History of Democrat Racism

All too easily, America has fallen into the posture of believing racism is solely the property of Republicans and Conservatives. The truth is much different. Few know, or acknowledge, the Republican Party’s efforts to bring about Civil Rights legislation. The first article below has the timeline of Civil Rights Legislation. Click the link, and if you are interested only in the modern-day Civil Rights Act of 1964, skipped down the list to that year.
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How Republicans Thwarted Democrat’s Racist History

Martin Luther King a Republican?

Update: MLK Day, January 17, 2010: Zilla of the Resistance has an excellent MLK Day past. Check it out here.

Here’s a new site that has some great (make that tons of) documentation on Democrat racism. Visit Progressive Disorder and take a look at the mammoth number of topic in the left sidebar.

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Linked at The Peninsula Lighthouse in a very interesting article on West Point and who they have reported to be subversives – thank you

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  • Hi Maggie, I found this post while doing a web search for something I plan on writing about later. Thank you for posting these great resources!

    • suckballs

      This comment removed by blog owner for crude language, sounding exactly like a Democrat troll.

  • Thank you Zilla for reading.

  • Justin A.

    Liberals accuse us conservatives of racism, but guess who was president when the slaves were freed: REPUBLICAN Abraham Lincoln. And guess who was president when African-Americans were 1st allowed to vote: REPUBLICAN Ulysses S. Grant.

    Epic fail. Try again, REgressives.

    • Neil Henry

      And U.S. Grant was notorious for drinking and government corruption!

      • And your point, Neil Henry? Was Abraham Lincoln corrupt? Grant’s administration was corrupt. Every president has to deal with corruption within the ranks in one degree or another. As far as drinking, yes, he tipped the bottle and did so as he won the Civil War. Actually, as horrific as the Civil War was – it is a wonder that there were not more heavy drinkers!

  • Darryl

    The leading members of the KKK in the past were democrats. People with those same attitudes shifted parties in the 60’s with the Civil Rights movement. Let’s track why they shifted parties and did not remain democrats.

    • Darryl, you are correct and I thank you for adding to the conversation.

  • P.L.

    You guys are just unbelievable. You gotta go all the way back to Abe Lincoln to find someone in the Republican Party that wasn’t racist. AND then you suggest MLK was a Republican? Give me a break! If he was a Neocon, I’m the Queen of England! There has been a shift in both parties’ philosophies between Lincoln and now, pretty much a pole shift.

    An ideological shift did take place in the late Nineteenth Century, but I break it into two steps, with US Grant as the founder of the modern “conservative” Republican Party and William Jennings Bryan as the founder of the “liberal” Democrats. In between Grant and Bryan, both parties were conservative.

    Of course one must be careful about extending these terms backward in time, since “liberal” meant the opposite in the 1800’s. But during the second Grant administration, the Republican Party largely abandoned the defense of African American rights in the South and came down firmly on the side of hard money and opposition to labor unions. By modern standards, they were “conservative”.

    The Democrats generally agreed with these positions, and what we would today call “liberalism” was left to the Greenback and Populist Parties. During the 1890’s Bryan merged Populism into the Democratic Party and they’ve been the more “liberal” side ever since (except for 1904, when the centrist TR ran against conservative throwback Democrat Alton Parker).

    So there you have it. The real issue isn’t century-old history, but what the Republican party stands for today. Based on more recent history, it would seem that the conservatives are still more interested in the dollar bill than any civil rights bill. They are more interested in consolidation of power into the hands of the the few monied elite than in human dignity and mutual respect.

    • VeryNearlyASocialist

      Yes! These labels, like any social/cultural construction, do NOT exist in a vacuum. Hence, to place the ideologies behind them years ago on the politicians of today is naive presentism. I agree with your sentiments exactly!

    • Andrea

      I agree with you completely – each word, Democrat and Republican as well, have to be contextualized. We can not refer to XIX Dem and Rep as we are doing now. If someone blame the miltary -industrial complex today like republican president Eisenhowher did in 1959 he would be considered a communist by today republicans !

