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This page is building an ongoing database on the Common Core web that is ensnaring American children, leading them, teaching them to be “human capital,” look not to their parents, but to the government, be blood-typed and followed from their earliest years. It’s at least a $600 Billion industry. If you are new to researching Common Core Standards Initiative, it will be overwhelming. Don’t give up.

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The goal is to be able to track your child as they move from state-to-state. Perhaps the Social Security Number isn’t available but a blood type, a birth mark – the kind of thing you would only give to police if your child was missing, will be available in “longitudinal” databases. Source

WatchDogWire: The Florida Republican Party email (this is very important – CCIS is a venture captialist’s dream):

The program was created by the vendors who will benefit from the program, Gates, Bush, Pearson, Murdock and Obama’s (Soros) Progressive NGO think tanks.  It was then presented to the governors for them to sign here and get their RTTT money.  Material was not written and yet legislators signed on to “get the money”. No one looked at the CCSS content in the material…

If the CCS standards demand the human capital method of training as part of the assessments evaluation and are part of the passing grades, then CCSS dictates the curriculum …

My Posts on Common Core

Common Core Timeline: The Socialist, Marxist, Communist Ties Behind Common Core: How Repaying “Education Debt” Through Social Justice and Education Equity Became Common Core.
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Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Questionnaire for Parents of First Graders - Sexual Identity

Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Questionnaire for Parents of First Graders – Sexual Identity

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See this page with a timeline and a lot of information on the Progressive march to control your child’s mind. Here’s just one quotation:

This shift from factual education to mental manipulation and feeling-based learning began more than seventy years ago. Through the decades, the strategies used to manipulate minds in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany were developed, first at the Tavistock Clinic near London and later at Germany’s Frankfurt School (originally called Frankfurt Institute for Social Research). Their mind-bending methods soon spread to a rising number of psycho-social research centers in America. They were fine-tuned at Columbia, Harvard, Stanford and other American universities, at our regional educational laboratories and at the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies where Elian Gonzales was remediated in preparation for his return to a Communist system.

At the 1989 Governor’s Conference on Education in Kansas, Dr. Shirley McCune, then head of the Mid-Continent Regional Educational Laboratory, summarized the policy in her keynote speech:

“The revolution… in curriculum is that we no longer are teaching facts to children…. We no longer see the teaching of facts and information as the primary outcome of education.”[34]

“What will take the place of logic, fact and analysis in the coming age?” This rhetorical question was raised by Dr. Donald A. Cowan, president emeritus of the University of Dallas. His revealing answer exposes an important step toward the new consensus:

“The central way of thought for this new era will be imagination…. Imagination will be the active, creative agent of culture, transforming brute materials to a higher, more knowable state.”[35]

A simple example of this process was exposed by a Christian teacher in Sunnyvale CA. During a public elementary school assembly, the students sang the words of thePeacemakers’ Planetary Anthem to the tune of the Star Spangled Banner. This melody, which has symbolized freedom to those who have loved America, now became a tactical trigger used to turn hearts from the old ways to the new vision.