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  • Hello Maggie,
    I have just discovered your site. Where have I been browsing? I dunno? I’m getting old. A little about me, I am 59, retired and live about 50 miles north of Chicago in the peoples Republic of Illinois. I am US Navy veteran (1970-1981) and retired from an engineering position witha major pharmaceutical company when I was 52. I am a Conservative, Constitutionalist, Patriot and proud American. And a whole lot more
    I am impressed with your site and the information contained here. Where do I sign up? Take Care, Warmest Regards, John

    • Dan

      I understand your frustration but wouldn’t it be better to engage in a battle you might win. Federal Law can not be retroactivly changed so no matter what happens, even if a law regarding a Birth Certificate was passed it would be stuck down as unconstitional since not all Natual Born Americans are issued Birth Certificates (I have never had one, I have a Birth Reg. form signed by a Hospital commander in Quantico) and he has been certified as Natural Born by the elections commission since he provided the documentation required by law at the time he filed his candidacy papers.

      Remember this Birth Certificate requirement is a MYTH. It just doesn’t exist and never has. (There are tens of thousands of Natural Born Americans like mysef who do not and never have had a birth cert.)

      • Dan, I think you replied to a comment who was not talking about birth certificates. To your information, if a president is in your position, then surely he needs only to give the facts and let them be verified. What is not a MYTH is the requirement that a candidate for president be ‘natural-born.’ Now we have had this conundrum, and no one knows the truth of it, so it is right and good that we try to keep it from ever happening again.

        • Dan

          This president met every legal requirement to be elligable to hold the office. You can’t change that. Regarless how much you dislike his race.

          • helen sabin

            You race baiters make me ill!! You gotta be black to make a comment like that. that is all you can think of – it couldn’t be that he is incompetent, incapable, inexperienced and is destroying this country with his policies and regulations, now could it? And consider race baiter that he is half white – he is NOT BLACK fool!

            • Dan

              Actually I am white as the driven snow, If Race is not the Issue than why noi focus on a real issue? Explain why no other Human being in the United States must do more than the law requires to prove his citizenship except the only Black president. What is the origin of the Birth Certificate law myth? Why is it so easy for you to urinate on the Constitution for the United States and ignore the laws based on it?
              Do somthing positive for my country rather than propagate ignorance?

              • Dan, you do not know that to be true, especially if the letter Nancy Pelosi used to certify him in Hawaii is true. This is not about race, it is about the Constitution, and unfortunately for Obama, he has complicated parentage, and he has sealed all pertinent records from public view. No man or woman, White or Black, should have the ability to do that when they want to be, or are, President of the United States.

                • tnscooterman

                  AMEN Maggie AMEN

                • CarlaJD

                  I am a Republican, White & would cast my vote for Herman Cain Allen West Dr. Ben Carson… I don’t think anyone could call me a racists.
                  I vote for the person who is capable, skilled, intelligent & has the heart to do his job to serve protect & defend the Constitution of the United States..
                  The men I listed above meet those requirements
                  Obama may be the first black POTUS, but he is not a skilled man with leadership or capabilities to do the job. Barrack Obama was thrust onto the national stage by the Dems to be the first to have a black in office… little did they realize he was the wrong man for the job, regardless of race.

              • helen sabin

                Dan – focus means looking at his policies which are destroying the country. Forget his race why don’t you? It seems that those without facts cannot debate without raising the race card. Why don’t you instead go talk to farmers and ask them what they think of his policies and the newest ones that will make ALL farm equipment listed as commercial? Why not talk to those who are now unemployed due to his EPA regulations? You have time on your hands as you are on this blog, so I wonder if you work? Or are you part of the 45% who get government benefits without working for them? Try looking at facts and policies and you will join us in our condemnation of OBummer and his actions!

            • Helen, “incompetent, incapable, inexperienced” – all true. Lawless, as well.

              • Dear Maggie this is Shane Johnson in Nevada and I have the copy of the new vehicle and also I have the instruction sheet of phytoplankton for court question I have the cd Kaufman Vs. Jihnson the original documents Should I bring this in to the supreme court Im 36 and The military loves me army and they try to make me look like some sicko maniac when they let people hurt people for money I need help because my brother was murdered and im the investigater I used every dime of my money for that from chicago and the statues my brother did steel didnt make it right so im close and I just now reopended the investigation they always steal my music ive never sold one copy 952694 is my rights Im sticky and they never give any chance I will compisate your attorneys with even extra like half of everything I get from the court’s…………Nevada keeps talking shit Im in the office at 4205 w Tropicana I want theses peolpe to relax they ripp me off every week at work at home geese.please write me and send letter to po box pahrump Nv. 89060 also can you put a million dollar fine on the envelope so I get the letter50%…………….

          • cjosie

            Obama’s race does not have anything to do with the fact that he is a terrible President. I would vote for Herman Cain, Dr. Ben Carson for President… does that make me a racists?
            I don’t think so.
            If he met all of the requirements to hold the office, where are his grades from school & a history of his life as a child?
            Liberals seem to be the ones using the Race Card all the time cause can’t admit to the fact that Obama is the problem based on his lack of abilities as a leader.


        Candidates have to “prove” they were born in the US and the party has to “certify” that they have done this. It will be interesting to see if Joe Arpaio can find out anything and if not – then we must throw this Kenyan imposter out of office. In fact, throw them ALL out.
        The mistake Obama made is he put out a birth certificate – and its three versions have all been challenged. VOTE anyone but Obama in 2012.

      • hsabin

        You would have some proof of your birth – even in Quantico – the problem with Obama is that he says he was born somewhere and then there is a discrepancy about that and the form that was used, etc.

        John Mc Cain had to prove his birth – so can Obama!

      • John Lenz

        Dan and others,
        The fact here is that there is an ongoing quandry as to the President’s actual documented birth location. The main concern about this is the secrecy and unwillingness to disclose said information.
        Let us look at another avenue of refusal to put the documents out there. Now, I believe that President Obama was born in the US. That being said, why the attitude.? OKay. Simply put, it goes hand in hand with his refusal to open his college records. Why again? HE LIED as is so aptly the case and done with such frequency he didn’t expect this to ever reach the light of day. In his position when applying to Occidental and Harvard which are quite expensive he had an edge. First his Black mixed heritage and having lived in Indonesia born of a Kenyan father. This was the perfect storm! In order to maintain entry and scholarship to these prestigious universities he played the ultimate game. With quotas being all the buzz word and his ethnicity as a minority there would be alot of weight behind his application if he were also a foreign applicant.
        He was a shoo-in for acceptance as a black foreign student without means wanting to attend Occidental and then Harvard! HE LIED. Now it has caught up with him and he has to hide his paper trail. It is a convoluted case of fraudulent and deceptive practices in this case highly illegal. Theft by deception at this level I am sure would bode badly for little Barry. It is possible that he could lose his accreditation from either of or both universities. It has happened in other cases. So why the secrecy…. This man lies with such frequency for so long it is his life style and the track of his rise from obscurity.

        • Sorry…

          There is nothing to discuss or debate.

