I have numerous great contributers who occasionally share their work here. Each is busy, and each is successful, so if you do not see them here often enough, please check out their own blogs by clicking on a link below [listed in the order they began posting at Maggie’s Notebook]:

Barbara Sowell at FaultlineUSA

Jim Simpson at Truth and Consequences

Susan Duclos at Wakeup America

Stanford Matthews at Blog@MoreWhat

Mark Harvey at Snooper Report
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Findalis at Monkey in the Middle

Karen at The Lonely Conservative

Shane at Political Vindication

  • Hi Maggie, found your site thru Mike Trani & FlyoverFeedback…then you moved on me! Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your post on Maj. Banset. I re-posted the other day. Am linking to your blog.

  • Maggie-
    Wonder if you want to post the political part of my Friday’s post “Intractable Negotiators” (last two-thirds).
    I got a lot of good feedback on it.
    I advertised with you last fall.
    Wondered if you would like some of articles, if I edited them for the politics only.
    Just an idea.
    Let me know if any interest.

    • Stay with this guys, you’re hlienpg a lot of people.

  • Diane

    hey maggie..i saw your the post you made about mexico and the cartels…well all i got to say is i agree with you, i am not mexican but my boyfriend is,he is a proud mexican but sadly his family is part of a cartel…i know how it is to be in the inside of it all and i with his support am trying to find a way to separate his family from it all,he is a brusque person but he is very loving,he didnt make the choice of being involved he was born into it and well he wants out…

  • john burnett

    your site is crap – pro obama only!

  • CarlaJD

    Thank Goodness we have Maggie’s Notebook to discover the news of the day in a logical & intelligent level. Also, it is an excellent outlet to personally express our individual views & opinions without fear of being compromised.
    Maggie, You are our Champion

    • CarlaJD, thanks so much for that very kind comment. My readers are my Champions. Without readers, Bloggers are nothing, just sitting in our offices listening to the sound of our keyboard.

  • Great blog! Happy to discover another conservative woman blogger.