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Mort Zuckerman: Obama Unable to be Straight with Himself or America on Iran – Misleading

Cartoon courtesy of the very talented Bob Mack

President Obama underplays American concession and overplays Iranian commitments in the nuclear talks… Obama is such a captive of his own illusions about Iran that he has been unable to be straight with the American people. In reporting belatedly on…

Tulsa World “Music Writer” Jerry Wofford on Super Bowl Returning Soldier Ad: Shouldn’t Be Special or Worthy of Super Bowl

Jerry Wofford, Tulsa World "Music Writer" (Photo: Twitter)

Tulsa’s egregiously Liberal Tulsa World, unfit for, and undeserving of, its conservative populace, apparently sees Jerry Wofford, their “music writer” special enough and worthy enough to denounce the idea of Budweiser’s ‘returning soldier’  as not “special” nor “worthy of a…