          Candidate is obligated to provide proof of eligibility.

          He did not. He is not eligible.

          He is a fraud. Congress is engaged in a conspiracy.

          Anyone who accepts him as president has a serious personal problem.


          • Phil Rains

            I have NEVER claimed the muslim USURPER as President or Commander in Chief.

    • Mike


      I just discovered this great site as well. I am glad to see there is another common sense person in the Land of Collusion, or as you eloquently put it “People’s Republic of Illinois”. I am also an engineer on the RF electronics side. I am a little more than 10 years younger than you. I grew up on the South side of Chicago, but I am now in the suburbs.

    • Carlos

      see Maggie even an ole navy boy doesnt know when to stop putting out all his info out online like countless hundreds of millions of people

      Don’t put out your personal info and mobile pics and maps and you won’t have so much of a problem

      If you live in Utah, don’t say you live in Utah

      Say you live in Hawaii

      There are 50 million fake profiles on facebook

      Its harder for tracking unless law enforcement wants your ip address then they can tell facebook or get a court order

      Problem half solved

      Learn how to be elusive like the military
      right john?


      • John

        Carlos, Take a deep breath, relax… I fear thou dost read too much in the message. Hiding in plain sight can be an art form if done correctly. Disinformation can be as useful as misinformation when properly utilized. Ask our President! His birth certificate is not the real deception. The truth of the matter is actually more convoluted and involves a larger group of people. Democratic socialists are quite good at delusion as in the case of John Kerry.
        I am who I am and offer no more or no less information than necessary. Only my true confidants have the key to seperate the wheat from the chaff. Regards, ?

  • Hi John, Sorry for the delay in answering. My host has been down for awhile today. You can receive my newsletter which is a compilation of the posts for the day. There is no advertising – EVER, no spam – EVER. All the links inside the newsletter are live, so you can go to any article I link to, including coming to the website.

    The signup is in the first sidebar on the to the right of the articles. It says: ‘Subscribe by Email.’ You can enter your email there and begin receiving the articles. Feedburner handles the subscriptions.

    I do not have a login feature for my site. I try to keep it as easy for readers as possible, and one less password has to be a good thing:-)

    I’m so glad you like my new site, and I really appreciate your telling me so. I am always enthused at meeting Conservatives, Patriots and those who revere our Constitution. We have a lot in common.

    John, I thank you for your service, and I want you to know I appreciate our pharmaceutical companies. I know it is a terribly complex business with a lot of risk. I don’t know what we would do with out them. The term “Big Pharma” makes me crazy. It looks like Chicago and surrounds may have a chance at some conservatism. I hope that’s the case.

    Thank you for reading and commenting. It’s what makes it all worth my time.

  • Barbara Dahl

    I was a faithful reader of your old newsletter, but no matter which address I submit (I have 5) I am told that I am subscribed, but never get the new newsletter. Can I please be resubscribed by someone in your office so that I receive this daily?

    • Barbara, I answered you back immediately, but I answered in an email. Did you get my reply? Now that I look at this, I see you may not have. I entered your email address on my homepage and it should have sent you a link to confirm that you wanted the subscription. I see that you did unsubscribe the old letter. That’s good. If you did not get the email or the activation link, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

  • marlene

    WOW! Move over World Net Daily (horizontally of course). Absolutely GREAT improvement Maggie’s. Love it. Thanks you so-o-o much.

    • Marlene, thank you. I’m so glad you like it. AND thank you for reading. I am very appreciative.

  • ReBecca

    Hi Maggie, I no longer receive your newsletter in my email inbox. Thought maybe I needed to re-subscribe, but how? Hmmm. I do like the look of your newsletter with improved format. At least there will no longer appear those very liberal banner ads . You couldn’t have know there were on your website, and in opposition to your Conservative values……Perhaps that’s why you made the change.

  • Hi ReBecca, yes unfortunately you have to resubscribe. In my far right sidebar, the second box down, just enter your email address. Then you will receive an email, just click the link to confirm. If you want me to enter your email, just let me know, and you will then receive the email to confirm.

    I made the change because my Blogger blog was hacked by Muslims in Kurdistan – not my computer, just the blog. I hope to have more security here. I never see a liberal ad banner on my page, perhaps because I’m in Oklahoma and we are very conservative here. I understand that the ads are regional. I’ve successfully shut some of them down. It’s like a mini version of a newspaper or a tv show, people pay for ads, and since blogging takes a lot of time and dedication, I welcome their interest in advertising here. If I could control all of them I would, but…

    ReBecca, if you still have one of the old newsletters, please go to the bottom of one of them and click “unsubscribe.” I have one reader tell me she had to do that because she was told she was already subscribed. That should not happen, but apparently it did.

    I hope you and your family are having a blessed Christmas season.

  • ReBecca

    Hi Maggie, thanks for your reply. I don’t have an old newsletter of yours; however, I will re-subscribe per your instructions and see if that works. I sincerely hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas as well!

  • Thank you so much for the links Maggie, it is appreciated greatly. I am hoping you and yours have a very special Christmas and holiday season, and all your great readers too. With the untimely death of a family member I have not been quite as faithful follower of you as usual.

  • Barbara Dahl

    Dear Maggie,
    No newsletter from you last night or today. Should we try another E-mail address?

  • Hey Maggie,
    Great work! Last Sunday, I had Clay Bowler on my show to talk about the ridiculous accusation by Rep. Long that Clay was threatening him, and the very scary visit from the FBI.
    Can we trade links? I am adding your site to my blogroll, and after I complete this post, I shall subscribe to your list. Could you please add the above referenced page–which I had to use because unlike the landing page I’d like you to add, it has an RSS feed) to your blogroll?
    Thanks and keep up the terrific work!

  • Hey Maggie, Mike Stopa has an Op-Ed in the Boston Globe on death panels I thought might interest you.

    Thanks for all your help.

  • Hi Maggie, We like your site and its content. We are going to include you in our selected and small “Favorite Blogs” which also lists the title of your last post.
    Our site is conservative and Randian in nature –
    Best wishes and congratulations on “Maggie’s Notebook”.

  • Maggie, Since most of us are of the we the people sentiment or Tea Party-It would be smart to bring CPAC to the people, out of the DC area. A medium sized city, middle of the country so we could all go. Maybe OKC or Tulsa in the reddest state, pop 1 mil. No big city mayor.

  • Barbara Dahl

    Dear Maggie, I came across this last night from Before it is News and found it very troubling. Perhaps you might want to check on it. There were two short videos which did not come through.

    RED ALERT email between Metal Experts – about Confiscation of Gold and Silver by the U.S. Government – Potentially this year for a New World Currency – from Multiple High Inside Sources.
    Monday, February 14, 2011 9:39
    New> Insider report us government will confiscate gold when it touches 2000_


    I received an email with the words “RED ALERT”. I received this from someone heavily involved and an expert in the metals and mining. I highly respect both men involved, as they know and always telling the truth about what is happening in the world of metals.

