayers for Jerusalem to know that we need no favors, except those granted to us by G-d.

    • Julio Goodsaid

      In Kingdom of Heaven, despite the fact that it by no means is a work that is about historical accuracy, orlando bloom’s character does say something interesting. In essence he says that yes while Jews have 3000 years of history there, plenty of other groups have had their histories intertwined more recently or much longer than the Jews have (canaan?). The native americans have had more than 10,000 in the u.s., and yet that doesn’t really matter at this point because history is not enough of a justification for doing things now, not by a long shot when there are plenty of other people in the area who dispute not only the history but also the values that are important in life.

  • Scott

    We can all Thank a Democrat Harry S. Truman for the State of Israel. Only Democrat who had the nuts to tell everyone to go to hell and signed several Presidental Orders in assisting Israel in becoming a nation. Nothing anyone can do but cry about it. I am not Jewish but I protect their right to self rule in their own country.

    • Jim Finn

      So if you are saying it is right for the Jewish people to self rule, why are you complaining about Harry Truman?

  • Scott

    In the end God and Son will crush all who go against Israel. That is all that anyone needs to know. Amen

  • Uh, Frank, Uli is more than “almost” Jewish, as far as Reform is concerned. They recognize descent from the father, as well as descent from the mother. The Orthodox, who recognize only maternal descent, may consider Reform to be heretical, but a substantial proportion of Jews in the world, particularly in the U.S., are Reform.

  • Dick, it does not matter what “Reform” considers, because they are out to reform. The end result, effectively, with reformers is their gene pool in 3 generations (certainly by 4) is lost to the Jewish people because they assimilate with Gentiles and intermarry. As such, they may THINK they have sanction to prescribe that which Torah proscribes, and they may get away with it, but God makes sure, in the final analysis, their heretic changes are lost and void. Reformers are like lemmings, who say “follow me”. You yourself may push for defining Jews based on the father, but that is not Torah Judaism, it’s Stanley’s warped version of the truth, a version that will self-extinguish.

    • Andrea


      I can not understand what gene pool means – is there a genetic definition of jewish? I am a bit scared about this kind of words…

      • This is not MY OWN idea; I merely present you with the rules layed down from the Torah, our divine source, otherwise known as the Jewish Bible, and how the Oral Torah, based on our sages as they understand it and teach it. When I say a Jew, to be Jewish, must either have been born to a Jewish mother, or will have been converted via the orthodox conversion process, that the “halacha” (the code of law).

        What’s to “fear” about that? When I say “gene pool”, I mean the Jewish people are a pure people, and that they do not encourage or promote intermarriage, as specified by the Code of Law they follow. Any “reformers”, secularists or those who prefer to assimlate will not remain in the gene pool because of their own decisions – and this is simply an empirical fact: These people will mingle with Gentiles and after 3 or 4 generations simply end up removed from the Jewish gene pool. It’s a matter of statistics – nothing more complicated.

        • Andrea

          I was not scared about what the Code says but about the use of word genes that to me reminds “genetics” – a word that in Germany reminds horrible years and perspectives when linked to people – without mentioning the adjective “pure” ( aryans or jews ?).This are not from the Code these are from pseudo scientificracial theories dating back two centuries ago. Cancel this g- word I am sure it is not jewish. Ortodoxy ( another not jewish word by the way )is not genetics . Thank you for your kind explanation anyway. all the best

          • Thanks Andrea. All the best!

        • Ron

          There is no such thing as Orthodox Judasim it is Judaism. This term was created by Reform Judasim.

  • Lisa

    It doesn’t matter what Israel does, in the end Israel is going to wind up being a pile of bilious dust.

    • This is the wish of Jew-haters, and conversation against Israel is the bane of their existence. What Jew-haters fail to see or have enough mind to put into proper perspective is – Israel and Jews defy normal historical trends. As Mark Twain said it, regarding this phenomenon, “… ‘cultural expression’ of one tiny group of ancient people, so numerically small … like a nebulous dim puff of star dust lost in the blaze of the Milky Way.” It is this very steadfast feature of the Jews and their heritage that Lisa the commenter finds “bilious”.

      And Jew-haters will continue to rale against this minority even if it means their own downfall – which DOES have a historical trend (eg, Europe half-buried itself for promoting it).