    • Rhonda

      In answer to PL, The Republicans NEVER abandoned the Blacks. I think you assume the opposition to labor unions was racist. Who BROUGHT labor unions to the US? The communists did. Once you have labor unions in control of a private business, the rest of the country suffers because prices go up to cover the fat salaries and retirement packages. The union organizers used the black worker. Obviously, you haven’t looked into real historical documentation. They used them in their protesting and picketing and then incited violence leaving the scene only to leave the black members to take the beating and get arrested. There were several notable blacks who left the Communist Party (behind union organization in the US) because they KNEW they were being used. They KNEW the union bosses had contempt for them. Why do you think Johnson passed the Welfare and Food Stamp Acts! Why do you think he said, as he signed one of the civil rights bills, “We lost the Black Vote” Why did he say that? Because the Republicans pushed for the Civil Rights Bills. Did you know that it was Eisenhower while in command of the military during WWII, desegregated the Military? Did you know that it was Eisenhower who introduced the FIRST Civil Rights Bill in 1957? Did you know that the voting records of Congress are a matter of public record and that Johnson AND Kennedy voted NO? Did you know that it was Democrats who stripped that Bill of its protections which is why they had to write two more bills in the 60s? And YES, MLK WAS a Republican until the Democrats promised him a line of BS. The KKK was the violent arm of the Democrap Party. I spent the first 30 voting years of my life as a Democrap; now I’m angry because I’ve been lied to by those slimy cretins. What the Republicans care about is that EVERYONE has an equal opportunity. The Democraps want equal outcome. Take a look around, the “monied elite” are ALL uber liberal progressives. They control the media, Wall St & all trial lawyers are liberal elites. The liberals put the moniker of “racist” on the Republicans without proof. If Republicans don’t want affirmative action it’s because it doesn’t create young people who want to work harder and become successful on their own merits. It creates an entitlement generation, folks who think they are owed something. No one owes ME anything. I can stand on my own feet, I EARN the accolades I receive. Affirmative Action doesn’t create excellence. Our Constitution and other documents were written for a reason and if we don’t adhere to them as our founders intended, we end up with big government, one that resembles socialism, the very antithesis of what was intended. They were very intelligent men who understood that the role of government should exist ONLY to protect the rights of citizens, their individual liberties which they laid out in the Bill of Rights. The role of the federal government was meant to ONLY develop a military to protect our borders and prevent invasion or attack. A strong military is intimidating to a would be attacker. ALL other control was meant to be with the People at each states level. When you have an over-reaching government, it resembles a dictator, a monarchy. Our founders had it right the first time creating a level playing field but the Democrats won control of Congress and continued slavery until war was inevitable. They’ve deceived, lied, robbed, killed, tortured and to this day, they lie, deceive and rob. They stir up hate where none exists to throw suspicion off of themselves. They stink with the filthy odor of deceit. Your president who claimed to be the “great uniter” has been anything BUT that. To this day, after many requests from Dr Wayne Perryman, the Democrat Party has refused to apologize for their racism. They lie to the Press and tell them the Rev is asking for money but his documented missive merely requests an apology. THIS is YOUR Democrat Party,sir. The Democrat Party you claim is omnipotent as you place blame on the Republican Party. Shame on you. It’s obvious your sources are all liberal ones from some elitist university professor, on the dole; one who continues to spread the lies about our countrys history. You say, not so? Then tell me, why is the history of the Reconstruction Period to THIS DAY eliminated from our textbooks? Why do we not learn who Revels was, or Rainey, Long, DeLarge or Elliot? You know the answer is because the Democraps don’t want school kids to learn the racist history of their Party and that the Republicans ARE the champions of the colored race. The shame is on YOUR Party, sir, NOT mine. By the way, ALL of my black family members have switched political parties to the Republican Party.

      • Ref:”Did you know that it was Eisenhower while in command of the military during WWII, desegregated the Military?”

        Not exactly accurate…although it is not known what input Eisenhower had regarding President Truman’s decison to issue EO 9981 the genisis of a desegrated military, desegration ended on 30 Sept 1954, so stated Secretary of Defense Charles Wilson. Although this date is more than a year and a half into Eisenhower’s presidency, Eisenhower did not start the ball rolling.

      • labor unions were not brought to the united states by communists — nor, contrary to what dr. ben told cpac 2013 — did socialism originate as a reaction to america’s capitalistic success… do you know what the “radicals” at haymarket square were demonstrating for? not benefits, not pensions, not child-care, not workplace safety, but a forty-hour work week…

        the GOP officially abandonded african-americans — 90 percent of whom lived in the southeastern states that comprised the confederacy and border states until the beginning of the great migration in the early 20th century — in 1876, as part of the corrupt bargin that gave republicans the presidency in return for the withdrawl of all federal troops from the former confederate states… within months, african-american voter participation plummeted, as they were forcibly kept from organizing, much less voting, by armed, white democratic crowds… remember, since they were republicans, one can find their urgent, frequent and desperate appeals for aid both to the administration and the national republican party, but neither the party, the administration nor the republican leadership in congress made even a token move to address the situation… the result? african-american sheriffs, mayors, state senators, representatives and other state and local officials were either impeached in kangaroo courts on technicalities, subjected to recall elections in which republicans of all hues were banned from voting, and — most often — either run out of town or state or simply murdered… the north entered a willing era of indifference towards the plight of african-americans — war fatigue had been replaced by a reinvigorated and mechanize manifest destiny that pulled the country westward, while the severe financial disruptions of the 1870s left the average american in a severe and constant state of insecurity… with the federal troops removed from the former confederate states, the klan and similar organizations such as the nights of the golden camillia reimposed a reign of terror under the black codes reminiscent of that imposed under the slave codes…

        aside from attempts that FDR made to ensure that new deal programs benefitted african-americans, one can make the argument that — until truman desegregated first the post office and then the military — that either parties paid anything other than sporadic and partial attention to african-americans and their concerns; namely, when it benefitted that party’s concerns and objectives… truman’s actions began the split in the democratic party that led to the splintering-off of the “states rights party” (a.k.a. the “dixiecrats”), whose single-issue presidential candidate, strom thurmond, would, of course, spend the last 39 years of his career as a republican… that takes us up to the dawn of the 21st century, and 2002, when trent lott lost his position as republican senate majority leader for saying, at a 100th birthday celebration for thurmond, “When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we [Mississippi] voted for him. We’re proud of it. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn’t have had all these problems over the years, either.”

        yes, the perpertrators of jim crow were indisputibly democrats… but those who dismantled jim crow and who have fought to keep it from being restablished in more subtle and more widespread “equal-opportunity” forms, have been democrats, beginning with goldwater’s supporters’ purge of the rockerfeller republicans from the party in 1964, and the institution of nixon’s southern strategy in 1968, which has been a central part of the GOP playbook ever since… even ronald regan gave a very loud and clear signal that he was explicitly endorsing the southern strategy by launching his presidential campaign in 1980 in philadelphia, mississippi…

        you may agree with the philosophy of the GOP, but since 1968, it has been the party that harbors racists and those who would implement racist policies…

    • To quote the erudite P.L (amazing, people, with so much to say, do not use their names)
      “…dollar bill than any civil rights bill…”
      Why is it those “monied elite” seem to be Democrats, at least in the house and senate.
      And since the Democrats have been in control all indicators, jobs, income, etc keep negatively affecting those supposedly helped by the magnanimous Civil Rights Bill?

      • Chuck, it’s victimhood that keeps their squeaky wheels grinding. Without it, they have no platform. You can see from comments here that those who disagree with me, ignore the historical record. Thanks for visiting and commenting. I appreciate it.

