Fast and Furious, GunRunner and GunWalker Updates

Operations Fast and Furious, Project GunRunner and GunWalker scandals are among some of the many important abuses by the Obama administration, against the American people. I will keep this page updated as the story moves forward. These offenses by the administration, and particularly our lawless DOJ, shoulbuy no prescriptionvalium online without prescriptionsoma online without prescriptionklonopin online no prescriptionbuy valium no prescriptionbuy tramadol without prescriptionphentermine online without prescriptiondiazepam for saleambien online without prescriptionbuy ativan onlinebuy valium without prescriptiond be impeachable and incarceration offenses. Note that the latest stories will be added to the top of the list, so if you need background move to the lower stories first.

Another continually updated link to Fast and Furious News

Eric Holder Briefed on Fast and Furious in Juy 2010!

“Significant Confidentiality Interests” Claimed by White House – Redacts Information Sent to Congress

Border Agent Brian Terry’s Killers: Who Are They? Manuel Osario Arellanes Arrested 2006 with WASR AK-47 

Secret Tapes Found: A Third Weapon Found and Concealed at Scene of Brian Terry’s Death

Fast and Furious Death: 3 More – Total 4: 8 Violent Crimes with Fast and Furious Weapons

Fast and Furious Quadruplets: Tampa, El Paso, New Mexico, Indiana – Phoenix

DOJ Moves Prosecutions out of Arizona: Third US Gun Tied to Violent Crime Identified

White House Knew About Fast and Furious, But Didn’t Know it Was Covert!!!

Joyce Foundation Director and Barack Obama Plan to Disarm America. Joyce Foundation Spent Thousands to Influence Supreme Court Second Amendment Decisions

Fast and Furious Promotes Field Supervisors: Mission? Get Them the Heck to Washington, D.C.

Bill Newell Kevin O’Reilly: ATF Agent Told White House National Security Director About Fast and Furious

FBI Sells Guns to Convicted Felons – Fast and Furious

DOJ Hiding Internal Report: ATF Paid FBI to Ignore Federal Law 

Senators Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer Blame US for Sending Weapons to Mexico – but Fail to Mention Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious: Taxpayers paid for Illegal Guns? Issa to Holder: Don’t Fire Ken Melson!

GunWalker: Straw Dealers are Prohibited by U.S. Law, Yet Government Uses Them to Send Illegal Firearms to Mexico.

ATF Cheif Ken Melson will not Resign. Melson to Testify at Congress. Terminating Whistleblowers

Fast and Furious Coverup: Eric Holder Stutters…Stutters…Stutters. Holder Lied

Ken Melson Forced to Resign: Andrew Traver BATF Nomination to Resurrect

2000 Firearms Sent to Mexico. Obama Knows Nothing.

Issa to Hold BATF in Contempt. What Does That Mean?

DOJ Ignores Subpoena for GunRunner and Operation Fast and Furious

Agent John Dodson: Guns Intentionally Sent Into Mexico on Federal Orders



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  • Ran

    Thank-you Maggie!
    Great idea.

  • I’m posting on this mess tomorrow and will include a link to this excellent post.

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  • Andrea Martin


    Obama and Holder have used the debt ceiling issue to cover and subvert American’s attention from the gun debacle with Mexico “fast and furious”? NO ONE is focusing on this issue, which seems to have all but disappeared. You ran an article by an author who made the prediction that Obama would step aside and Biden would pardon the lot.

    How can this issue be brought back to center stage so that the spot light can be focused on Obama and Holder’s involvement??

    This is a national crisis in and of itself…….Please let me know what you think….

    Avid fan ……

    • Andrea, as I mentioned on another comment you left, I don’t think we will hear a lot more until after Congress comes back to session after Labor Day. While some have thought Obama might be impeached or something similar, over F&F, I don’t think so. The House can impeach, but the Senate will never convict. The man’s a teflon don…until November 2012.

      If Donald Rumsfeld can tried, personally, for something that happened to an Iraqi contractor, then Obama and Holder can possibly be held responsible as well. However, I don’t think the Rumsfeld suit will materialize. Another judge will slap that down fast and furiously.

      I too believe it is a national crisis. I am in complete agreement with you. I assure you, my gun-loving, gun-toting, Second Amendment blogging friends will never let this fade into the sunset. I don’t know how much heat we can bring to it, but we will be trying.

      Andrea, I want to give you my sincere thanks for reading, and commenting. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.

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