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IRS Midnight Unit: Lerner Emails Magnetically Degaussed

Photo courtesy of Center for  Magnetic Research

An IRS “preservation” order couldn’t keep Lois Lerner’s emails preserved. Devastating to the Obama administration, the “IRS Midnight Unit” stepped in and magnetically “degaussed,” 422 backup tapes, destroying evidence of targeting Conservatives, by denying tax exempt status. In February 2014, Fox…

Catherine Engelbrecht: Can Elijah Cummings Be Responsible for IRS Targeting Her? Files Formal Ethics Complaint Against Cummings

Catherine Engelbrecht

Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote and King Street Patriots interviewed with Megyn Kelly regarding her targeting by the IRS. The conversation revolved around Engelbrecht’s formal complaint to the Office of Congressional Ethics, alleging Cummings “misrepresented his authority as a…