        • Thanks for the reply..I have been Tilting at this windmill for past 50 years.
          I started a Blog along same lines. appreciate your Visit, comments and maybe some guidance?

          Thanks again for your courtesy

          • Adding you to my blogroll, Chuck! 😉

            I noticed a visit to my place in my stats from this post of Maggie’s and am pleased to see that the comments section is very lively and that people aren’t caving to the revisionist history of the left!

            • Brennen

              Jesus Christ people what are you conservatives smoking I thought you all hated weed

              • MLK was a conservative, not a liberal. BTW: the Civil War was how slavery ended. That is not important?
                Wisdom and decisive events in history are not outdated – indeed, often we can learn from them.
                Your point is moot and totally progressive regressive. The “real issue” is that both parties are not what they were intended to be, it is just that the Democrats are more corrupt and have adopted democratic-socialism as the alternative of a constitutional republic.

    • Pat

      Instead of trying to be sarcastic, why not do some research on just who voted FOR the Civil Rights Act and who voted AGAINST it! You might actually learn something..although I doubt if you would.

      • Sarcasm to some is the truth, which apparently you cannot handle.

    • Your history is a little stilted. Must be a graduate of the current education system.
      Facts are the “democrat-Liberal” agenda has increased the enslavement of blacks through the development of the Great Society and other Gimmicks to keep a Collective Voting Block sucking on the belly of the Sow of Power.
      At least some of us learned through listening
      to Parents and Wise teachers that Anyone can throw of the Yoke and Prosper as Individuals…….

    • DocJ

      What makes dmocrats racist is you believe in group rights, where as conservatives believe in individual rights. That is why you don’t see that affirmative action is quotas by a different name. “Judge a man by the content of his character, not the color of his skin” Quote from a famous Republican

    • Rebecca

      Educate yourself….the first blacks elected to Congress were in 1872

    • ccoffer

      The democrat party since its inception has held the view that non-whites are weak, stupid, shiftless and violent. Their strategy for controlling them has evolved, but they still maintain that “minorities” are all retarded children. The party of slavery, the Klan, Jim Crow and Bull Connor still is what it always was.

      Leftists are the scum of this earth.

  • Jim Ruggiero

    Why don’t people just read the quotes of Frederik Douglass.

  • Jim,
    I dont know either why people only read from Frederik.

  • Democrats and racism…sort of goes hand in hand.
    I have more here http://normanhooben.blogspot.com/2010/11/is-jihadi-going-after-your-big-mac-have.html (you’ll have to scroll down to the picture with the inscription, “They all look alike in their robes, but underneath they’re all Democrats” …go ahead and use the picture if you like.

  • brennnen

    this website has got to be the most narrow minded conservative christian website out there i mean wow this is almost funny. and daryll the kkk was founded by men of the confederate army after the civil war wich was if you go back to history and check it instead of making something up was over civil rights and so dont go saying conservatives are not racist i mean what party hired some one to act like president Barak Obama for a republican party get together?

    • brennen, I urge you to visit Norm’s for more information. As most progressives who decry the truth, I ask you to show me what in my post is “made up?” The sources are all there.

      And, no I do not believe Conservatives are racists. Some are, just as some Democrats are racist.

      Until you show me what I made up, there’s not much room for discussion.

    • hey “Brennan” no doubt blogging from ur parents basement between video games- you can hire ANY color person to impersonate a total idiot like Obonehead- why do you whiny little people defend this jerk? Wow, isnt your life just so great since comm organizer started running things? oh, thats right- I doubt you work- probably a stupid college student- well you know where you can cram you statements- if not take anantomy- sure mommy and daddy will pay for more classes in your pottery major- smoke more pot and pass out, ok? real people waqnt to get rid of this idiot and the first linebacker- ooops- first lady (tongue planted firmly in cheek) tax coporate jets, still part of a buisness that pays some taxes, yet michelle and the chillin go on safari, we pay for it- McCaskill (sp) and Bela Plosi fly everywhere on our dime. Sure, makes sense- arent you due for changing and you bottle? kisses

      • brennen

        you took all of this way to far. im just a kid and i really dont care if you dont beleive me. and you uh spelled my name wrong but whatevs and you sorta (sorta being an understatement …….) freaked out i honestly think that having a conversation about this stuff is actualy possible with some one who is chill maggie being an example but not to hate no hate please so sorry if i offended you???? but these are my views on things and those are yours it would be boring if we r all the same now wouldnt it…

        • You say you’re just a kid…well I hope that I can put this in the simplest to understand, for you see I’m just an old guy…and most of us old guys are too old to lie and definetly too old to hate, we have to start wondering if the hereafter is really going to be there when we cross over to the other side. If you practice a religion, or even if you do not, it is pretty much understood that we end up somewhere over that fence that divides us from life and death either in good pasture or a dismal swamp based on how good or bad we were on the lively side. Some people call these places heaven or hell and the Judge (some people call Him God) will decide where we are going based on the decisions we made when we were able to make decisions (remember this for your entire life that once you are dead you can no longer make decisions so make sure all your decisions today are good) So there are a number wrong decisions one can make (some people call these sins) that the Judge will assess as to where He might send you…
          As no one knows how much the Judge will tolerate we do know that the worst decision one can make is to hate. Now hate is a pretty powerful word and should not be used unnecessarily where the word dislike would be more appropriate. Take me for instance…I hate nobody…I love my wife but I like my blueberry pie…I do not like those greasy onions that come with fried liver. I don’t hate anything…if I’ve ever said I hate something it was when I was just a kid and didn’t know the true meaning of the word.
          You alluded to the idea that somewhere in Maggie’s blog that there might be some hate (You said, “No hate please.”)
          Now I have read much of Maggie’s blog and nowhere in it will you find anything that even comes close to hate…you may not agree with everything she says but that should be the time when you should evaluate or as some would say, “have an open mind”
          Some things in life need to be “all the same”. We all need water to live and thats not too boring so before you express your views think them through to the end result…if the outcome is good then you’ve made the right decision.
          The statement you made above:
          this website has got to be the most narrow minded conservative christian website out there i mean wow this is almost funny. and daryll the kkk was founded by men of the confederate army after the civil war wich was if you go back to history and check it instead of making something up was over civil rights and so dont go saying conservatives are not racist i mean what party hired some one to act like president Barak Obama for a republican party get together?

