Author: Maggie

French Jews Fleeing to Israel: The Oh-Noes Moment – French to be Left the Only Target for Muslim Radicals

Natan Sharansky

Anyone with a Jewish grandparent can immigrate to Israel with free airfare, full citizenship and other benefits to help start a new life, and the Israeli government are courting French Jews, and a fair exodus is underway. Jews have again…

Watchers of Weasels Council Results: The Peasants Are Revolting

Sweeney Todd

Last Friday’s Watchers of Weasels results have been out since … last Friday, and I’m late getting them to you, but the good thing is, you can bookmark these terrific pieces and read over lunch, or when you can’t stand…

Watcher’s Council Results 3-4-16: On Having Sons


The Watcher’s Council posts are below. Always such great weekend reading. The Council’s “humble servant” had problems adding a snippet from the winning post. I want to give you these few words from the winning author after having dinner with…