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Amerika: Germany Over All

killing liberty

These days I don’t know what to think. Everywhere I turn things are bad. Males and females have lost even their most profound identification — sexuality — under the barrage of propaganda from the creative freaks who dominate America. Our…

UN Budget Gets Sidetracked by Drunk Diplomats


The U.S. exercises our massive power at the U.N. (you know, all that funding we send to that worthless body): Pull-Out quote: The U.S. is making “the modest proposal that the negotiating rooms should in future be an inebriation-free zone,”…

EU Human Rights a Sick Joke: Abu Qatada – bin Laden RightHand Man: Brit Welfare for Qatada Family

Abu Qatada

Described as a “truly dangerous individual,” Europe is refusing to extradict Abu Qatada back to Jordan where he has been convicted of terrorism.  The European Court of Human Rights ruled sending Qatada to Jordan violates his “human rights.” Appalling! Readers,…