      • Julio Goodsaid

        You know in the economist its sort of funny, there was an article recently talking about just this, how anyone who is against the state of Israel to exist is labelled as a jew hater in the u.s., or a traitor in Israel. I personally think Israel could not exist without massive amounts of assistance in the beginning, middle and most recent parts of its tenure, and frankly thats why I personally think the whole idea should not have been implemented in the first place. Its my feeling that if the western powers were to pull back from Israel a combination of its relations to its neighbors and its own politics will cause it to implode.
        Personally I have a Jewish heritage however (half) but as frank has mentioned before I cannot claim that I am Jewish nor have I studied nearly enough the religion to be considered an expert. I think though that if a nation is about one ethnic group or on religion isn’t that a step backwards from how the world has progressed? IF you look in history sovereign states have been getting progressively larger, with less of an emphasis on ethnic group (look at sarkozy in france for instance, or Obama in the u.s.). Personally I want to see a world where people stop thinking that your ethnic group is any more important than the substance of a history lesson, it in enough itself has as much impact on a person’s life as people make it and once people stop making it important then it will stop being important. Its sort of interesting to note though that the idea of separating people based on blood lines to determine something like whether they represent the thought or culture of a country borders on the same things that lead to the holocaust, racism.
        Currently there is much fear that the political situation in Israel, since the fast growing political group are the “ultra orthodox”, that this will lead to more aggressive moves in the name of “God” against percieved belligrents, like Iran.

        • Julie Goodsaid, “perceived belligerents, like Iran.” Really? You begrudge these people their tiny sliver of land, and have no expectation of decency from the thousands of square miles surrounding them. Canaan – yes, but the City of David also. They have just a tiny sliver. That’s all.

          • Julio Goodsaid

            Iran’s leadership is nuts, perhaps not as much as North Korea’s, but still a good amount so. Plenty of countries feel threatened by Iran including much of the west, but people have dealt with belligrents before and what Israel’s politicians seem to be doing will incite more pain and suffering rather than be the best way to solve the problem. The reason why I brought forward Iran was because the fear is for me and a number of other people is simply, Israel is not doing this because it is making the best move in its own self interest, its doing it for the reasons Crusaders fought against Muslims during the Middle Ages, a sense of justice derived from the divine. The big difference here is that if Israel goes after Iran with some sort of strike other nations in their best interest, not because of some divine morals, will HAVE to intervene (russia and china on one side perhaps, the west on the other), and I do not think Israel and the people in it are really considering this.

            • Joe Blow from Idaho (@Chingasso)

              There is no sense in tossing the events of the past into the current situation. Makes no sense at all. Israel is G-D’s and that is the end of the story. (as is the whole earth but He has chosen this spit of land for His purposes)
              We all know that there is a very large war coming. We know it in our hearts. We know it by current events and we know it by prophecy. If you do not like prophecy, makes no difference, your opinion will not prevent it from happening. It is written. It will happen.
              Lets concentrate on how we as a nation can have a call to arms in the spiritual arena as well as the political one. With our hand, with our tongue, with our heart, to help Israel in her hour of need.

              • Jim Finn

                Absolutley correct Joe!

              • Julio Goodsaid

                Well then you’ve just destroyed the concept of free will, one of the few concepts that is in common by the vast majority of followers of Christianity. If there is a war coming and that war is populated by people, and no one can do ANYTHING about that war, then clearly free will cannot exist. If however people ultimately had the choice (like in the new testament where Peter denies christ 3 times) but fails because God is God then that is free will (some people might debate it). By the way Jim I know of not a single baptist, who actually thinking about what this person just said and how it means free will is non existent thereby making the whole idea of morality irrelevant, would agree with a position that says free will doesn’t exist. With free will concepts like responsibility, morality and justice actually make sense. I’m not saying you’re wrong Jim, I’m simply saying that if you do not agree with me then maybe you should ask your brother whether baptists think free will exists.

                • Joe Blow from Idaho

                  I absolutely refuse to have a battle wits with an unarmed person.
                  There is a plethora of information on end time (era) events and it would behoove you to take advantage and do some research.
                  Existentialism has no place in this thread.

                • Julio – pls keep your rants short & paragraphed.

              • john eagle

                We are the sodium chloride of the
                any biologist that says different will have my personal literalistic God to deal with

              • john eagle

                My mother is Jewish
                My father is Muslim
                My Grandfather is Christian
                My other Grandfather is dyslexic agnostic insomnia
                One uncle highly respects white unicorns

                • Your wit amounts to nothing. All you do is proclaim your smarts against all others’. It is a matter of conceit, something a human being should actually distance himself from, because every human (created in “God’s image”) has something you don’t have and you can learn from them all – unless you have conceit.