    David Morgan

    David Morgan of Silver-Investor, an absolute expert in silver and the mining field and has a wonderful and very insightful news letter. I am a member and get the newsletter due to the amount of his knowledge of silver/gold and mining. In fact, David Morgan has given me the green light to post bits of information from his paid subscription newsletter. I am thankful he is allowing that, as there is information in it that is not found any where else on the internet. His newsletter gives investment information of metals and mining as no other person I have read. I believe many benefit from the newsletter and I hope what small blurbs I reproduce here will also help others in keeping the value of their money as it is (but it is dropping fast every day – so action needs to be taken by all – in my opinion). I will start doing some postings with his insight within days. But I encourage anyone who wants to be on top of silver and mining and ahead of the game, subscribe to his newsletter!

    Roger Wiegand

    David Morgan passed on to me a “RED ALERT” email he received from Roger Wiegand. Roger Wiegand is someone else I follow in regards to the truth about the gold and silver markets. I love reading his articles on Kitco and his website -WeBeatTheStreet. I have had his website as a bookmark for years on my computer. A site for radio interviews with Roger, besides others like Jim Willie (who I follow, also) is Korelin Economics Report. In my opinion this is another bookmark needed for those who follow what is happening in metals closely.

    I highly respect Roger Wiegand’s articles and information and highly recommend everyone to follow him!

    Both David Morgan and Roger Wiegand are about Truth of the metals market and do not sensationalize their information. So when I received this Red Alert email, I have confidence in this actually being very real in potential.

    Roger Wiegand sent out a RED ALERT email to other metal experts/analysis, due to information from multiple high level inside sources of his, of the potential of confiscation of gold and silver from the American Public, this year for a new world currency.

    Roger and I have exchanged a couple of emails regarding this Red Alert, with my asking permission to publish it. He has given me the green light to release this to the public, as long as I made sure to say this is not absolute, but a potential from his high placed inside sources.

    This is the email sent out – without any changes and exact!


    Editor: There is a plan to use the IMF (AKA US Treasury and Wall Street) to be the front man for the new world order and one currency.We also got disturbing news yesterday from an impeccable source that when gold touches $2,000 it’s confiscated in the USA for about $200. Then it’s to be reissued by the Treasury for $10,000 per ounce to back the new IMF world currency using SDRS in 2011. Large physical gold is being moved to Canada.

    I very much thank both David Morgan and Roger Wiegand for allowing me to post this information as I believe it will help all who read it to become aware of what is being discussed as a potential of future events.

    The article in the email links to the IMF calling for a new trading currency in place of the U.S. dollar. The writing is on the wall. I just have to ask, has everyone been paying attention? Also when an email like this goes out from a very well respected metals expert to other experts in the field, everyone should sit up and pay attention!

    • Barbara, I’ve come to reply to you several times and each time went out to “investigate.” I’ve heard this about the IMF and the confiscation of our gold and silver for some time. I have to tell you, I can’t find anything about it, other than from these people, and others who are using it as a source. I wish I had Lexis-Nexus as that would reveal everyone talking about it.

      I don’t know what to tell you. It’s a nightmare to think about, but with this administration and the tight ties to the Federal Reserve and the IMF, it’s certainly possible.

      I can’t find the source for the RED ALERT issued. When they say there is “disturbing news,” they do not reveal their source. I’m not doubting they have a reliable source.

      When I follow the money.cnn link it talks about an alternative to the USD, and they talk about SDRs, but gold and silver are not mentioned. The RED Alert email is not sourced, other thank Weigand passing it on. So…I fear the possibility, but would like to have the “insiders” named before I write about. I will keep an eye on this. As I say, I’m certainly not doubting. I just don’t know. I appreciate the lead and will keep it on the burner. Likewise, if you see more, let me know. Thanks Barbara!

  • Maggie can you please assist in getting the message out? Protest In Place: Horns Across America A link to my site is NOT necessary. Getting the message out is necessary. Please help! Thanks so much. DP

  • Deb

    Very nice indeed! You came to me as a link on Newt’s website.

    • Deb, thank you so much for that nice comment and for visiting. Can you tell me where to find the link? I always like to link back but don’t know where to start.

  • Hey Maggie, I am going to add your site to my links list. If you do not want it posted with my other links, let me know, I will remove it. Thanks for the post for the Protest In Place!

    • Drake, I’m so embarrassed that I have posted this before. I would have had it up by now, this evening, but had a phone call. I’d like to talk to you by email if you don’t mind. Mine is maggiesnotebook(at)cox(dot)net

  • Vicky Miles has no idea about sharia law. This is the United states of America. This Judge should be disbarred for even thinking of poluting our legal system with such anti American crap. Maby she will get aids and fade away.

  • Hi Maggie, We have been visiting your blog for some time and we have listed it in our short list of favorite blogs. However, we noticed that you don’t have our site – Robbing America – listed in your blog.
    We would like your input.

    • John, you are there in my RSS blogroll on the left. I’ve been out of town for two weeks and see this morning that the blogroll is not alphabetical. Just this minute, you are 5th from the bottom, and shows Funding and Expanding Poverty as your last. I hate these WP blogrolls. It changes from alphabetical to updating by recent posts or just willy-nilly. You have been there since we first began corresponding, and you should be able to find it alphabetically. I’ll attempt to “fix it.” Let me know if you are seeing something different.

      • John, feel free to talk by email: maggiesnotebook(at)cox(dot)net.

  • larry_silverman

    9/11 Was An Inside job!

  • Barbara

    Dear Maggie,
    Well, your Notebook is no longer appearing in my “junk” mail, it is not appearing at all. This seems very strange. I wonder if others are having the same problem.

  • Gregory

    The image of our president Barack Hussein Obama, a great American, biting the neck of Lady Liberty was stolen from an image done at least six years ago. It was Bush Jr., the dim-witted son of the Bush Empire, who was on the tee shirt I bought, sucking the blood of Liberty. And it was so much better than this rip-off. That’s what Republicans do–rip off–but they have no wit so they don’t do it well. Reagan, a worse President even than W., started the dissolution of the American middle class 30 years ago, and he did a great job. And you worry about Communism when in fact it is a Fascist you seem to emulate. Reagan put Corporations ahead of the middle class. As a result we have the majority of American wealth held by one-half of one percent. There is a reckoning coming and you, Maggie, are not going to going to enjoy it. You laughable clowns will not be laughing for long. Regency University much? Chief clown: Michele Bachmann. HA!

  • Barbara

    Is the the beginning of something?
    Warning! Bullion is Illegal, Obama Law Makers
    Wednesday, June 29, 2011 12:50 PM
    “Townhall Spotlight”
    Add sender to Contacts


    Gold & Silver BAN by Federal Government

    ALL Trading Outlawed After July 15, 2011

    This is NOT a Conspiracy Theory!

    This is NOW LAW!

    Discover How the New Government Ban will affect all Financial Markets, the U.S. Dollar, ETF’s, Stock Market, etc.

    Read the New Amendments and Sections to the New Commodity ACT; which Prohibits certain Cash (check & wire) and Retail Gold & Silver Transactions, For ALL Consumers.

    Discover What Government Officials and Agencies are Involved.

