Hey, remember I'm at the beach!

Hey, remember I’m at the beach!

My name is Maggie H. Villines. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the northeastern portion of the state, (no semblance to the days of the Dust Bowl). It is lush, green and hilly here – a beautiful place to live.

Contrary to urban myths, we are not all red-necks, although I am proud to know a few. We are not all obese. BBQ sauce is not slathered on everything coming off the grill. We have an abundance of lakes, rivers and streams, and are the home state to many great music, stage and screen artists, as well as current political heroes, Senators Jim Inhofe and Congressman Jim Bridenstine.

I have been married to a wonderful man…a Superhero, for 40 years. We mostly think alike on all the things that matter to us: faith, country and politcs.

I love to travel, and have been fortunate to do a lot of it, but I also love being in my home and sharing it with family and friends.



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  • Don

    Blog worthy of a 5-star rating. Keep up the GREAT works. I feel as though I’ve known you all my life!

    BTW…you look wonderful!

    • Thank you Don! So glad you like it. I feel the same about you – like I’ve known you for a very long time.

      • Cynthia

        I too live in Tulsa. I have wonderfully discovered your blog today and feel so blessed. Thank U for such articulately well-written articles. I feel as if I have discovered a treasure, a hidden treasure.

        • Cynthia, I hope you get this message as it is almost two months late. I missed your posting here. I came in to update my ‘About’ page and here you are with such a lovely comment. Thanks you so much for these kind words. I too feel feel blessed, and among those blessings is having the time to tend to my little piece of the Internet. It’s always nice to meet another Tulsan, and I so appreciate your reading.

  • Judy

    I love the new look. This one loads much faster for me. I used to just click on a link in the email. With this format I have saved it to my conservative news favorites folder.
    Now I will check it even before the email comes.

    • Judy, thanks so much for letting me know – especially that it loads faster. If the site ever slows down here, just let me know. Bloggers are very sensitive about load times, and will try about anything to fix it if they know the load time is long.

      If you have not subscribed to the new site, I just put up a post about it. You can unsubscribe to the old site at the bottom of one of the old newsletters.

      So glad you like it! Thank you for reading.

  • Hi Maggie … I’ve been reading your blog about 2 yrs now I guess. Just want to say thank you for all your hard work. It is a blessing. I love and agree with how you listed the order of your passion … the love of God, country, home, family, our Constitution, and all founding documents, conservatism, and politics. That’s just as it should be.

    I listed my website above … it’s a Christian teaching blog. I would be honored for you to stop by sometime.

    May our Lord continue to smile upon your work.

    Blessings … Following Him

  • Hi Maggie,
    I love the layout of your blog. I have some technical questions about how you did it. Les Carpenter and I along with a few other like-minded libertarians have been kicking around the idea of starting up a new blog where we all contribute but the Google Blogger linear format just doesn’t lend itself well to a group effort.

    I couldn’t find your e-mail anywhere, but here is mine. I’d just like to ask you a few technical questions about how you did it. If you’d rather not e-mail me, I understand that some don’t like sharing their e-mail address and we can just continue the discussion here.


    • Silver, I just sent an email. I’ll answer anything I can.

  • Great blog, Maggie. I’m glad to have found you, and I wish you and yours the best for the New Year.

    • Hey Bob, now I know who you are. I wasn’t associating the last name. Thanks for making it click for me:-)

  • Great site Maggie. It’s my first visit here but it won’t be the last.
    I’ll be adding a link to you over at my site.
    Regards, Grant

    • Grant, I came to reply to an email and found this from you on February 17th. I’m so sorry I missed your comment. Thanks for reading and commenting and I’m coming to your place right now.

  • Maggie, A New York blogger linked to your site so that’s how came here. Its great to see proud Americans take on the dissemination of information. I just launched a site www,secureamericanow.org which when completed will allow all Americans who oppose the Ground Zero Mosque, the silencing of critics of radical Islam, insecure borders, etc. can receive information and make a difference. I look forward to visiting Maggie’s Place.

    • Allen, thanks for letting me know about your new website. I’ve just visited and signed up for updates. Beautiful site. I didn’t see a way to leave a comment, so I’ll ask this question here. On your article about box cutters on the plane, it was my understand that box cutters were deemed acceptable on flights some time ago. Am I wrong about that? I thought it was nuts, but Homeland Security okayed them at one time.