          You should check it instead of making something up!

          • Norm, thanks once again. I really appreciate what you said.

          • Brennen

            You señor norm are a bit coocoo for I think religion is crap and no I think when u die u die ur done. DONE

          • Amen, Norm. The scary part is that a little over 65 million voters let this guy cause further destruction – the kind that GW Bush was blamed for (and some true), yet has much of what Bush initiated still in place. Explain that, young American.

        • Brennen, if these are your view (please reread your first comment), you really need to tell all of us what is “made up.” That’s the place to start. You want to have a conversation? Start it with what is “made up.”

      • Michael C. Gravatt RPh, Big smiles!

    • Pat

      Let’s understand this; you think the Civil War was about “civil rights?” Perhaps YOU should do a little studying instead of throwing out really over the top theories. The Republican Party was founded in 1854 as an anti-slavery party. The party that opposed the abolition of slavery was the Democrat Party. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was supported by a majority of Republicans. Six GOP senators opposed it, while 21 Democrats OPPOSED it. Among the opposing Dems were, Robert Byrd, Va. (also a KKK member,) and Al GORE, Sr. Robert Byrd led a 54 day filibuster to KILL the bill. So, who exactly are the racists?

      • Thanks for SHARING Facts….something most do not know where to find.
        Used to be “Keep ’em barefoot and pregnant”
        Now it its Keep ’em dumb and unable to THINK for self

  • History shows that the Ku Klux Klan was the terrorist arm of the Democrat Party. This ugly fact about the Democrat Party is detailed in the book, A Short History of Reconstruction, (Harper & Row Publishers, Inc., 1990) by Dr. Eric Foner, the renown liberal historian who is the DeWitt Clinton Professor of History at Columbia University. As a further testament to his impeccable credentials, Professor Foner is only the second person to serve as president of the three major professional organizations: the Organization of American Historians, American Historical Association, and Society of American Historians.

    Democrats in the last century did not hide their connections to the Ku Klux Klan. Georgia-born Democrat Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan wrote on page 21 of the September 1928 edition of the Klan’s The Kourier Magazine: “I have never voted for any man who was not a regular Democrat. My father … never voted for any man who was not a Democrat. My grandfather was …the head of the Ku Klux Klan in reconstruction days…. My great-grandfather was a life-long Democrat…. My great-great-grandfather was…one of the founders of the Democratic party.”
    Read the entire story here http://normanhooben.blogspot.com/2010/11/is-jihadi-going-after-your-big-mac-have.html (scroll down about halfway for full story)

    • Norm, thanks much for the information. I appreciate it.

    • brennen

      democrats and republicans of those days are not at all the same as they are now. things were very difrent then they are today they were practicaly the same party but for you to say they are the same now as they were in the 1800’s is almost a joke…
      uh whoever writes the stuff on this site what is your stand on religion?

      • Andrea

        I agree, personally . in addition most of Southern Republican were Democrats before Civil Rights era ( Trent Lott and all Dixiecrats if i remember well )

    • Michael Spencer

      I’m from Memphis, I could have sworn Forest dies from dysentary in 1876, Iam I wrong ?

  • Neil Henry

    In America, the role of racism in politics is prevalent, particularly in the Republican Party. But the Democratic Party, despite its civil rights leadership, largely allows Republicans to get away with racism. This is a point that comes up in Drew Westen’s book The Political Brain, which I will soon be reviewing more generally. To quote Westen:

    One of Reagan’s first acts as president was to try to defy Federal Law by securing tax exempt status for Bob Jones university despite the fact it practiced racial discrimination (forbidding interracial dating). This reflected a deliberate, conscious decision…And the Supreme Court was not forgiving, ultimately rebuking Reagan in an 8-1 decision. Yet the Republicans have used the same “southern strategy” in every presidential election they have won since 1968, and Democrats have never once made them pay for it.

    Reagan, of course, had also opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1965, yet many Americans STILL saw him as basically a “nice guy.” Truth is, one on one, Reagan WAS a nice guy, widely recognized as one of the nicest people in California politics in terms of how he treated people right down to the lowliest campaign worker (I get this from someone who was an insider in California politics at one time). But nice guys don’t withhold basic rights from entire segments of American society.

    But that is exactly what the Republican Party does. They may talk “state’s rights” but “state’s rights” NEVER was supposed to mean the withholding of Constitutional rights from people with dark skin. What it really boils down to is the use of racism as a tool to win elections. If blacks aren’t voting Republican, Republicans don’t want blacks to vote. And they go way out of their way to discourage black voting.

    Again, from Westen’s book:

    Since the mid-1960’s, the party of Lincoln has desecrated his memory. Republicans have opposed every effort to extend equal rights to anyone who isn’t white. They have played the race card in every presidential election they have won since 1968. As long as Democrats don’t turn racism into a character issue, Republicans will continue to use it as an instrument of political persuasion.

    In 2006 there are two very instructive Senate races: Virginia and Tennessee. In Virginia, the Republican incumbent used a racial slur against a dark-skinned American and it blew up in his face. He lost. Democrats hit him hard for his open racism, and we now have Senator Jim Webb of Virginia instead of the racist Republican incumbent.

    In Tennessee, racist Republican candidate Corker and the Republican Party ran an ad that implied his opponent, Henry Ford, Jr. (a black) was having sex with white women. In it, they use the phrase, “Harold Ford…He’s just not right.”

