Below the graphic showing details of crime for illegals vs legals, written into the Senate’s amnesty bill, are a few articles I have written since the Senate Gang of 8 geared-up to give away America sovereignty. Just looking through the titles tell a story.

The latest:

When a Deportation is Not a Deportation: Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics

68,000 Convicted Criminal Aliens NOT Deprted: 35% of Illegal Criminals Not Deported

Illegal Aliens: Detention Center in Arizona Has Hundreds From Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan

House GOP releases “immigration principles,” mimicking Senate Gang of 8 bill. Why more than one “principle?” Secure the border first. Enforcing immigration laws? Which laws? New laws?

ICE Begs GOP to Meet With Them. Do It! Five Illegals at SOTU – Democrats Applaud Lawlessness

Crime Pays Under Gang of Eight Immigration Bill

Crime Pays Under Gang of Eight Immigration Bill

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Illegal Aliens Detained in Arizona: Hundreds (Maybe thousands) From Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan

White House Policy Director Supervised Rubio McCain Immigration Bill – Former La Raza Director – Power Shift to DOJ and La Raza

Illegal Aliens Claiming Nieces, Nephews Living in Mexico – Receiving Additional Child Tax Credit – $4B annually

Rubio Rubs Republicans Raw: Chaffing Facts About Gang of 8 Reform – ACORN No Longer Needed

Passport Fraud: Forge Up To Three Before It’s A Crime – Someone Willfully Put It In The New Immigration Bill – Who?

Dozen Plus Illegals Rape 13 Year Old Girl in Austin from Settlement Home for Children: Juan Ortega, Edgar Perez Arrested

ICE Ordered to ASK Adult Violent Illegal Alien Inmates If They Are DREAMERS: If Yes, Inmate is Released

House Border Security Act HR1417 – Nothing Comprehensive – Nothing: This Is What the GOP Thinks Acceptable – Contact Info

Paul Ryan as a Catholic Sees it His Place to Un-Exploit Illegals

Senate Immigration Bill Not Yet Sent to House – BlueSlip Possibility – Get Busy and Do It!

Passage of the Amnesty Bill Spells the End of Our Republic

Senator Roger Wicker Switched to NO on “Deeply Flawed” Immigration Bill: Chiesa Appointed by Gov Christie on 6/6/13 Voted For – Now He Retires

Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) Asks Public to Help Stop Senate Passing Gang of 8 Legislation

Immigration Bill: Massive Incentive to Hire Newly Legalized Illegals Over Legals – And Replace Legals With New Alien Legals

ICE Dir John Morton Resigns: Agents Vote No Confidence and Sue – Andrew Traver an August Recess Appointment?

Immigration Bill S 744 – Illegals Are Above The Law: Crime Pays – Amnesty For All Kinds of Crime

List of Republicans Voting (But Not Reading?) – Amnesty Kickbacks: Seafood, Youth Jobs, Tourism

Sarah Palin: Congress Intends to Pelosi Amnesty Bill: Rubio Nixed Thune and Paul Security Fixes

Immigration Bill to Be Voted On Before Reading – Video: Republican Senators Should NOT Vote for Cloture

Required Border Fence Not Required if Janet Napolitano Decides Not to Require It: Border Security Technology Not Required if She Doesn’t Want It

Republican Dean Heller Participates in Casino Kick-Back: How Heller Learned to Love Amnesty

No New Border Agents Until 2017-2021 – Overstay Visa in Future Get Your Green Card Anyway – Charge Legals More for Visas – Charge Amnesty Applicants Less

Immigration Bill Will Reduce Illegals by 25% ONLY Says CBO – They’ll Just Keep Coming

Immigration English Requirement Laughable: Rubio Scrambles for Border Security – It’s the Visa Program, Stupid

Immigration: No Job Needed for Green Card – Border Agents Put Under Civil Rights Div of DOJ

Rubio to Leave Gang of 8? Too Late – We Know He Supported Freezing 11M in Place Before Border Security

Steve King Immigration: Republicans Opposed Amnesty Before Election, Day After Election it Was Different

Gang of 8 Immigration Bill: 867 Pages, 999 Waivers, Exemptions, “Political Discretion”

House Immigration Gang of 8: Rubio Senate Bill Weak on Security

Steve King – Senate Immigration Plan: Sacrifice Rule of Law on Political Expediency

Illegals Becoming Legal: No Back Taxes if They Haven’t Filed a Tax Return or Not Previously Flagged by IRS

How’s This for Treason: Rubio Shamesty Bill Trashes E-Verify Immediately – Replaces It With Nothing for Years

Dallas Judge O’Connor: ICE Agents Attempt to Block Deferring Deportation of Eligible DREAMers

Rubio “Selling Lies” – Snake Oil Hawked by Gang of 8: A Little Straight Talk – We Need Hispanic Voters

Border Patrol Caught Less Than Half of Illegals Crossing Border at Arizona – Doesn’t Count Those We Don’t Know About

They Come to America II – The Cost of Amnesty – New Video Dennis Michael Lynch

Immigration Bill Legalizes Previously Deported, Relatives And No Border Security First

Silence from Rubio and Gang of 8 on Cost of Welfare Benefits in Immigration Bill

One Hearing After Less Than One Day to Read Gang of Eight Immigration Bill

Border Agents: Illegal Aliens Doubling, Tripling Since Amnesty Talks – Tuscon Local 2544 – Throats Being Slashed 

No Attempt to Measure Border Security Since Obama Ascended – None Ciming: No Hurdles to Citizenship

Immigration Loopholes 2013 v 2007s 20 Loopholes – Obama Plan Follows Kennedy McCain

Former ICE to Testify: Future 9-11 Jihadists Not Deported – No Burder for Aliens to Prove Anything