      Fortunate that they fell out of this particular flight bag. Three boxes of box cutters I think it was??? Frightening.

      I appreciate that New York blogger whomever it might be, and really appreciate your visit.

  • jon macvean

    thank you to the judge who ruled barack obama president of the united states in contempt of court for the oil drilling situation thanks to god for allowing this to happen jon macvean

  • Cate

    Hello Maggie, I just chanced upon your blog today. I must complement you on your dedication and work that it took (takes) to keep it up. I follow many of the sites that you have listed on the right and admittedly sometimes I despair of the direction the world is going, particularly the erosion of Western culture and values (which of course are based on Judeo-Christian values). I was born and live in Montreal Canada but I have quite a few American cousins. While much of the world at the moment tends to disparage America, I just want to say that I love Americans and fundamental American values. (I know, it sounds corny!) In any case, if you are ever curious about my neck of the woods, just let me know. All the best.

    • Cate, I’m just seeing your March 31st comment this minute. I’m sorry I missed it. At times I just don’t get a notice. I thank you for your love of my country and American values, which I suspect are the values of most freedom loving individuals the world over admire and long for. Thank you for the offer to be a Canadian connection. I love that and am sure I will take you up on your kindness. Again, my apologies for just now finding your comment.

  • Matt Jones

    Is this serious? Your extremely biased and inaccurate propaganda floods this terrible site. The part about the Democrats racist history? Come on!! Seriously? Is your small brain even aware that the parties completely did a 180 degree turn on beliefs? Look at all of the fundamental beliefs back then. The Republicans fall in line with today’s Democratic party, and the Democrats fall in line with what is today’s Republican party. I can’t believe the uneducated people who blindly follow the senseless propaganda that is created in your small brain. I guess that is what you get when you have uneducated people who are unable to think for themselves. Anyone that thinks Sarah Palin is capable of leading out country in the right direction has a mental disorder.

    • Great post Matt! It’s good to be exposed to an educated mind like yours. Your well thought out personal attacks come fast and furious along with a peek inside the mindset of the modern day liberal. Thank goodness we have examples like this to refer back to from time to time in case we sink back into uneducated behavior.

      • Thank you. He hasn’t a single fact in his head. I appreciate your support and thank you for taking the time to come by.

    • Matt Jones, do you have a specific piece of fact you can dispute about my history of Democrat racist history? That would be a good place to start, but seeing that you are simply an name-caller, I will dismiss you as insignificant.

      • Warren

        If you’ll notice, the first line of defense for any Liberal or Democrat is to discredit you. Just yesterday for John McCain to point out that illegals could very well be responsible for torching Arizona and you have to understand that we’re dealing with a type of people who will poop in their own back yard, this is why they are fleeing Mexico because they’ve done such a poor job in using their resources. But to immediately began to bash John for his suggestion ONLY because he is a Republican once again you can just see a Liberal with fingers in their ears, eyes closed and them yelling LA LA LA LA LA LA LA to the top of their voice to drown you out rather than considering what you have to say. My analogy of late has been that Sarah or John could go to the door of a LIberal, their home could be enguled in flames, they could even get the occupants to the door and IF they got to say anything at all before that person slammed the door in their face, even if they said, “your home is on fire” they would still close the door and not listen. On the other hand, they could become aware their home is burning, attempt to flee and if Obama, Pelosi, Chris Dodd, or Barney Frank said, “hey hey, not to worry, we have eveything under control, just go back in and let us take care of everything”, they would do this and perish. It is truly sad at how the mind of a Liberal works. To think they will ask for the death penalty and they’ve said that Michael Vick should have been executed. Yet they will march and seek to stop the execution of a rapist murderer. Then they will turn right around and shoot a solution into a woman to destroy the life in her and never think a thing about it as they throw it in the trash. Again, it is a strange mind that thinks this way. —-Warren Garrison

        • Kent Sanders

          “If you’ll notice, the first line of defense for any Liberal or Democrat is to discredit you”

          The fist thing you did in your rant was to try to discredit them!!!!!

          It is interesting that you are so totally not self-aware.

