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America’s Battlefields – Home of the Free Because of the Brave


The battles for American independence began more than a year before the historic vote of the Colonies to declare independence from Britain. The British Army, along with their Navy and Marines had occupied Boston since 1768. The following are the…

Watcher of Weasels Nominations –– Dog Days Edition

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The dog days of summer are here, but to me, it feels like I’m on a race track, and not the track where greyhounds run. It’s busy, busy, busy with all the election news. Most exciting is the gorgeous, energizing…

The Perfectly Said Indictment on Fallujah

Fallujah - Bodies of Blackwater Contractors

The news of Fallujah and Ramadi falling partially back into al-Qaeda hands this week has brought a great deal of reflection throughout the blogosphere on the American blood and treasure lost as a result. Michael Ledeen at PJ Media sums it…