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The Narrow Focus of C-SPAN: Anti-Semitism Prominent

CAMERA, the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, reports that potentially millions of television viewers are regularly subjected to antisemitic, anti-Israel callers on C-SPAN's flagship daily three-hour morning talk-show, Washington Journal.

C-SPAN inundates it’s audience with 8,000 hours of programming to 100 million homes. An astonishing number of those hours are filled with the anti-Semitic rhetoric of callers, seldom, if ever, admonished by the hosts. C-SPAN’s mission for the past 35…

Operation Pillar Of Defense UPDATED


Is the name of the latest operation against Hamas in Gaza. This last weekend saw over 150 rockets fired at cities and towns in Southern Israel. Many of them fired at the time that children were leaving school for the day. It was a miracle that nobody was killed. Add to the rocket attack an attack on a military vehicle that has left a soldier in critical condition, it was no wonder that Israel has lost her patience and has gone on the attack.