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The Page Law Sought To Keep Slave-Like Mentality, Anti-Democratic Immigrants Out of US

"slave-like mentality" Click the pic to read more at BareNakeIslam

In 1875, the United States Congress adopted The Page Law, our first law restricting immigrants coming into the country. The goal of the Law was largely prohibiting Chinese prostitutes and “second wives” in polygamous marriages. The concern, according to the…

Death to Israel Facebook Page


The Death to Israel Facebook page has 2,744 likes. This is their banner. Now The End Begins alleges that Facebook supports the page, and claims it does not violate their standards. Visit to read FB’s response. Linked at BadBlue, the…

Israel And The Rest of the World


Everybody hates Israel. That is not just accepted wisdom, it is a reality that chokes all rational debate on the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. There are exceptions, of course, such as Canada, but most of Western Europe has slipped from support for Israel to support for the Palestinian cause, as if both sides might not have valid claims to the disputed land.