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Taxpayers Hand Over Billions For Cost of Refugees to Intl Org for Migration – Website Touting COP21 Summit in Paris

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Have you wondered how the many refugees get to North America? Who flies them here? Who pays for it? Who decides who comes and who doesn’t. This answer might surprise you. See it below. In Canada, the government set up…

Jim Inhofe Has a Democrat Challenger: About Those Term Limits

Jim Inhofe

Matt Silverstein says he will challenge long-time Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) in the 2014 Senatorial race. Silverstein sees himself as a Democrat version of Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK). Right. Silverstein points to Inhofe serving in the Senate seat for Oklahoma…

Happy Earth Day?

I don’t celebrate Earth Day. I don’t need a day to celebrate the world. I celebrate Arbor Day. It is the United States’ original Earth Day. Arbor Day this year is Friday, April 26.