    Plus, the Hidden Plot behind it.

    This New Government BAN is NOT a “Bill”, It is Now LAW!

    Don’t wait Until July 15th, Get the Facts Now!..

    Click Here to Learn the Truth

    • Hi Barbara, I’ve looked at this before and since Forex sent out their notice, it’s difficult to tell what Dodd/Frank really does, but the following comments are from respected sites. What do you think about them? BTW, when you said “click here to learn the truth, the link is broken.

      I found this from MarketWatch:

      Nevertheless, some observers contend that there is nothing in Dodd-Frank – or in Commodity Futures Trading Commission rules under consideration — that prohibits retail investors from investing in gold or silver.

      “It’s a bit of an overreaction on’s part,” said Terry Hanlon President of Dillon Gage Metals in Dallas Texas, a brokerage firm that specializes in metals.

      It seems if you take delivery within 28 days, there is no effect:

      The language that spurs such discussions comes in 742a for Retail Commodity Transactions where, “prohibits any person [which again includes companies]from entering into, or offering to enter into, a transaction in any commodity with a person that is not an eligible contract participant or an eligible commercial entity, on a leveraged or margined basis.” The rule does not apply to anything that, “results in actual delivery within 28 days or such other longer period as the Commission may determine by rule or regulation based upon the typical commercial practice in cash or spot markets for the commodity involved; or ‘‘(bb) creates an enforceable obligation to deliver between a seller and a buyer that have the ability to deliver and accept delivery, respectively, in connection with the line of business of the seller and buyer; or ‘‘(IV) an agreement, contract, or transaction that is listed on a national securities exchange……”


      In an OTC futures transaction, the buyer and seller enter into an agreement to buy or sell gold at a predetermined price, quantity, and date. Like exchange traded derivative contracts, margin requirements are set to ensure that both parties will perform on their obligation to either buy or sell. However, unlike exchange traded futures, these transactions are not centrally cleared. This means that a failure to perform by one side of the transaction could result in economic harm to the other side of the transaction. This is known as counterparty risk. Futures traded on an exchange, like the CME, do not subject either party to counterparty risk, and this is the reason for the changes being made through the Dodd-Frank legislation…
      With all that said, hopefully with some clarity, Gainesville Coins would like to re-iterate that there IS NO IMPACT on individual’s ability to own gold or silver. The only impact is on the ability of an individual to buy gold and silver in the OTC market. There is no change to gold and silver futures traded on an exchange.

      • helen sabin

        For those who own physical gold -watch out. Look back in history where gold was confiscated. It can happen again especially with Obama in office and the supreme court we have currently.

        Ask any gold owner if he or she thinks that Franklin Roosevelt did the right thing in 1933 when he unilaterally confiscated the gold coins of all Americans. This is a violation of property rights yet it was done. The Supreme Court authorized it, 5 to 4. The gold owner who lost his gold will tell you that the Supreme Court cannot be trusted.

        You have seen the Supreme court allowing cities to take private homes and lots and confiscate them to allow businesses such as car lots to come into a city. The Federal government had no legal authority to do this yet they did.

        The ONLY IMPACT? ONLY? And from where does this “only” jump to? I would no more listen to what you say than anything. Did you protest when the OTC law came down? I bet you didn’t!

        You have a dog in this fight and you make money by selling gold. To say conflict of interest is mild.

        For this government, Step one is OTC trading. Step two is confiscation. I will bet you all the gold you own that I am right – wanna bet?

        • Abigail Delimont

          He has to know you have it first. Further more what makes you think that this administration won’t take what ever they want when they decide too. They are systematically taking our rights, money, and our pride. We sit back and complain, when we should be standing up and screaming!

      • John Lenz

        Hi Maggie,
        All of this gold talk makes my head want to spin around. I am a gold investor and have been for many years. I buy very little gold bullion as the Federal Govt. tracks sales of bullion. I buy gold coin in $20, 10, and five dollar coins also foreign gold coins (no Kugerands) Austrian Ducats, English Sovereigns and Swiss Francs. Coins are not monitored and sell openly amongst collectore and coin dealers. This was enacted through the “Hobby Protection Act of 1979” Thank you uncle Ronnie. Coins are an interesting investment medium.

  • None

    This comment deleted by blog owner.

    • Barbara

      You might want to investigate this further and then determine who the idiot is. The law takes effect July 15, 2011, but only affects certain restricted gold and silver bouillon trades – for now.

      • Barbara, my apologies for that rude and ignorant person. I’m working on this right now. I found the Executive Order. I’ll get back to you on it.

        BTW, are you getting the daily newsletters now?

  • Mary

    Hello Maggie,
    I just found your blog site through another site and have been very impressed with everything I have been reading. With all the ways information can be found about anyone, why can’t all that information be found about President Obama? I remember hearing on the news about him not being forthcoming with any of his personal information. In the last few months he produced a copy of a birth certificate but there has been speculation about it’s validity. All his information is out there if the right sources can look in the right places.

    Thank you for all the information you make available, I have you bookmarked.

  • Jeff

    Hello Maggie,
    In my opinion if Congress makes cuts to social secuity, medicare, medicaid, education and to the VA entitlements, they need to make tax cuts to the millionaries, billionaries, and oil companies. They need to cut the pay from Congress and everyone working in the White House including the President because it is not fair to the low income families. There is no such thing as a middle class family.

    • Hi Jeff, I understand what you are saying, but I do disagree. Millionaires and Billionaires pay 90% of all taxes, right now – this minute. 47% of the people in this country pay nothing – absolutely nothing. Everyone should have an investment in our country, even if only $25 – $300/yr. When you aren not vested, you don’t care how others are taxed. Our poor have televisions, cars, microwaves and cell phone. Many smoke and drink. All of it costs money. I’d like the poor to get serious about their own commitments. We desperately need tax reform. It is tax reform that can change this country for the better. With that should come reform of the egregious loopholes. A loophole is not a loophole. A loophole is a tax that has not been levied on someone, somewhere. Some ‘loopholes’ are needed in order to spur business. Others are irresponsible and need to go. I am for the Fair Tax, or second, a Flat Tax. About entitlements, remember that Obama has already cut $500 Billion from Medicare. No one cares to talk about that.

      • helen sabin

        Jeff has been listening to liberal talk shows too much – or perhaps Jon Stewart or Colbert without doing some research. Jeff – consider that most of congress are millionaires and some multi – as is the President. They get “exemptions” from taxes such as Nancy Pelosi whose husband got set up in a free enterprise zone to avoid paying higher minimum wage. Maxine Waters’ husband got special treatment with his banking activities and so on and so forth. Go do some reading – here is a suggested site: The HERITAGE Foundation.

  • Jeff

    Hello Maggie,
    We need to bring our troops home from the wars. We need to quit spending money on rebuilding things that where destroyed during war time. We need to quit sending money to all these over seas countries when that money could be used here in the U.S.A. Let those other countries fight there own battles and let the U.S. troops protect the U.S.A. And just maybe, just maybe 9-11-2001 would not had happened. Waiting for other comments.

