Ten Year Blogging Anniversary – Memories and Thanks

In the excitement of the inaugural, I missed my 10-year blogging anniversary, January 17, 2017. As so many of you know, I haven’t blogged much for the last 2-1/2 years due to my son’s illness and death. He has been gone six months now and it’s still just as raw as it was the first, second and third days. Speaking of first days, do you remember Agents Ramos and Compean? Two border agents sentenced to double-digit year sentences for shooting an illegal (Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila) (hit him in the butt while he was running away). Agent Ramos came to the aid of Agent Compean who was lying on the ground bloodied. Aldrete-Davila was eventually treated in a U.S. hospital and given immunity.In January 2009, President G. W. Bush commuted the sentences of both agents. That was my first quite short post and I remember feeling such fury at the treatment of these two married with children Amercan agents.

On my five-year blogging anniversary, I posted this:

The alien, Osvaldo Aldrete Davila, received immunity (after being found with 800 pounds of “drugs,”) and was given a ticket back to the States to testify against our two agents. The alien then sued the U.S. for $5 Million. I can find nothing about how that case was resolved, but Davila was sentenced in July 2008 to 9.5 years in prison for smuggling 220 pounds of marijuana into the U.S in 2005. The incident with Agents Ramos and Compean, who were sentenced to 11 and 12 years in prison respectively, happened in February 2006. Davila, Ramos and Compean each went before the same judge and received their punishment from the same judge.

The left was hysterically on the side of the alien because…wait for it, Adrete-Davila wasn’t armed. Even two instances of bringing drugs across our border, a total of 1,500 lbs. of marijuana in two separate loads, didn’t soften the leftists position. No mercy for our Agents––but that’s been the case for longer than ten years.

If you do an online search for Ramos and Compean you will see there were some additional considerations that I won’t go into here.

Through the ten years, even with my absences, I have at least four posts that still receive readers every day. (1) Israel’s Pre-1967 War Borders, What they Mean (2)The Angst of Supporting Israel (3) Israel––Palestine Flight From Fact, Maddening Realities and Civil Rights History:Democrats Controlled Everything But Would Not Pass Civil Rights! The History The Timeline of Democrat Racism.

I can’t begin to express how grateful I am to you for reading when I write, for commenting and for coming by from time-to-time when I’m silent.

Seldom, if ever, have you seen a photo of my husband. He has wanted to remain absent but I recently talked him into a coming-out party (meant in the old-fashioned way).

Us in Cabo

Us in Cabo

You know I refer to hubby as being married to a Super Hero. A friend commented that he has a “hook” stance in this photo. I corrected him and said it’s his “hunk” stance. The photo is at least three years old. We didn’t vacation when Matt was ill. We’ve been married forty-one years now, and spent No. 40 with Matt and our daughter-in-law Linda in Los Angeles. Our dear daughters, Audrey and Renae live in Kansas City and we have GrandGirls, Chloe lives in L.A., and Katie in Kansas City.

Back to business.

Thanks also goes to Doug Ross at BadBlue who has aggregated so many of my posts for his readers. BadBlue serves-up uncensored news 24/7. Read it here. It’s one of the most important news sites on the web.  Thanks also to Woodsterman (Blogger Bad Boy) who still sends readers to my Rule 5 posts from “back in the day.” Woodsterman’s site is funny, really funny. You’ll always find a grin waiting for you, but if you’re easily offended, wait for a day when you’re over it it. Find Woodsterman Blogger Bad Boy here.

One of my biggest Rule 5 hits lately has been Ivanka Trump. I featured her in February 2011 and mentioned how almost all the photos of her feature stunning views of New York City – The Donald’s Daughter. and how her Dad was considering a presidential bid.

Rule 5 posts are about gaining a million readers. If you’re a blogger, Stacy McCain explains it here. it’s his “genius thing.”

Another thank you to Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit who has sent many readers my way and has a spectacularly exciting announcement. Read it here. So very happy for him––and it’s good news for you too, and marks a huge change in the media world.

Hoping to get my heart and my mojo back into posting. One day at a time, every day a new day.

God bless Donald Trump – You Go Mr. President and God Bless the U.S.A.

Think about the greens keepers from sea-to-shining sea who will have repair BOs divots.Exhausting to think about, huh?


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  • Guest

    So happy to have received your email with the above posting. Over the months I have clicked onto your website and looked to see if you were once again writing. Stay strong and know that all of your readers missed you.

    • Guest, I work everyday at staying strong and when I’m not feeling so strong, I know Matt is shaking his finger at me and I try to lighten up. But it’s not always easy. Thank you so very much for the encouragement.

  • Ten years? Holy cow! Congratulations! You’ve got staying power because people like to hear what you say and how you say it.
    Write when you can. We know it hasn’t been easy. Your POV is missed!

    • Hi Proof, ‘Holy Cow’ is right. I can’t believe it either. Many thanks for the kind comment. I still come by some to read your quote du jour. Hope all is well with you.

      • Hanging in there! Just FYI, the best quotes are on Saturday. (That’s when I quote myself!) Heh.

  • Good to hear an update. You were one of my early “finds” and motivated me to find my little space in the ether for a blog. Best wishes.

    • Bunkerville, so glad you did find your space in the ether. It’s an important one. I loved your “peacefully” video. So beautiful. Sending good wishes right back to you.

  • gates of vienna

    Congratulations! We hope the next 10 years flies by just as quickly. And may it be sunnier than this dark decade has been. May it be green lights all the way through this journey…

    Doug Ross’ aggregated news is invaluable, for sure.

    • gates of vienna, thank you for taking the time to stop by and for the good wishes. It has been a dark decade. I’m looking for the green lights and think I see them ahead.

  • One decade of blogging? Ten years and one heck of a milestone. I believe that I have been following you for about as long. Congratulations Maggie and thank you for the update.

    We look forward to your return when the time is right, my friend.

    God bless you, Maggie.

    • Hi Puma, you can’t be too far away from ten. Right? You are one of the hardest working bloggers I know. Thanks for coming by and hanging out occasionally. Sending blessings back to you.

  • Wow! Ten years, I’m lucky I’ve survived five. Congratulations, Maggie. You’re one of my favorites. And yes, one of the initial reasons is that you always point me to other good ones.

    Congratulations, again, I’ll be glad when it’s right for you to come back.

  • Steve Pini

    Hello Maggie!
    I was just thinking about you and had to stop by to check on you. And I’m delighted to “see” you. 10 years for ol’ Steve as well, though I have slowed down with it a lot lately. Seven with C & H and three or so with Stevex09. I have to say, you have been a dear friend and a much admired person and blogger. There was a old saying, “It’s not how long you’ve been in the cockpit, but how much flying time you’ve got.” You’ve been sorely missed and perhaps some time you’ll be ready to share your thoughts and opinions with us again. I saw where “Puma” (Denise) visited and commented. She, like you is an amazing blogger and was one of my very first friends and followers on the blogosphere.
    I pray that you and your family are blessed and know of a certainty there are a lot of folks who care about you and yours. If there’s anything you and your family might need please don’t hesitate to let me know.
    At least for now and always, Rina and I are here with our prayers for you.

  • Time may heal the wounds and dull the pain, but I’m thinking the half-life of that radioactive pain is about five years. But only if you have filled your life with love.
    You were kind in your words when I started my blog shortly after I lost my wife, sorry I couldn’t find any to give back when I read you had lost your son. Words failed me. Inadequate.
    The last year I’ve been sharing my life with a lady who lost her husband at the same time I lost my wife. We help each other.

    The blog goes on, I kept punching throughout the election, now I hope I can get back to more photography posts.

    God Bless.