    A phrase that sounds suspiciously like “Harold Ford…He’s just not white.” And the truth is, neurologically our brains will interpret that phrase to mean “white.” The pairing of the sex with white women, and the “he’s just not white” line was clearly trying to play on the racism many voters might have deep down.

    This ad, by the way, was crafted by Karl Rove.

    Democrats tried to ignore the racism of the Rove/Corker ads…and Corker squeaked by to victory, leaving us with a racist representing Tennessee.

    If Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee in 2008, and let me say now that he has many of the characteristics that WIN ELECTIONS, we are going to see EXACTLY these kinds of racist ads flooding the airwaves and Democrats had better be willing to stand up UNITED against them, calling them on their racism.

    Now let’s remember Trent Lott’s glowing, gushing, loving speech about Strom Thurmond’s 1948 presidential run. Remember, that Trent Lott was the LEADER of the Republican Senate, yet he said that had Strom Thurmond won the presidency in 1948, America wouldn’t have the problems it has today.

    What was the focus of Thurmond’s run for presidency? His central platform was segregation, upholding the “right” of, in his words, “Southern People” to keep “niggers” out of “our theaters…swimming pools…homes and…churches.” Trent Lott in 2002 was praising one of the most blatantly racist campaigns for president in the 20th century. (Note: remember that Thurmond was a “Dixiecrat” who left the Democratic Party BECAUSE of the Democratic fight for Civil Rights, finding the Republican Party more accepting of his racism).

    Now let’s remember that in election after election, Republicans (including Bush’s brother, Jeb) have led efforts to suppress the black and Hispanic votes through out the nation (see, for example, this statement from the NAACP Voter Fund regarding Florida 2000 and Ohio 2004 and this transcript of a Democracy Now! radio program).

    Racist ads, opposition to every piece of civil rights legislation in the last 40 years, use of racial slurs in public, praise of Strom Thurmond’s segregationist campaign for president, and voter suppression focused on minority districts. I mean, THIS IS RACISM folks! Plain and simple. Intentional, widespread racism by the Republican Party. I am in no way saying that every Republican is racist and no Democrats are racist, but the leadership and strategists of the Republican Party see racism as a legitimate tool for winning elections and we as Americans just should not stand for it!

  • Neil Henry’s commentary above??? Wow! I don’t know where to start other than to say his words are a product of his own immagination and his assumptions about Republicans and Ronald Reagan cannot be substantiated…again, his immagination gone wild. The rhetoric is Alinsky-like in that he would like to others to believe that which he says is true knowing in his heart that it is false…his last sentence verifies this allegation. Democrats have always held the position, “That if you can’t dazzle them with wisdom, dazzle them with bull-sh.. just so long as they believe you long enough to vote.” Certainly Mr. Henry cannot disproove this acclimation…all one has to do is look at the plight of the underprivledged (including blacks) under FDR and Johnson’s Great Society…they’re still considered underpivledged with over a trillion dollars dolled out and no significant improovement. How did this happen? The democrats have a gift of bewilderment described aptly in the latter half of the dazzle theory above.

  • ps: excuse the typo in several words above

    • Neil Henry

      u iz guuud splr

  • Ana, you have a nasty habit of refusing to address the documentation.

  • Ana in Los Angeles

    comment deleted by blog owner.

    • Ana, I said you had a nasty habit of ignoring what is in my articles. You came here. I did not come to your. So address specifics of the documentation, or go elsewhere. I will answer to what I wrote, not what you want to talk about. As to the other article, same there. I was reported by KTLA5 and no one else but bloggers. No more comments. I’ve heard enough from your.

  • Ana in Los Angeles

    comment deleted by blog owner.

  • tyree

    My father grew up in the segregated South with it’s “White’s Only” drinking fountains. In part because of this he changed his voter registration to “Republican” as soon as he moved to California. Others in our family followed his lead. The hate mongering progressives have their story and they a sticking to it, but check out Larry Elder chapters on Republican’s in his book “The Ten Things you Can’t Say in America”. If are a Democrat, his point of view will shock you.

  • You are the devil all of you. You are against my religion. I also dont believe in you.

    • Ref:”You are the devil all of you.”
      That has no basis in “fact” …you have no idea who “all of you” is but apparently you know something about the devil or how else would you come by such a title to bestow on someone you don’t know. If the devil represents some evil spirit condemned to eternal damnation how would did come by his acquaintance? …and just what religious denomination would you be a follower of? I don’t see anything here that condemns your religion but then again some people are very religious when it comes to the Democratic party and there is a hint of condemnation regarding their racist past. You don’t have to believe anyone but that does not change the truth. Prior to Christopher Columbus many did not believe that the world is round but the truth set them free and guess what? We got this new place called America…all because the truth was superior to the lie. The truth always wins in the end…stay away from that devil, I’d hate to see you end that way…

      • Ref:”If the devil represents some evil spirit condemned to eternal damnation how would did come by his acquaintance?”

        Sorry ’bout thr typo…that should be:

        If the devil represents some evil spirit condemned to eternal damnation how did come by his acquaintance?

        • Still wrong…

          If the devil represents some evil spirit condemned to eternal damnation how did you come by his acquaintance?

  • comment deleted by blog owner.

  • sotto voce

    Maggie, I just found your blog and plan on visiting regularly. I’m especially pleased to see the work you’ve done on the history of Democrats and racism. This is a pet issue with me. I grew up in a first generation American household with very liberal, Democrat parents and my first husband was a Democrat (who lives in San Francisco now and probably identifies as a Progressive). My conversion to conservatism has been a process of self-education. I never felt at home as a Democrat and the more I learn the more I realize why. It’s been enlightening and infuriating to discover how thoroughly Democrats have distorted and buried their founding of the Ku Klux Klan and their obstruction of Civil Rights legislation, all the more so because they cynically and knowingly project their racism on conservatives while claiming their party is the rightful home of all minorities. I imagine there are many well-meaning, knee-jerk Democrats (like I used to be)who would be horrified to learn the true history of their party.