    • I agree with you unless you are saying 9/11/01 happened because we were in other countries. Yes we helped Kuwait, and some other countries, but there is no excuse for 9/11. We have never taken land from anyone except to bury our dead. We have tried to free Africans from brutal dictators, etc. I agree with you with that one exception. We need out of the U.N. as well.

  • helen sabin

    Maggie – I question the statement that mercury levels are dropping. I was going to use your quote in a newspaper article I was writing until I checked for myself where your information could have come from. ALL the sites I went to said mercury pollution levels are rising not decreasing. Can you send me the information as to where you got your quote about levels descreasing?
    Helen Sabin
    Cheyenne and Woodmen Edition Newspapers
    Colorado Springs, Co

  • Larry

    George Soros 5 steps
    1.Form a shadow government[subversive activities].
    2.Control the airwaves. NPR,,Media Matters.
    3.Destabilize the State. Weaken the government. Tides foundation.
    4.Provoke an election crisis.
    5.Take power. Stage demonstrations.

    Fabian socialists and American socialists are progressive communists.

  • Hi Maggie,

    Thank you for visiting our site, Robbing America. We appreciate leaving your wisdom so our readers can benefit from it.

    In regards to our Qatar piece we don’t have a direct post link because it is not a “post” in the eyes of Blogger. We know you understand the structural limitations of Blogger. We concocted the section called “Conservative Exchange: The News That Would Be News” by tricking their structure and creation small news items with images in their java-html section.
    The only way to link these news snippets in this section is to go to the top page of the site:

    We appreciate all your links and we’ll try to give you the same treatment.

    We like and admire the work you do. Good luck and all the best!

  • Paul Holmes

    Hi I was wondering if you would be interested in a link exchange, we own a network of sites across many themes and all have pagerank.

    We would like to keep the link exchange as effective as possible for the search engines so we suggest that we do a A-B-C or maybe A-B-C-D link exchange.

    This means that Site A, Site B and Site C are all different sites and Google does not know that it is reciprocal therefore giving us maximum benefit for our sites in the search engines.

    We have a network of over 100 sites in many categories so if you are interested in this proposition please let me know or if you are unsure give me an email and I will teach you how to get the best results in the search engines for your website.

    Thanks for your time.

    Kind Regards,
    Paul Holmes

  • Andrea Martin

    Good Moring Maggie,

    The Prez’s speech last night is surely a diversionary tactic: by that I mean
    The agenda is to create chaos – keep each side fighting each other (Republicans vs Demorcrats, Big Labor vs Main St,
    White vs Black, blaming Tea Partiers ect. ect.) which will keep the People from seeing what is truly going on.

    Obama wants to pay for his “jobs” act by using the same old arguments – tax hikes, tax cuts on the rich, payroll ect..ect..

    What Obama doesn’t want the People to see is the fact that AMERICAN money that could be used to put AMERICANs back to work
    are going to: illegal’s getting income tax rebates (estimating $2,000,000 to $4,000,000), collecting SS, health benefits, room and board – and now school FA over local American students, money to rebuild foreign mosques, historic churches and temples, foreign aid to the Palestinians = Hammas, and didn’t Osama’s family get some cash too a while back? U.S. military aid to Egypt = Muslim Brotherhood totals over $1.3 billion annually in a stream of funding known as Foreign Military Financing to Egypt domestic, and foreign aid to C.A.I.R.

    OF the USA’s 2011 budget of nearly $4 trillion “1%” is spent on foreign aid – this comes to $41.09 billion spent in foreign aid – Mexico $ 757 million, Jordan 834 million, Pakistan 1.8 billion. Ect. ect.

    What about the Pork that is used to study prostitution in foreign countries such as Thailand or the Phillipines? The horror stories go on and on….

    Maggie, what must be done in order to bring all this to light? How can this be turned around so that AMERICAN’s get the benefit of all that lost money? The money is there but as usual these things are purposely over looked. The irony? That Americans end up on the loosing end, while the rest of the world gets our tax dollars.

    Avid fan, Andrea

  • Maggie, we also find Ron Paul’s statement about America being a foreign occupier “disgraceful and dishonest”.

    We would like your permission to re-print some of your post in a post at Robbing America Chronicle with the proper link to your site.

    • John Galt, would be proud for you to do so anytime. Thanks for asking, and you have my permission anytime.

  • Alice

    I have worked in the Federal Service for 15 years, “The Diversity Plan” As we speak a hiring is going on, but what is happening at some bases is during the freeze some whites are placed in the higher graded positions temporarily. Once the freeze is over they will be selected for these positions. The lower grades will be offered to blacks and others. Take a toll on that

  • EG

    What is with the very hard to read small cursive font???? It would be helpful if you changed your font to something other than cursive if you’re serious about this participatory blog.. I can read it , however, it’s a strain on the eyes… please do something about this…

  • I came across your link when I tried to look up details about this so called “General Assembly” that seems to be trying to take over the occupy wallstreet movement.

    First, Who the hell are you to think you can just impose these ideas without a redress of all the people. It is arrogant, Ignorant, and no different that those already in office. Odds are you are closely relatedd to som large financial and or Political powers. We are wise to you.

    • Greg Jackson, you say “so-called” General Assembly? The General Assembly has been a central theme of the US Day of Rage and OWS since the planning began. I have reported numerous times about it. Why do say “so-called” General Assembly, as though I made it up.

      Tell me what “ideas” I “imposed.” The redress of whom? Not me surely, yet you say the “redress of all the people.” The amusing thing about people who leave ambiguous comments (like yours) is that you address nothing about what I say, and it because you don’t have an argument.

      No, I’m not related to a single person with “large financial or Political powers. I don’t even have a stockbroker in my family.

      Greg, when you leave a comment, make a point.

  • Rich

    Troll comment deleted by blog owner.

  • Enjoy your blog! I would love to add it to my blog roll if that’s OK. I’m still a tenderfoot in this blogosphere thing but enjoy sharing the conservative viewpoint of an old fart. Thanks for your efforts!

    • Doug Long, my apologies for taking awhile to respond to your kind comment. I would be honored to be on your blogroll. Just visited your site. Very nice. Please keep in touch. When you are updating several times a week, I would love to add The Long Version to mine. I had to make this my policy as I find some on my blog list no longer update. Also, a suggestion to help get the name of your blog out and around – just a suggestion: When I comment on other blogs my ID that links to my blog is Maggie@MaggiesNotebook. When I see “Doug Long” on your comment above, I don’t automatically know you are a blogger. Doug@TheLongVersion tells me you are a blogger.

      Again thank you. Glad to find you in this fight, and thanks for commenting.

  • Jerry Roe

    More than a year ago, I remember hearing a news story that mentioned a WH/government contract with Facebook. No details of the services to be performed were provided. It was pretty big money, but I can’t recall the amount.