          • Mark De Monbrun

            Kent et al,

            Yes, it is interesting. Bummer is that like so many things *political* in our great nation today, many of us have been convinced that Nationalism is the equivalent and/or of greater importance than Patriotism, and that Democracy is only relevant when that Democracy conforms to one’s personal ideology thereby making justifiable Nationalism over Patriotism.

      • Kent Sanders

        Maggie, at one time it was the Democratic Party that was racist–but that is because southern CONSERVATIVES like Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms were Democrats. But after Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act there was a huge shift of racists into the Republican Party.

        Why do you always twist things????

        And now there is a shift of educated people out of the Republican Party. The party has gone from Ronald Reagan and Barry Golwater to now being Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Arlen Specter and Richard Lugar were big Reagan/Goldwater supporters, but now the “strange” element in the Party considers them “liberal”. Indeed, in his later years Goldwater was considered liberral by the “strange” elements that took over the Party.

        • Kent, I just posted an update. I’ve twisted nothing and Strom Thurmond was a Democrat then. Johnson didn’t have a chance to pass the Civil Rights Act with Republicans who voted for it and pushed it through even though not a single Republican vote was needed in a Senate that was 65% Democrat.

          Warren is exactly right in his proper rant above.

          • Kent Sanders

            “I’ve twisted nothing and Strom Thurmond was a Democrat then.”

            Umm, Maggie, you are twisting yet again!!!

            Thurmond was indeed a Demnocrat then And so was Jesse Helms. My point was THEN quite a few of the racists were indeed Democrats, because southern CONSERVATIVES were racists. Those CONSERVATIVES, including Thurmond and Helms later because Republicans, because Lyndon Johnson supported civil rights.

            ” Johnson didn’t have a chance to pass the Civil Rights Act with Republicans who voted for it and pushed it through even though not a single Republican vote was needed in a Senate that was 65% Democrat.”

            I really cannot understand what you were saying, but it was indeed the case that many Republicans voted for civil rights. But they were liberal Republicans like Jacob Javitz. Those people would have no chance of winning a Republican primary now. Even solidly conservative Republicans like Lugar, Specter and Bennet got kicked out by the crazies.

  • Jimmie Kreizenbeck

    Well said, Grant. Good comeback, Maggie. I notice he hasn’t posted anymore!

  • Just as you suggested, read the article about Mona Muslim. Good vs Evil.

    • Thanks Chris! I’m back and will be in touch. Feel free to call me, as well.

  • Followed a link from Doug Ross’s website, the article on the 1948 borders of Israel is just what I was looking for. Thank you.
    I am just starting a blog http://www.onthernorthriver.com, mainly about my two great remaining interests, kayaking and photography. Though getting out on the river in spite of many interruptions is the challenge.
    I noted the item in your “about” bio that you have been married 35 years, I lost my wife Donie in March after 36 years to a very sudden illness. All I can say is, cherish the time together, every day.

    • Hi John, first I want you to know that the link you left for your new blog does not work. Please feel free to come back and correct it. It takes me to a Cox page. I’m so sorry to hear about Donie. I can’t imagine losing my husband or one of my siblings. It will happen, of course, unless they lose me first, but there must be no way to understand getting through it until you must.

      I’m glad the Israel article was of interest to you. It has been made so difficult, when knowing just the bottom line really makes it understandable.

      I hope you get to pursue your blog about those things you love to do. It will surely make make your time more pleasurable, especially at this difficult time. I really appreciate your visit and comment.

    • Where did that “r” come from? The link is http://www.onthenorthriver.com

  • Vegas girl

    Ma’am: You are aware your “hero” Ton Coburn helped protect a serial adulterer (John Ensign), right?