  • tyree


    Congressman Alan West delivers a Martin Luther King Day speech which mentions a little of the history of the Republican Party that the hate mongers on the left refuse to believe.

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  • Daniel Stinson

    US Civil Rights Legislation History

    3rd US President (1801-1809), Democratic-Republican Thomas Jefferson concluded the Louisiana Purchase with Napoleon and engaged the US into its 1st international war, The Barbary Wars. The Barbary States were governed by the Islamic Ottoman Empire at that time. The Ottoman Empire assigned a sultan to each of these Islamic Barbary States.

    5th US President (1817-1825), Democratic-Republican (formerly Anti-Federalist) James Monroe of Virginia, established the “Monroe Doctrine” claiming American superiority in the Western Hemisphere and fought European interventions in Latin America by the Spanish and Portuguese. Politically, fought Russia, over claims to the North American, Pacific coastline. Ordered his appointee, Andrew Jackson the US General, to punish the Spanish in the Seminole Wars and to defeat the Seminole Indians of Florida as part of the Monroe Doctrine. He was a strong supporter of the French Revolution and helped to later and negotiate the Louisiana Purchase with Napoleon. Gabriel’s Slave Rebellion attempted to capture President Monroe and force him to free all slaves, but they were hampered by severe weather and were unsuccessful. The admittance of Missouri, under the Missouri Compromise of 1820, as a Slave State was a leading factor in establishing the Civil War. The Dred Scott Decision of 1857.

    Formerly, Anti-Federalist Party, and later known as the Democratic-Republican Party, had its name officially changed by Democratic President Andrew Jackson to the Democratic Party (which is why Democrats advertise themselves as America’s oldest Party from 1801-to current).

    7th US President (1829-1837), Democrat Andrew Jackson of Tennessee didn’t help minorities when initiating the Trail of Tears that slaughtered the Cherokee Nation here in GA and moved others to Oklahoma. Andrew Jackson used the US military to forcibly shutdown the 2nd Bank of the US (1816-1841): Now called the US Federal Reserve Bank as the unofficial “3rd Bank of the US“). This lead to the collapse of the US economy and lead to the Trail of Tears because of the Georgia Gold Rush in the Appalachian Mountains (Blue Ridge communities like Dahlonega) which has the purest known gold in the world with the least amount of impurities leading to less processing.

    11th US President (1845-1849), Democrat James Knox Polk of Tennessee policy “Manifest Destiny” provoked the Mexican-American War of 1846-1848 (1847, American Invasion of Mexico) that resulted in the annexations from Mexico of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, and California; while Oregon was taken from Great Britain. James K. Polk instituted his “Slaver Power” policy by fighting against the Wilmot Proviso, which would have abolished slavery in newly annexed territories/States.

    Congressional Democrat, Jacob Brinkerhoff of Ohio, abandoned his Democratic Party in favor of the (anti-slavery) Free Soil Party and authored the Wilmot Proviso. Jacob Brinkerhoff then helped to create the Ohio Republican Party in 1856. Congressional Democrat, David Wilmot of Pennsylvania, abandoned his Democratic Party in favor of the Free Soil Party and co-authored the Wilmot Proviso. David Wilmot helped to create the Pennsylvania Republican Party in 1856. He became the 1st Republican candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania, but lost that election.

    14th US President (1853-1857), Democrat Franklin Pierce of New Hampshire, drafted the Ostend Manifesto, which would annex Cuba by force if necessary, as a “Slave State” to expand the Southern States. Pierce helped his appointee, Democrat Jefferson Davis the US Secretary of War, to establish the Confederate States of America. Many believed he was a member of the secret society Knights of the Golden Circle that wished to annex the islands of the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico as member Slave States of the Southern US.

    1857, Dred Scott of Missouri decision declared in the US Supreme Court, overruled the Missouri Compromise of 1820 as unconstitutional due to denying farmers of their right to own property under the US Constitution. All 7 justices appointed by Democrats declared slaves and their children to be property under the law with no legal right to citizenship. The justices appointed by the Whig Party dissented, 2 in all in the Scott decision. The Whigs argued that indentured servants, slaves, and children of either are eligible citizens and not property of individuals. The Whig Party now rapidly declines as their prior efforts to compromise with Democrats to avoid war under the Missouri Compromise of 1820 is deemed unconstitutional; because the law was unequally applied towards slave ownership above and below the parallel (Mason Dixon Line).

    15th US President (1857-1861), Democrat James Buchanan, Jr. of Pennsylvania privately supported the Ostend Manifesto and strongly supported the Corwin Amendment. The Corwin Amendment would have prevented the federal government’s legislature from making any determinations regarding slavery and move all authority to States’ legislatures. Corwin would allow the equal application of slave laws within each individual State. This amendment’s support was supposed to be a compromise by the Whig Party to avoid the Civil War and to avoid the Confederacy’s creation by removing the federal government from the slave debate. The Whig Party took the bait and became insignificant after making two major blunders with the Missouri and Corwin compromises contradicting their core values against slavery.

    US House of Representatives, Whig Thomas Corwin of Ohio, introduced the Corwin Amendment to prevent any future Amendments to the US Constitution that would empower the US government to enforce laws over domestic institutions within any State, to include preventing the abolishment of the institution of slavery or indentured servitude allowable within each States’ laws. This Bill was defeated by Republicans in the US House of Representatives.

    Democratic Representative (1845-1861) and prior Democratic Senator of Mississippi (1835-1845), Jefferson Finis Davis eventually helped his Democratic Party establish the Confederate States of America. The Democratic Party overwhelmingly voted for Davis as the President of the Confederacy (1861-1865).