                  You can, if you wish, lump all modes of idiosyncrasy into one category. But thereby
                  you cannot and will not discover the gold in
                  all that rubble.

                  You can, if you like, count your days on earth as here now and gone tomorrow. In accordance with this choice that you execute, you may well forfeit a life where it really counts, and where 70 or 80 years is but a drop in the bucket. Conceit is really a profound form of ignorance. Suit yourself as you forge your own destiny.

    • Jim Finn

      Sorry about your desire Lisa, but the God ofr Heaven says otherwise. You are dead wrong in more ways but one.

    • Garry Ward

      Trust me Lisa. The Jews are the only barrier between being butchered by the muslim faith, and christianity. The jews carry a big stick and will use it when pressed. I am not jewish, I dont know one single jew, or for that fact any person who actually knows one. I for one am thankful the world has a powerful mini nation who take nothing from anyone, and at the same time protect their people and nation with extreme courage and faith. The world needs the jews more than ever in this century. When you say they will wind up a pile of bilious dust, you may be correct, but they will be probably the last ones to go this way.

      • Garry, regading your logic, “When you say they will wind up a pile of bilious dust, you may be correct”, I’d like to point out a small fact of history for you.

        Recall these empires that ruled in the last 3.4 millennia: The Egyptian empire, the Amelekites, the Cannanite kings, the Assyrian empire, the Babylonian, Persian, macedonian, Roman, Byzantine and Sassanid empires, the Caliphate, the Seljuq empire, the Crusader kingdoms, Saladin’s and the Ottoman empires, European colonialist progroms, Germany’s Holocaust and the present “Palestinian” attempt to rid the world of Jews. In all these wars, except for the last one now in progress, the score has been a consistent 1 to nothing shut out.

        It pays to study history, especially a truthful history of the Jews, for that – in and of itself – can be most enlightening. The people chosen by God cannot, as you speculate incorrectly, become – collectively – a heap of ash. Only those who wish the Jews harm can end up as such.

        • Julio

          Its fine if you believe that the Jews are “God’s chosen people”, its a belief that a lot of people have although I sort of wonder why people would follow God who is racist, and not even racist in favor of their own ethnic group but for someone else’s, however despite the trouble I have in understanding this its still a belief and beliefs ultimately are things that can’t be challenged by argument or evidence. However what can be challenged is a logical fallacy, that because the Jews have survived means that they are God’s chosen people. The thing about history is that history as a subject is not really about what happened but what has been recorded. While historians make every effort to find out what actually happened, ultimately what we have is not that but simply a record. The problem with the line of thinking you are using is two-fold. The first is that what ever survives is as a result of what hasn’t been destroyed and has been maintained, so in general its the winners that get to write history. That does not mean that the winners “had” to be the winners, and in fact there have been many winners. Because the winners get to write history we tend to forget all of the civilizations and peoples that “lost” or “assimilated”, and considering the number of peoples out there it be surprising if no one survived; this is the fallacy that is most often incurred when we think about how unlikely something is it must have been a miracle or supernaturally ordained (seeing the future). The second problem is just because something hasn’t happened doesn’t actually mean it can’t, I could use plenty of analogies from “Royal Straights” (which I have never drawn), to anything else. The reason why the Jews have survived for so long is because of a number of cultural traits, at least thats how anthropologists would look at it. Number 1, an unwillingness to assimilate, tons of small groups have merged and assimilated so their cultures have “disappeared”, this is currently the “problem” many Native American tribes are dealing with today, a fear of disappearing not because of death but by assimilation. Number 2 would be flexibility, very few groups would be able to survive the diaspora that was forced on them by the Romans, but because of Number 1 they didn’t assimilate, and were willing to take the jobs that were considered disgraceful or unethical, most notoriously banking, which was how even in the face of discrimination they were able to make a sound living. This flexibility also entails a lack of martyrdom, if Jews were in a situation between denying their faith and dying, it was perfectly acceptable to deny their faith just so that the faith would survive, a sentiment that is considered cowardly by the more popular religions like Islam and Christianity. Piling a group of people that aren’t much liked by anyone into a place that is rife with political instability was a stupid idea. The reason they’re still around is because they spend an unsustainable amount of money on military arms, if you had the choose to pick anywhere to put a country and the only way you’d survive is by spending so much time and effort into a military, well it can be agreed its a stupid place to put a country. Sustaining the power of a minority group in a region with arms tends to be problematic both financially (there’s only so much money), and because eventually the majority group gets tired of it, we only need to look at how Syria and Rwanda faired when they tried this, ridiculous amounts of money on military spending so that a country can survive means that the people in that country have trouble being able to support themselves with a good life. Chuck some nuclear weapons into the mix and its no wonder I worry about whether Israel feels comfortable in attacking Iran unilaterally (which is a STUPID move) or some other country, and dragging everyone else into it.