  • Warren

    Hello Maggie, from the looks and tone of the simple post put on by Vegas Girl, sounds like she might differ with you on an opinion. That brings me to the problem I have experienced while posting under the story you submitted to your site concerning Larry Link at Steins New Mexico who was shot and killed a couple of weeks ago. Strange how our true feeling can lay at the bottom of our conscience/soul/mind, whatever and then something can stir it up and what appeared to be crystal clear water is all murky from the silk that lay there undisturbed. It had been quite some time since I even thought of Larry, usually my dealings with him come to mind when someone at a party or gathering ask me about what I do, or did or maybe someone that knows of my past ask about Steins. Normally I start with, “well, I could not have found a worse person to have sold something that I loved so much, he’s done everything possible to strip me of any credit for what I did there”. If they seem interested then I might get into a few of the things I based that comment on and since they don’t know Larry then that unfair nature rises up and they’re ready to take my side and lynch him. But you know, I’m the type of person that is offended with that attitude and I”ll say, “well, he isn’t here to defend himself, you need to get his side of the story”. Last week though, or 2 weeks ago when my friend Rick Howell/The Chair Doctor called and told me about Larry I had such mixed emmotions. It was when I made the comment, “well it was a long time in the coming” that I realized how deeply I disliked this individual. Then as the praise for Larry began to come flooding through and once again as in the past 23 years the name Warren Garrison was not even mentioned when speaking of Steins, I just could not take it anymore and so I wrote the first posting about how Larry’s stories of murder, hangings, robberies and everything gory had completely altered history and little that he told the tourist was true, very little. Also that he had done everything possible to erase my name from History and referred to Howard Carter who discovered King Tut and was cheated for so many years of his credit. It was then that some of his family jumped in and here is that lynch mob mentality that I spoke of and instead of saying, “Well Mr. Garrison, we Loved Larry and in our eyes he was a fine individual. We regret that you had these dealings with him and hope that you find peace in the near future when you think of him”. BUT NO, the bashing began, the name calling was in every posting. Another one came through last night with the name “PAID” telling me that I was this and that and that I didn’t have the spine to face anyone and yet here they were posting under a made up name, I’ve encourged everyone to contact me in person, I’m extremely accessible in Tucson and yet I’m supposed to be the spineless one. When you consider all of this then is it any wonder out kids are beating one another unmercifully and that bullying is completely out of hand these days? Of course that’s from the time outs they received and were not taught there were any consequences to their actions by Liberal parents, and when they didn’t think a time out was good enough then the child got a good dose of Redlin.

    Ok, sorry we had to meet on these terms, I certainly have NOT done my part in calming this matter down and friends are pushing me to let it go but no one posting wants to consider what I might have gone through with Larry Link. If you stand back and analyze this matter and consider that I’m upset about 5 or 6 years of direct abuse from Larry Link, 23 years of him withholding any credit for my having gone to Steins with nothing but the clothes on my back and $9 and bringing it to life and then his family read a posting and they’re completely beside themselves with anger and hatred for me. Kind of an unbalance there in actions and attitudes if you ask me. I guess it’s time to write my book because I have photos of my progress there and hopefully can find people who visited me while I labored there.

    Have a good day———–Warren Garrison/Warrenpeaceonu2@aol.com

  • Hey Maggie!! I am Ricci Moore, state chair of as a mom, and a life long conservative (from a liberal family). Came here to see your story on the release of that horrible man, and am so impressed by this site!! Will come back often, and thanks for your creative and knowledgeable work!!

    • Hi Ricci, thanks so much for coming by and leaving this nice comment. I am always thrilled to find fellow Oklahoman’s visiting. Love the fact that you are involved in Oklahoma Moms! Nice to meet you!

  • Jack

    Hi Maggie….reading your blog contributes to my growing concern and fear for the future of our country. What a narrow minded load of crap. But I guess it helps you and your readers feel better about yourselves. Yuck

  • Mr Disco

    Maggie my name is Mike Tipton. I live in Henryetta also in beautiful northeast Oklahoma. I stumbled onto your blog a couple of weeks ago and it is not on my must read list. I post on several blogs as Mr Disco (kind of gives my age away). Keep up the good work and as I nag everyone we must get involved at all levels of our government. All elections have consequenses.

    • Mr. Disco, For some reason I don’t always get a notice of the comments under left on this Contact page. So sorry for missing this. Thank you for reading and for the encouragement. We are now down to 10 months and a few days before the elections. It can’t get here quickly enough. As you said, all elections have consequences.

  • Mark DeMonbrun


    Your statement above….”I am feeling cautiously optimistic that we can begin to restore our Nation to the vision of our Founders, with a new understanding of the importance of legislating by respecting and following the U.S. Constitution.”

    Funny is this…..Me too. 🙂

  • Crocman

    Wow! What a delusional bunch of people. Wake up folks!
    Plutocracy > Democracy = America
    Get a clue!