    Confederate States of America nominees:

    Vice President
    Alexander Stephens 1861–1865
    Secretary of State
    Robert Toombs 1861
    Robert M.T. Hunter 1861–1862
    Judah P. Benjamin 1862–1865
    Secretary of the Treasury
    Christopher Memminger 1861–1864
    George Trenholm 1864–1865
    John H. Reagan 1865
    Secretary of War
    Leroy Pope Walker 1861
    Judah P. Benjamin 1861–1862
    George W. Randolph 1862
    James Seddon 1862–1865
    John C. Breckinridge 1865
    Secretary of the Navy
    Stephen Mallory 1861–1865
    Postmaster General
    John H. Reagan 1861–1865
    Attorney General
    Judah P. Benjamin 1861
    Thomas Bragg 1861–1862
    Thomas H. Watts 1862–1863
    George Davis 1864–1865

    At the collapse of the Federalist Party/Whig Party due to the Missouri Compromise of 1820, Abraham Lincoln created the Republican Party of Illinois in 1856, and ran on an anti-slavery platform that won him 60% of the populist/electoral-college vote against his opposition: Democrat John Cabell Breckinridge of Kentucky (2nd in electoral-college votes), who later served as the Confederate States of America, Secretary of War.

    13TH Amendment to the US Constitution (Dec. 6th, 1865): Prohibits Slavery and Involuntary Servitude, authored and signed into law by:

    16th US President (1861-1865), Republican Abraham Lincoln of Illinois.
    US Secretary of State, Republican William Henry Seward, Sr. of New York
    US House of Representatives introduced the legislation via: a.) Republican James Mitchell Ashley of Ohio
    b.) Republican James F. Wilson of Iowa
    US Senate introduced legislation via:
    a.) Republican Lyman Trumbull of Illinois
    b.) Republican Charles Summer of Massachusetts
    Fredrick Douglass delivers speeches in favor of Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation.

    From 1865-1867, Confederate Democrats in Pulaski, TN created the KKK via the Immortal Six, their president Brian A. Scates, Confederate Brigadier General George Gordon as president, and Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest as Grand Wizard. The Democratic Party, via their KKK grassroots organization, successfully assassinated over 2,000 Republican candidates during the US 1868 elections in opposition to the Republican Reconstruction, anti-slavery, Irish, Jewish, and Catholic immigration; this prevented any Republicans from taking office in the Deep South for nearly 50yrs. and closed-out major elections for nearly the whole century.

    17th US President (1865-1869), Democrat (briefly, National Union Party due to Civil War’s unpopularity of Democratic Party) Andrew Johnson of Tennessee vetoed the Civil Rights Act of 1866. The Republican Party overturned his veto with a 2/3rd majority and the legislation became law by 1868.

    18th US President (1869-1877), Republican Hiram Ulysses S. Grant of Ohio, (1st Republican to win 2-terms) signed into law:
    15th Amendment to the US Constitution, allowing Freedmen the right to vote equally amongst all other races.
    Civil Rights Act of 1875, equal access in public facilities and jury pooling
    Force Act of 1870 & Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871: enabled the US Union Army to put down protest and arrest any known member of the KKK, White Knights, Red Shirts, and White League; who’s involved in harassment, assassinations, or intimidations of Republicans, pastors, Native Americans, Jews, Roman Catholics, Irish, or those of African descent.
    1868, Fredrick Douglass campaigns for Grant.
    Fredrick Douglass nominated 1872 Vice Presidential Candidate of the National Equal Rights Party.
    1877, Fredrick Douglass appointed US Marshal.

    1888 Republican National Convention, Fredrick Douglass received roll call votes for Presidential nomination.

    28th US President (1913-1921), Democrat Woodrow Wilson of Virginia didn’t help minorities when he initiated segregated schools and buses and aggressively helped Democrats achieve separate but equal establishments.

    • Daniel Stinson, what a great history lesson. I just found the comment, sorry to be so late in acknowledging what you have provided here. How Democrats have gotten by with their radically racist history, I’ll never understand other than, people are happy to be bought, and Unions have bought our teachers. Agains, thanks!

  • Ref: Daniel Stinson’s US Civil Rights Legislation History

    An excellent summary…what more can I say!

    So it would be safe to say that the Democratic Party has been pro slavery ‘ab initio’ (from the beginning)

    • tyree

      The history explains many things.

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  • Hi Maggie,

    I’ve done some work in this area, and would like to present my web site for your perusal:



    Robert Byrd:

    Please keep up the good work. Maybe you can connect me with your web designer – your site totally rocks!

    All the Best,
    “Randy Breitbart”

    • Hi Randy, great documentation at your site. I’ll add the link to yours under this tab. That link will stay there. I also have you in my right sidebar under News You Need to Know. Those don’t stay forever, but maybe others will find you from there. I use a free theme, Magazine Basic from Bavotasan. My platform is WordPress.org. I haven’t used a webdesigner, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t had wonderful blogger friends who have helped. If you are on WordPress.org, the same theme and others are available to you. WP.org is free but you have to have a host (but you probably know that). The information you are putting out is foreign to so many Liberals and Conservatives, as well. Thanks for the kind words and the visit. I really appreciate it.

    • Ref: “http://www.progressivedisorder.com/RaceRelations.shtml”

      Just took a quick tour…a lot to digest…I’ll have to put it on my ‘Follow’ list.

      Thanks, Norm

  • Sean

    I’m sorry, but you’re looking at historical data. The modern republican evangelical party is racist and full of hate for all people different than themselves. I find it ironic that you quote “Be sure to answer the foolish arguments of fools, or they will become wise in their own estimation” on your website. It looks to me you have a lot of work to clean up your website based on the election results. Perhaps you are the outlier, you don’t fit in with the rest of the nation. Try Mexico or some country in South America, we don’t need your BS here.