          • Joe Blow from Idaho

            Logic as your trying to apply it, will never be able to answer the questions your trying to answer.
            Faith comes first, then the answers.
            To try an analyze and deduct this subject matter, you FIRST must study scripture which you quite obviously have not done. Then that information becomes the “root” for faith. Not the only way but for sure one of the most common.
            God cannot be put in a box for study as to the why’s and wherefores of His reasoning’s.

            • Julio

              Its sort of interesting to me. All logic means is that you have internal consistency, for instance if you say apples are red its illogical to suddenly say they are green. They might in fact be green but logic has very little to do with any truths, and is all about internal consistency. If I look at what you said the logic would follow that you are not in a position to say what God thinks or God wants, because as you said you can’t put him in a box for study. In fact if you were completely honest with yourself there’s no real reason to think that God has anything to do with scripture if you were to use this logic. The second you did say that I’d simply say “you can’t put god in a box and people what he thinks or why he thinks it”. Chances are what I’m saying right now will seem ridiculous to you, just as how if I was to say you won’t go to hell for drinking alcohol, a number of Muslims and Mormons would find that ridiculous as well. So you can imagine that as a person who was Roman Catholic and stopped while IN Sunday school because some of the things people were saying didn’t make sense to me, you can understand how I find what you are saying is very ridiculous as well. Not trying to be offensive, because quite frankly I’m not quite sure if I’m right or if anyone else is, I’m just trying to put forward how perhaps you can be very sure your right, and other people can be very sure THEY are right, but if they don’t agree then ultimately someone has to be wrong, and if it was me I know it be difficult to accept, if you have any expectations that I would ever accept I was wrong then perhaps its fair that I expect the same from you, otherwise this is entirely an exercise in futility for the both of us.

          • Julio,
            you need no history to understand. Just go to the most popular book in the world, the one almost everyone in the world acknowledges, or at least has handy to peruse.

            The prophecies of the Jewish bible have come true. (Only one is left to go!)

            Each one could not have materialized had the former been false. The 1st was the covenant between God & Abraham (Gen. 17:7). “And I shall establish with you and your children after a covenant as an everlasting covenant” (i.e. “an eternal people”!), which is why Jewish people are the only ancient people living today. All the others have long ago vanished, or got subsumed under a generic generalized unidentifiable category.

            What nation was scattered throughout the world, even oppressed, hated and murdered, only to survive, with no king or army or people to help them or defend them? Leviticus 26:33 reads, “… you will become lost among the nations.” What scattered people can defy the Nature’s extinction process? How can a scattered people among foreign cultures and different languages survive more than a few generations at most?

            Do Chinese, Korean, Kenyan, Pakistani or Swedish people who come to America’s shores not lose their original identities in short time – forget eternal? Which people today can trace back their identity to eras prior to two or 3 millennia? What scattered people remain, after innumerable wars, not just a people – but a family?!

            “God will scatter you … you will be few in number” (Deut. 4:27). Even though they remain always a minority, they will last forever. If you know even a little about statistics, you will find the 12 million Jews who exist today constitute a tiny variant, a “statistical error” when compared with the billions or multi-millions of people who exist as nations across the world today.

            Not just scattered but “persecuted” (Lev. 26:3)! What HATRED remains as the oldest, most intense and most irrational hatred in the world? Anti-Semitism!! Count ’em! Progroms, Crusaders, Spanish Inquisition, Moslem cruelty, Holocaust, Holocaust deniers, “Palestinian” suicide bombings, Iranian … get what I mean? If we do well, they hate us. If we do poorly, as when Jews lived in ghettos, we are despised.