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  • Jay

    Historically unprecedented national debt and deficits should be ample evidence that federal spending and government growth is out of control, but many remain oblivious or simply unwilling to accept the facts and their implications.

    Although virtually all federal agencies publish their organizational charts in some detail on the Internet, the information is scattered across many separate pages and even then is often discovered only if one happens to notice links leading to large organizational sub-structures.

    To better convey the size and complexity of the federal government I’ve compiled separate organizational charts into single files on a website that displays an overview of the federal government as well as selected federal agencies, each on a single page, using a tree file structure that can be expanded or collapsed in the fashion of Windows Explorer.

    Anyone taking the time to even partially expand these trees will gain a better understanding of the size of the agencies that make up our federal government.

    The website is usorgchart (dot) com. It can be accessed directly or via a link from thefrogpot (dot) com, a one page introduction based on the metaphor of the frog pot .

    I hope these web sites may help in the fight to regain the restraints on government’s size and power as originally established by our Constitution.

  • Lydia Barrett

    Wow, refreshing, informed and smart! Thank you Maggie for being vocal. I care too about our country and share your values.

  • Ed Tazelaar

    Dear Maggie: This is a letter to the editor of my local newspaper that I sent today. “Dear Editor: A project that started in Oct.2011 called the “Un-Fair Campaign” whose goal is “to raise awareness about white privilege in our community, provide resources for understanding and action, and facilitate dialogue and partnership that result in fundamental, systemic change towards racial justice. This campaign is called the Un-Fair Campaign because we feel it is unfair that some of the members of our community have privileges that are unearned just because of the color of their skin and others face barriers, discrimination and disadvantages because of the color of their skin. That’s unfair. We believe that an important part of creating a community that is equitable for all of us means looking at how those of us who are over advantaged can begin to change ourselves and the institutions and systems in our community that perpetuate white privilege.”
    Do you have white guilt? Feel over advantaged? Have too much white privilege? This group wants fundamental systemic change towards racial justice. Hmm, where have I heard that before…Obama maybe. Now the government wants us to beat ourselves up because “we is privileged”. What is next : black, brown, and yellow spray paint to equalize us. Go to http://www.unfair.com to read more. My friends we are in more trouble than I thought. A revolution is coming because that is what our one worlder President wants.



  • Karen

    Hi Maggie I’m trying to get a look at the Illinois ARDC disciplinary file on Michelle Obama’ after Blogging on HP about her forced surrender of her Law License. Democrats are howling like mad and want to see the evidence. But when I go to the IL. ARDC site it says it doesn’t have any info. What gives and I believe you said you have a copy. Is this possible. Thanks, Karen…

    • Hi Karen, sorry for the delay on this. I have a new one up, hopefully easier to understand, that posts tomorrow, Thursday September 26 at 6am. If this isn’t the info you need, let me know. It took some time for me to dig this out and make sure I understood it all again.

      If you have other info that you want publicized I’ll do all I can to help.

  • Hi Maggie,

    You have an awesome site here, really love it. I notice your from Tulsa, What is the weather like over there in the Winter?

    I am based in the UK at the moment and would love to vacate to America for a few months.


    • Hi SEO Newcastle, are you wanting info from me or a link? Your email link isn’t legit, but to answer your question, if you are asking specifically about winter in Tulsa, they are generally not too bad. To winter in the States, Tulsa won’t be the place you want to be. Beautiful city, but not vacation-land. Thanks for the nice comment about you website.

  • John Stevens

    Knowing you had such an awful time Maggie, in retrospect election night 2012 got even better!

  • those Oklahoma women all look delicious. great blog Maggie.

    • Shon, thank you and thanks so much for coming by and taking time to comment.

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  • LovinMalamutes

    Wow, I’m so overjoyed to be finding those of like minds who have their eyes and ears open. I’m beginning to think maybe there are more of us out here seeing the reality, not the ideology, than I originally thought. Been feeling powerless to stop the flames while expecting a blaze any minute. 😥🇺🇸

    • LovinMalamutes, you are definitely not alone and not powerless, but we all will be if we don’t take the Senate in November. Thank you for the visit and the very kind comment. Check-out some of my blogrolls for other like-minded bloggers.

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