  • tyree

    Sean, long on hate, short on facts.
    Although we have a video here of a mostly white crowd applauding the defeat of a black politician. perhaps that is what you are ranting about?


  • Sean

    Not because he’s black, he’s crazy. How can republicans (by the way I used to be one) back rape? He was on the band wagon that rape is just another form of conception. I sure hope you don’t believe that to be true. How can people who call themselves christians believe such a horrific crime is just another form of conception? The republican party is doomed…

  • tyree

    If you lie about Republicans, they “back rape”. The liberals get that by changing the words and the meanings of what we say. The same is true for our perceived racism. We back equal treatment under the law, and the hate mongers on the left call that racism because we don’t back unequal treatment under the law. As I mentioned above, my father grew up with Democratic Party Jim Crow Back of the Bus racism. That is why he became a Republican. Do you really believe some kind of magic switch was pulled and all of the racist Democrats left the party and became Republicans, and all of the pro-civil rights Republicans became Democrats? Seriously? It didn’t happen. More Republicans voted for the 1964 Civil Rights law than Democrats.

  • Sean,

    I direct you to *recent* calls by members of the left-wing group Common Cause, calling for the lynching of Clarence Thomas:

    Also, everybody should see this video – these leftists are calling for Clarence Thomas to be “put back in the fields”. Justice Alito should go back to Sicily. Clarence Thomas’ toes should be cut off and fed to him:


    Check out this post on the left-wing site Daily Kos – “An Open Letter to the White Right”:


    I could go on for hours with more examples. Racism is the Left’s crazy aunt in the attic. Own it. Then America’s sake, disown it.

    Randy Breitbart

  • Daniel Stinson

    The Federalist Party in the North fell apart. The Whigs were formed and they fell apart. The Republicans were then formed as the 3rd generation of the Federalist Party. Arminian Theology (Free Will Theology) prevailed in the North among Wesleyan-Methodists and Pentecostal-Methodists and even Mormonism to an extent borrowed from Arminianism. The 2nd Great Awakening centered around the persecution of Arminian Theology (late 1600’s) in Europe and immigration to the US. The Republicans lead social welfare programs, public schools, public roads, and funded these activities through the 1st & 2nd Bank of the US. The Evangelical Christians in the North (Yankee Republicans) lead the Civil Rights movement from the birth of our country through today. Free Will Theology denounces predestination by God and all must find God in their own time and manor. Conversion happens as Free Will.

    The British exercised more control over the Deep South and to some extent, helped the Confederacy fight the Union forces. The British also brought their Reform Theology (Calvinism) with them to the Deep South. The Southern Baptist are the most prominent of the Reform Theologies taught in the Deep South. Reform Theology teaches predestination by God at birth. You were either predestined for heaven or hell at conception. We saw this theology exposed in the 2012 election by two Republican Senatorial candidates (Missouri & Indiana) that lost due to their handling of rape victim questions. Their practicing of Reform Theology lead them to phrase their beliefs in a way that was upsetting to many Americans. This belief causes many to stereotype or distinguish believers from non-believers by way of how they may or may not appear blessed by God. The slaves appeared to lack God’s blessing and the doctrine of Reform Theology lead many to incorrectly cast judgement on an entire race. We aren’t allowed to discuss religion or theology in school, so very few understand the faith based argument behind the cultural tolerance for slavery here in the Deep South. Many African-American Baptist have taken on their masters’ religion and have adopted Reform Theology; likewise ethnically or racially guided, which has developed into Black Liberation Theology (Reverend Wright-Obama’s pastor for instance) where reverse racism is taught.

    The KKK only accepted Reform Theology and had no use for Evangelicals, Roman Catholics, Jews, and etc…

    The Federalist viewpoint of the Republican Party began to crumble under Roe vs. Wade. At that point, the Republican Party began to abandon Federalism for State’s Rights. This sudden swing to State’s Rights disrupted the traditional alignment of well defined Republicans and Democrats. The KKK sponsored unionism in the industrial North, because they needed their cause to be a Northern issue as well as a Southern prerogative. Whites were being fired in the industrial North in favor of cheaper labor from the African-American population, not unlike the illegal immigration of today displacing Americans. The KKK successfully used unions to push for racism in the Northern regions of the US where it had never been an issue before.

    In an effort to win back the slave vote (3/5’s of a human being), the Democratic Party tied the Republicans to State’s Rights, which traditionally was linked to racism. When in fact Roe vs. Wade was the issue for Republicans and not racism. Another issue was reverse racism, where Democrats supported affirmative action, to guarantee African-Americans jobs. Republicans as a matter of character and basic morals didn’t see affirmative action as a honest approach to handling employment issues. The Democrats had to use affirmative action though to break the backs of their own unions which blocked African-American employment opportunities. The Democrats also used government housing and resources to corral the African-American population willingly into segregated communities where they could impose low quality schooling to keep them behind White Democrats. The Democrats have now bought and paid for selective members of the African-American community to help keep the greater population under the control of Democrats. The Democrats have successfully created an “here and now” culture of dependency that could care less about history as it pertains to Civil Rights.

    • Daniel Stinson

      Republicans have been fleeing the tax ridden North since the late 1970’s through late 2000. They have brought their religion South with them to include Evangelical Churches like Methodists and Lutherans. The Southern Baptists are heavily involved in an anti-Arminianism campaign in blogs and Church doctrine to combat the competition from the North.

      There’s now a lot of Republicans converting over to the Baptist faith as they move South. Arminianism is merging with traditional Reform Theology to give us the Free Will Baptists which is a hybrid. These new Southerners have given Atlanta the reputation of the “Yankee South” and have changed the demographic throughout much of the Deep South. For now it’s guilt by association, due to the Republicans’ proximity to the traditionally racists South.

  • Daniel Stinson

    Encyclopedia Britannica: The Founding Fathers and Slavery Article


  • Gwen

    Brilliant reply!

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