            Now I ask you. Are such scattered miserably oppressed people down and out? Isaiah speaks the words of God – “I will make you a beacon of light for the nations!” Don’t you see, not only are these scorned, but Jews still remain to influence THE WORLD! How’s that for being “down and out”?

            In Abraham’s days, only he and those who befriended him believed in God. The whole world was pagan. There’s still plenty of paganism in the world, but about half the world now believes in God (albeit some mentalities pervert into some atrociously, non-Torah replacement – such as the Moslem’s one, for instance, wherein anything goes in “his” name).

            Israel too is a supernatural phenomenon. The Torah says the Holy Land shall be desolate without a (significant) Jewish presence upon the land. See what Mark Twain spoke about this land when he came for a visit. Today that little country, were it not beset with liberal destroyers from within (ALSO predicted in the Torah!), or by many in the Gentile world, could become the greatest, most beautiful and thriving country in the world.

            As it will be one day soon when Moshiach reveals himself.

            America too, may God save her in her Constitutionality, and every country that treated its Jewish population well, stands and stood to benefit. And will stand to benefit, hopefully soon, in the Era of the Ultimate & Final Jewish Redemption upon whose threshold we now stand.

            • Julio

              Lol, I found this sort of funny honestly. So where to start. Well first off Jews that live in the U.S. currently have a VERY different outlook on things than Jews in Israel (Jews in the U.S. on average are very liberal), and really if you disagree with me I do suggest you talk to American Jews. Orthodox Jews are not the dominant group in the U.S., its Reformist, and by a very large margin. Secondly, Israel when ruled by the Jews was a mess on multiple occasions, particularly just before the Romans took it over. THis however I can understand this is disputed because saying something is a nice country is a very vague thing to say, and chances are I have different criteria for what makes a great country than you do. Third, there are plenty of groups out there that have not disappeared, plenty, and many have histories that are far older than the Jews. When the age of the Earth was being tabulated via analysis of scripture, the answer that came up was about 5,000 or 6,000 years. China alone has a history that goes back 10,000 years. While I disagree with the suggestion that you do not need history to understand, just as how if someone says you do not need experience to understand, I would disagree. But I think where I can compromise is that if you do not try to prove your own views wrong, you will never find out if you are wrong, and if thats whats important to you there’s very little I can really do. Keep in mind though that when you talk you’ll have to stick with people who agree with you because you’re gonna be frustrated when talking to anyone else, because if you put no effort in trying to see whether you are are wrong, why should they? If you truly think that your views are the correct ones, I’d almost call it evil for you to not make every effort for people to agree with you, and to do that that means not ignoring info that would seem to contradict. Personally with an outlook that has its roots in the “Enlightenment”, I find most of what you just said absolutely ridiculous. Up until the enlightenment Europe was always saying how they wish the days of the glorious past (The Roman Empire), would come again. It was in the Enlightenment, that the ideas that there are things that are fundamentally wrong with the world, that these things men can work hard to overcome and with a little luck will overcome, is perhaps the change in perspective that led to Europe dominating the entire world, to Europe and the U.S. in comparison to the rest of the world to be very rich, not because they had many resources but because of sheer effort (the U.S’s resources did help though). And it is this outlook that makes wonder where if it was in fact true that a people stayed the same, were they saw the world the same despite having access to a much larger and more diverse cultures, having technological progress that has ended so many terrible ills plaguing humanity (and have brought up new moral questions, such as stem cell research), I do not think that is a good thing. If you think that’s a good thing there’s really nothing I can do to convince you otherwise, because personally the way I see it the world is so complex that people have to struggle to understand even the basics. Despite it being so difficult, it was a change in perspective that cause people to live longer, to have more access to information, and in fact it was technology that allowed Christianity to spread all over the globe and be as popular as it is, without the Enlightenment and the Scientific Revolution, Christianity would have stayed in only one small region of the planet that holds less than a billion people. So you should be thanking all this change, all this technology, all this doubt that the world should be the way it is, which is why YOU live in North America, saying this stuff on Maggie’s notebook as opposed to being behind a plough in some poor country.