  • Jesse Rollolazo


    Here are some facts for the Republicants like yourself regarding Sandra Fluke

    1. The entire debate was about what constitutes a comprehensive health care package
    2. This affects ONLY the private insurance companies who wish to enter into the health exchange
    3. People BUY this insurance from companies in the health care exchange
    4. Georgetown University (like FOX news) covers contraceptives for their female employees
    5. Georgetown does NOT cover students yet they MANDATE their students buy insurance
    6. Miss Fluke’s entire testimony was not just about this irony, it was about the women’s health issues which are also treated with hormonal contraception
    7. This testimony was an effort to underscore these healthcare conditions
    8. Limbaugh AND frankly ALL OF YOU on the right-wing media circuit reduced to insults about co-ed sex and free birth-control
    9. You fail to mention Viagra, Cialis and many other forms of erectile dysfunction are routinely covered in these insurance plans
    10.You fail to address the inappropriateness of Limbaugh’s comment directed against a private citizen who was providing testimony at the behest of congress
    11. You fail to mention Miss Fluke earned a public interest scholarship because of her academic excellence
    12. You fail to mention Miss Fluke’s scholarship focus which was legal access and representation for those on the margins

    Miss Fluke was representing YOU in a male dominated system that wants to control YOUR body (constitutionally protected access to abortion), your privacy (state mandated trans-vaginal ultra sound is state mandated rape), and now your access to contraception (not just about the sexual independence but the procreative control).

    Get some facts.

    Absent them you are just a media whore and mouthpiece for rich white men who care more about your appearance than your person.

    When your beauty wains you’ll be thrown in the bin like a semen-soaked paper-towel.

  • to “skoolteecher” Michael Denman: I can help you learn how to successfully teach. Until then, read this:


    The democrat elite are responsible for the VIOLENT social-economic ruin of the U.S.A.

    It’s devastating to wake up and discover how democrat party “intellects” have used intelligence for evil purposes. These “animals” are the devil in human-form, and they plan 50 to 100 years in advance, to remain undetected. Let’s look back 100 years to see how they’ve GRADUALLY converted America into the opposite of America used to be….

    How democrats are responsible for America’s ruined society…….

    Go read Dr Victor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning”. The number one endevour and purpose for a human being is to find and exercise meaning in life. The tragedy is – that since the early 1900’s – school-children have been INTENTIONALLY mis-educated by the democrat party’s worthless general-knowledge-school curriculum, that TODAY many people find very little meaning in society, and often in their own lives. Dr Viktor Frankl proved that this problem -the problem of not finding AND EXERCISING – meaning in life and society – breeds the following behaviours:

    1) violence 2) alcohol-drug abuse / criminality 3) depression 4) an OVERACTIVE LIBIDO to a level of aberration (increasing sexual violence, etc.)

    Look at society today, and how the above behaviours are rampant! This was not the case 100 years ago. Isn’t this why generations of parents and grand-parents have said that society has GRADUALLY gotten worse and
    Now, let’s go back 100 years ago. If the “demokratz” announced they were going to DISCREETLY wreck America’s family based society and ruin America economically, it’s THE DEMOKRATZ who would have been ruined. And America wouldn’t be where it is today…

    SUMMARY__The Democrats are the self proclaimed owners of “school-education” and teachers unions . Youth mis-education creates ignorance/dependence, poverty, violence, welfare, all acts of crime, and then: politicians to force-feed Americans with millions of laws, police forces, lawyers, court-houses, judges, concentration camps, corporate owned prisons and MOUNTAINS of debt….

    What top tier democrats are desperate to keep secret – How The Democrat Party “Intellects” Have Sown The Seeds For Crime, Violence, Poverty, and Child Murder ….

    Once again, high school students murdered , two dead in Ohio
    More than a thousand remember Powell boys at public funeral
    9-year-old Indiana girl beaten to death with a brick, then dismembered
    Florida teen stabbed grandmother 93 times so uncle would suffer having to live without her
    ARIZONA/ Girl, 3, Dies from beating…………
    LOUISIANA/ 7 Year Old Boy Beheaded……………
    ARIZONA/ 10-Year-Old Girl Killed For Eating Popsicle Without Permission………….
    VERMONT / 11 Year Old Girl Missing Found Dead………..
    CALIFORNIA/ Teen-ager kills elderly lady for 5 dollar bill…………
    Here is how these devilcrat, uh, democrat-caused-crimes were created …
    1) It’s the democrats who are the self proclaimed owners of compulsory
    schooling and the teachers unions.They parade themselves as the
    “intellects” and “the-compassionate-ones” of society.
    2) But these demokrats intentionally refuse to educate Greek virtues or Christian moralities to school children.
    3) Aristotle said: “The entire purpose of education is to inculcate the basic virtues in children so that they can live happy successful lives when they grow up”. Aristotle determined: “Only The Good Can Be Happy And Succeed – And Only The Virtuous Can Be Good”. Here are the seven virtues that Aristotle educated in the years 400 BC:
    If past generations of AMERICAN school-children were inculcated in these virtues, CHILD-MURDER AND ALL CRIMINALITY would be much less today

  • Dear skoolteecher Michael Denman, to help you get out of your mental illness, read the following:

    How come ALL political candidates except Ron Paul want to keep the federal reserve?
    …Because ALL political candidates except Ron Paul allow International bankers who own the federal reserve to treat Americans like cattle….that’s why! And these CORRUPT ASSKISSING POLITICIANS sell Americans out, just so they can “lubricate-their-egos” and become “Big-Shot-President”.
    What crime is committed when ALL political candidates except for Ron Paul allow “foreign-entities” to “commercialize” the federal reserve AND VIOLATE CONSTITUTIONAL LAW?
    Answer : treason!
    How does military and constitutional law respond to treason?
    Write answer here ________________

  • Debate Tonight 8 P.M.
    QUESTIONS DIRECTED TO / “Democrat Party of America’s Lucifer Mission Think Tank” .
    (The demockrats who are the self proclaimed owners of compulsory schooling and the teachers unions – they parade themselves as the “intellects” and “the-compassionate-ones” of society).
    1) Do poor people and welfare recipients prefer poverty or wealth? (hint: they buy billions of lottery tickets.)
    People prefer poverty ______
    People WOULD HAVE PREFERRED TO HAVE BEEN educated to acquire wealth ______
    2) Ask prison inmates if they prefer robbing and/or killing people or TO HAVE BEEN educated to become self-made millionaires!
    Prefer robbing and/or killing people _____
    WOULD HAVE PREFERRED TO HAVE BEEN educated to become self-made millionaires! _____
    3) Ask the families of people murdered for money if they prefer an equal prosperous society – or – an impoverished one where people murder thousands of others for money.
    They WOULD HAVE PREFERRED an equallly prosperous society _______
    They prefer an impoverished society where people murder thousands of others for money_______

    Summary Question to both groups: “Why have top level democrats BEEN the self proclaimed owners of mainstream education and the teachers unions since decades”?

    Write in answer – limit 10 words

    • I Szkorla

      Hi Maggie…nice site
      I found your site while looking for a Brietbart bumper sticker or small flag.. (sort of akin to the “don’t tread on me” flags). I would love to put up a “Brietbart is here” flag on July 4th 🙂
      I didn’t fully appreciate him until he was gone…

      • I Szkoria, I will forward your comment to the people who are behind this project. Breitbart was one of a kind. Thanks for your suggestion and for the nice comment. I appreciate it.

