This page contains various videos, articles, and links to subsequent 9/11/01 remembrances.


The Falling Man

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I’ve read the story of The Falling Man again this weekend of the Tenth remembrance of that terrible day September day in 2001. It is believed some 200 people jumped from the World Trade Towers rather than die in the furnace inside.

The photograph now known as The Falling Man was taken by world-renowned photographer, Richard Drew. The quest was around the world to identify him. Some feel they have done so. The man’s family has split, because the wife and daughters say the man is not their husband and father, but two other family members say it is. The startling thing is, this Hispanic family believes their husband and father would never jump to his death because it would be an act of suicide. The story is long and disturbing. You can read it here.

Forever Changed Video. Excellent!

Forever Changed: 9/11 Remembrance Full Version (video)

Twin Tower Movie Montage:

Twin Tower Movie Montage (video)

Only Time by Enya – Video/Audio Montage of 9/11/01



Project 2996: Robin Kaplan Remembrance – American Airlines Flight 11

Project 2996: Laurie Ann Neira Remembrance – American Airlines Flight 11

Father Mychal Judge Remembered

A Canadian Speaking Up for America

Presidential Candidate Herman Cain Sings God Bless America

Remembering and Understanding by El Marco – see incredible photography and remembrances. H/T to The Lonely Conservative

Herman Cain, God Bless America (video)

Remembering the Beirut Lebanon Marine Barracks 1983

  • I was at school when this happened. I still remember the horrible event. Let’s hope this will never be repeated.

    He will never be forgotten!


    • R.I.P to my fantastic friend and work collegue Mike.

      It was a very sad day and condolences to all.