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CME And Solar Radiation Storm

From SpaceWeather: SIGNIFICANT EXPLOSION: A solar radiation storm is in progress on May 22nd following an M5-class solar flare on the sun’s western limb. The explosion not only accelerated a hailstorm of protons toward our planet, but also produced a…

Calling All Patriots!

A request from findalis at Monkey in the Middle: My dear friend Patriot USA is in dire need of both funds and prayers.  As many know, Patriot USA had major spinal surgery this last month.  He is unable to work,…

A Smile For A Shabbat

Alicia Atkins of Glendale, Arizona gave birth to daughter, Nevaeh, via Caesarean section on October 9. Her husband Randy snapped this touching image of a baby entering the world for the first time and grabbing hold of the doctor’s fingers.


Authorities say at least 26 people, including 18 20 children, were killed Friday when a gunman clad in black military gear opened fire inside a Connecticut elementary school.

When Do We Get To Say No?

In 1987 Andes Serrano shocked (and disgusted) the world with his so-called piece of “art” named Piss Christ.  The Christian community (and other people) were outraged over this insult to their faith. While what Andes Serrano did was disgusting, it…

The Gospel According To John Moses Browning

1 In the beginning was the 1911, and the 1911 was THE pistol, and it was good. And behold the Lord said, “Thou shalt not muck with my disciple John’s design for it is good and it workith. For John made the 1911, and lo all of his weapons, from the designs which I, the Lord, gave him upon the mountain.”

2 “And shouldst thou muck with it, and hang all manner of foul implements upon it, and profane its internal parts, thou shalt surely have malfunctions, and in the midst of battle thou shalt surely come to harm.”