  • Dennis

    Is this email I received true or is someone spreading bad information.

    Obama Care Highlighted by Page Number

    Judge Kithil of Marble Falls, TX – highlighted the most egregious pages of HB3200

    Please read this…….. especially the reference to pages 58 & 59

    JUDGE KITHIL wrote:

    ** Page 50/section 152: The bill will provide insurance to all non-U.S. residents, even if they are here illegally.

    ** Page 58 and 59: The government will have real-time access to an individual’s bank account and will have the authority to make electronic fund transfers from those accounts.

    ** Page 65/section 164: The plan will be subsidized (by the government) for all union members, union retirees and for community organizations (such as the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now – ACORN).

    ** Page 203/line 14-15: The tax imposed under this section will not be treated as a tax. (How could anybody in their right mind come up with that?)

    ** Page 241 and 253: Doctors will all be paid the same regardless of specialty, and the government will set all doctors’ fees.

    ** Page 272. section 1145: Cancer hospital will ration care according to the patient’s age.

    ** Page 317 and 321: The government will impose a prohibition on hospital expansion; however, communities may petition for an exception.

    ** Page 425, line 4-12: The government mandates advance-care planning consultations. Those on Social Security will be required to attend an “end-of-life planning” seminar every five years. (Death counseling..)

    ** Page 429, line 13-25: The government will specify which doctors can write an end-of-life order.
    HAD ENOUGH???? Judge Kithil then goes on to identify:

    “Finally, it is specifically stated that this bill will not apply to members of Congress. Members of Congress are already exempt from the Social Security system, and have a well-funded private plan that covers their retirement needs. If they were on our Social Security plan, I believe they would find a very quick ‘fix’ to make the plan financially sound for their future.”
    – Honorable David Kithil of Marble Falls, Texas
    All of the above should give you the ammo you need to support your opposition to Obamacare. Please send this information on to all of your email contacts.

    • Dennis, with a quick look, and what past research has revealed, I believe all of the above is true. I’ll look into it and try to do a post based on this information. Thanks so much.

  • Snodove

    Maggie, Thank you for your website and all the informative information.
    I appreciate it. God bless you,
    We are in the End times. Jesus could come back any day.
    Thank you again for keeping us up to date on the world and it’s craziness.

  • Ed Tazelaar

    Dear Maggie: I have been trying to email you but the e-address you give on your site keeps being rejected when I use maggiesnotebook (at) cox (dot) net;
    or What am I doing wrong?

  • Ed Tazelaar

    I meant to say

  • John Roquemore

    It sounds nice at first till you read further into it. Then OH MY GOD! I cannot believe it! This a hole is quitely sneaking around and about to give our oceans to the UN and the media is mum. Now someone out there tell me this guy is not into the New World Order and that I need to put my tin hat back on and just sit tight. I mean I really did not believe the hype. But lately? God please get him out of office. HE IS GOING TO GIVE YOUR OCEANS AWAY TO UN OVERSIGHT. REGULATE OUR BUSINESS IN OUR WATERS NO MATTER WHAT BUSINESS. AND APPARANTLEY DO IT BY EXECUTIVE ORDER. Sound familiar?

    If the link does not take. They usually don’t then just go to WND US and look up under the authors AARON KLIEN ” Obama quitely seeking to cede the oceans to UN law.”

  • montanaconserv


    I’ve noticed you haven’t posted in a while.. I hope all things are well with you.


  • Warren Garrison

    Hello Maggie, Kind of glad that when I came in the story about Larry Links death isn’t there, even though I would be a little more civil this time around for your sake if no one elses. It’s just that a friend sent me a copy of a story written about the Links and various members of the family who say they are going to reopen and carry on their Fathers work. The story was written by Russell Contreras with Associated Press and once again there is absolutely no mention of Warren Garrison anywhere in the article as it explains how the Links bought it and all they have done and all they plan to do. Once again, this isn’t a little home on Mayberry street that a couple might buy and be obligated to tell everyone they come in contact with, “you know, Mr. Smith built this house and he did this and that”, no, no, this is part of History, something that I saved from totaly and completely destruction. Had the next season of monsoons not destroyed that last dwelling that was the home of Francisco Reyes and his family, then members of the Shady Grove Truck stop family had intentions of buying it, wiping it clean of any structures or ruins and making it an over night stop. One of the first publications to feature Larry and Linda after they bought it from me was Forbes Magazine, quite a feather in their hat, but at that point they had done NOTHING towards bringing STeins to what it was the day that writer visited them and yet the article gives them full credit for saving the town and this is what just angers me to no end. And so again in this story about them reopening it and the writing saying that they bought it in 88, I would have been satisfied had they simply said, “we bought it from Warren Garrison” but people have actually told me that Larry told them he had bought it from a “CRAZY OLD MAN”. Anything Larry could do to tillilate the senses of those listening to him and cause excitement with his lies about robberies, and hangings, and murders, he would do and it has altered history horribly. Again, I always had confidence that Janaloo Hill Hough would keep her promise and straighten everything out and give me full credit for my work in her memoirs as she wrote of her life at Shakespeare Ghost Town, but then she died and I have no idea what Manny is doing with those writings. That’s about it, except that I just wrote to a couple of newspapers and asked them what the hell kind of strangle hold Larry Link has on them that they refuse to do a story on me and my 13 years at Steins. Hasn’t been that long since I had to call a couple of writers and get them to actually pull stories they had written based on what Larry had told them and it was nothing but lies, fortunately they did pull the stories. Ok, hope you’re doing well, sorry to continue this anger towards these people but then people not having been through what I went through with Larry would NEVER understand.


    One of the best lines heard lately was from Izzy Kapp, a now retired shop foreman from the old Republic Steel Plant in Cleveland. At 17 Izzy immigrated to the USA from England after his family escaped fromPoland when he was 12. A more proud American can not be imagined. He often said, “I am overwhelmed by the opportunities my country offers me!”

    All five of his children graduated from college. One got an MS, another got a JD, and the third an MD degree. It took Izzy 13 years of night school to get a college degree.

    When a young Black kid was being laid off at the end of his 90 day evaluation period he confronted Izzy in the huge Republic Steel Plant break room at lunch and tried to intimidate him with all sorts of NAACP / ACLU / etc. threats.

    “I want this on-the-record in front of everybody.” the young man said. “You’ firin’ me ’cause I’m Black!”

    Without even looking up from his sandwich the foreman said, “No. We hired you because you’re Black. We’re firing you because you’re useless.”

    ‘Great slogan for the 2012 election.’

    • tnscooterman, priceless, and much more so since it is a true story. Thank you!

      • You are Very Welcome ..

        • tnscooterman

          Hey Maggie and FYI, your friend L J Carolyne is getting married this Friday 🙂
          I am the Lucky Man 🙂

          • tnscooterman, congrats to both you and ljc. I’m late getting to this, but hope you had a wonderful day with many wonderful days still ahead.