              • john eagle

                When I grew up I was taught to dislike and look down on: Non-whites, Republicans, city people, hippies, church goers, unions, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, smokers, drinkers, college educated, pollacks, people with good jobs, Hispanics, Jews, Canadians, the neighboring high school basketball teams, and people not from my small community (and also many of them). When I finally left that place, and was under different media/educational/religious/etc thought influences… I was taught to dislike and look down upon: people without college educations, those who made less than $70,000/year, Non-networked people, Non-nepotism, Non-conspirators, Non-church goers, and any one not within my groups/categories/religion/belief systems/etc. When I left that thought system and wanted to know the Truth, I evaluated everything of importance through the reality of results…. What fruit does the tree produce?? I went to multiple denominations of churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, schools, etc… and always found the same good honest Truth seeking people…. that were always being distracted and dis- in powered by secret sociopaths that valued things and ideas more that people. Their most powerful weapon was always control of the microphone (media/the message). This “message control” was used to spread the dis-information that the “enemy” or “bad people” were some group, race, religion, whatever …. when the enemy of us all was really the sociopaths that always value things and ideas more than people. To them the end always justifies the means. To them, murder, theft, rape, torture, etc are always O.K. because “things” matter more than people to them. So the Jews aren’t the enemy, The Muslims, Christians, Liberals, Conservatives, Whites,Blacks,Yellows, Browns, Maggiesnotebookers, etc. aren’t the evil minions of the Most Evil One…. It’s the Secret Sociopaths that can never have enough “Things,” “Ideas”, “Influence,” and “Power”,….

            • Cyclopps


  • Ron

    To attack Israel is to attack G-d for it exists contrary to the laws of nature. Only G-d can do that.

    • Joe Blow from Idaho (@Chingasso)


  • Jim Finn

    I just found your blog. I am very excited because I am a big supporter of Israel and the Jewish people. I have a small blog compared to yours and was wondering if I could have your permision to post some of your articles? Of course I will give you full credit. my blog is Thank you very much. Your blog is wonderful. Jim Finn

    • Do you mean my Hezbos blog, Jim?

    • Jim Finn, I looks like I missed your comment about posting some of my article with credit. My apologies. I am always glad to have the Israel information passed on and thank for you for your ongoing dialog on this important subject.

  • I’ll point out that whatever one thinks about The Word of God/The Bible, the League of Nations restored the land to Israel. After the League of Nations, the United Nations did the same. Huge portions of the land was taken from the Mandate and doled out to Saudi Arabia (Jordan). A belief in God or not, the land belongs to the Nation of Israel.

    There is no peace in the area because Palestine will not accept peace. They want one thing, and that is the elimination of Israel. The PLO was formed to eliminate Israel.

    • Joe Blow from Idaho

      “”And he (Ishmael) will be as a wild ass among men; his hand will be against every man and every man’s hand against him, and he will live to the east and on the borders of all his kinsmen.””
      And so it has been since that time.
      The Sons of promise they are not but their jealousy has raged for centuries and will not cease until the Master returns, puts then on the right track and reassures them of His love for them.
      “Palestinian” people is an invented term to give them credence in their fight against Israel. They are Arabs and Persians of every persuasion and tribe.
      The mantle of worship and message is given to the Jews…permanently until the end of the next era. They have rejected this so far because they have missed the One who came as a Sacrifice for us all but are waiting for the Warrior King.
      They will not have long to wait.

  • Jim Finn

    Keep up the good work Maggie, don’t let the “NUTS” bother you! Jim

    • john eagle

      To Jim Finn;

      Since I like to interpret “Literally”, do you mean by (“Keep up the good work Maggie, don’t let the “NUTS” bother you! Jim”), Almonds, Hazel, Cashews, peanuts, crazy-bad, crazy-good, or those that are smarter and wiser than you but for whom you have trouble finding a rebuttal that doesn’t sound “NUTS”,

      • You misquote me, start a dialogue far from your original text, and you change the subject. How convenient it is to be foolish.

        • Jim Finn

          Gee Frank you seem to love calling people names whom disagree with you. You must have a wonderful relationship with people in general.

          • When it comes to serious dialogue, you’d rather hit and run.

  • Jim Finn

    Frank, The problem with your comment is when you say the Bible is just a book. It is the Book. God is the author and God is who He says He is. Not who we say He is.

    • A prior comment was meant to be a reply HERE, so now I repeat that reply here:

      You misquote me, start a dialogue far from your original text, and you change the subject. How convenient it is to be foolish.

  • Jim Finn

    Frank, I did not run. What do you want to dialogue about?

  • Jim Finn

    I wonder if there is a map to show the true borders?