  • I’ve added your blog to my blogroll. Please consider adding to yours. Thanks

    • Global Political Awakening, thanks so much for the add. I’ve reciprocated. Very nice blog. I’ve had to be offline for a few days, so am just finding your comment. Again, thanks.

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  • Deb

    Hi Maggie

    I found your site through a post that my brother put on facebook today about Robin Kaplan. Her brother and I became close friends while at WSC now (WSU) in the late 80’s I often went to their house in Framingham and got to know Robin a litte. Mrs. Kaplan is a wonderful woman. I always think of the family on this day. I will never forget when and where I was when I learned of Robin’s death.

  • The time has come to support Candidate John Pistone for U.S.Congress.
    The only pro-life Candidate in the race for the 5th District of Connecticut.

  • donald

    I ordered a DVD from you,and sent a bank check.Iwanted to know, when it would be coming.Yours truly .Donald Caulfield

    • donald, you have me confused with someone else. I’ve never sold DVD’s or anything else. I have received no bank checks from you or anyone else.

  • This comment deleted by blog owner for profanity.

  • Kefelegn

    Dear friends:
    warm greetings, in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ , who is coming very soon,
    I am Evangelist and translate some English Tracts to Amharic Language as well as I am studying
    in Adama Science and Technology University. I will graduates in the next year on June 2014.
    According to my academic advisor, personal computer(laptop) and digital camera are needed for my research work and to present term paper for the next many courses.My income is very small. Therefore, I can not buy these materials,that’s why I send you this E-mail.I need your help.Please help me, if you have second hand laptop and digital camera.

    Thank you for your understanding,

    Kefelegn Sahle

    From Ethiopia

    Contact address
    kefelegn sahle
    P.O Box 260
    Zeway- EthiopiaDelete Reply Reply All Forward Move Actions Next Previous

  • Kefelegn

    Dear friends:
    warm greetings, in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ , who is coming very soon,
    I am Evangelist and translate some English Tracts to Amharic Language as well as I am studying
    in Adama Science and Technology University. I will graduates in the next year on June 2014.
    According to my academic advisor, personal computer(laptop) and digital camera are needed for my research work and to present term paper for the next many courses.My income is very small. Therefore, I can not buy these materials,that’s why I send you this E-mail.I need your help.Please help me, if you have second hand laptop and digital camera.

    Thank you for your understanding,

    Kefelegn Sahle

    From Ethiopia

    Contact address
    kefelegn sahle
    P.O Box 260
    Zeway- EthiopiaDelete Reply Reply All Forward Move Actions Next Previous

  • The following information is vital since it goes to the roots of American freedom from foreign intervention.

    The Website/Blogging/Facebook/Twitter world needs to distribute this far and wide until this threat to personal property, home ownership and personal wealth is defeated.

    Your help is needed. Please send this to all who will stand for their freedoms and then will forward this information to their fellow Americans.

    Simply copy and paste links into your search bar to open article and the YouTube interview.

    Americans are facing primary threats on two major fronts. As one war is being fought, Americans are being defeated in another that is equally dangerous to our freedoms and property rights. Most Americans do not know how deeply the menace of the United Nation’s Agenda 21 is becoming entrenched in their lives as it is quickly infiltrating local governments and usurping local authority. This article does the work for the reader as it addresses the menace and reveals how citizens can take action. It is critical that every one uses their Blogs/Facebook/Twitter contacts to inform families, friends and colleagues to distribute the following alert far and wide until this threat is defeated.

    Article online: “WARNING: Obama’s Green Money Scheme Exposed – Part Two”




    If links do not open, simply copy and paste the link or the article’s title into your Yahoo or Google search bar.

  • CarlaJD

    H.L. Mencken (born 1880 – died 1956) was a journalist, satirist, critic, and Democrat. He wrote this editorial while working for the Baltimore Evening Sun, which appeared in the July 26, 1920 edition.

    “As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron.”

    ~ H.L. Mencken, The Baltimore Evening Sun, July 26, 1920

    So it was written and so it has come to pass.

    • CarlaJD, great quote – and yes, so…it has come to pass.

  • Phil Rains

    Damn sure has come to pass. 2 times running this time.

  • CarlaJD

    Sequester Air Force One !!!!!

    Watch this and please send it on!!!

    I’m sure this has been around many times, but it should become a national disgrace at the time of US Debt Crisis, a non-existent US Budget, & how the Citizens, Military & Business Community is being manipulated by the Obama Administration:

  • CarlaJD

    Maggie, Hope this does not pose a problem, but I am a true patriot & think Madison Rising is doing a great job in showing the strength of the USA… We are heading to 9/11/13.. let this show our determination that nothing will happen on that date.

  • CarlaJD

    New Obama Proverb: If you give a man hope of getting a job, he will vote Democrat for a year! If you give a man a welfare check, a free cell phone, free internet, food stamps, section 8 housing, free contraceptives, ninety-nine weeks of unemployment,free health care and free medicine… He will vote Democrat the rest of his life and several more times after he’s dead

  • Phil

    Yep and his grandkids twice removed will vote from the womb.

  • CarlaJD

    To be honest, I have had it up to my upper lip with Obama.. doesn’t really matter where he was born or went to school. If he is not a citizen of the US blame the Dems for screwing up the vetting process even when he was in IL as a Senator.
    As for his race.. I don’t give a ding dong.. he has proven to be a terrible president regardless if he is purple, green or pink. Sad the Dems nominated an ill-equipped, unskilled person for the office of POTUS. Now we are all suffering.
    I’ll be the first to cast my voted for Dr. Ben Carson, Herman Cain, or Allen West.. all of these men are worthy of the office & I don’t care about their race.

  • Phil

    I agree with Carla with everything but saying he is POTUS because we have NO PRESIDENT.. What we have is a Treasonous USURPER….in the office.

    • CaralaJD

      Phil Agreed. I also refer to him from time to time as the Community Organizer-in-Chief; I do fear he will abuse the office of the Presidency to the extent that it will no longer be taken seriously by leaders of other nations let alone honest law-abiding US Citizens who want unity & freedom.
      Our fellow Americans who voted Obama into office did so with their minds closed & eyes focused on Potential Free Stuff & ears opened to a smooth talking snake oil salesman.

  • CarlaJD
    • CarlaJD

      UPDATE on my posting at 6:02 PM September 8, 2013… Contacted about article… it is a hoax.. trying to get it validated either as real or fake.. Sorry for any confusion or misrepresentation.

  • CarlaJD
  • Phil

    Just got the NEW Ad paper from WALGREENS. I don’t know how to post the picture on here , but there is an Ad in it for “buy a shot” GIVE a Shot.. Well after seeing it. there is NO MORE WALGREENS for me.. The program is between Walgreens and ,NON OTHER THAN ,THE UNITED NATIONS FOUNDATION…


    yes i was wondering has anything been said about yesterday did it open any eyes is anything going to be done

  • Lisa Pinneo

    Maggie: I just found your blog, thanks to “The Razor”. I live in Tulsa as well, born and raised. I LOVE your blog and look forward to perhaps meeting you some day! Blessings!