Careless Clintons: Bill Clinton Lost Nuclear Codes for Months Says General Hugh Shelton

According to General Huge Shelton (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the time) Bill Clinton lost the card (known as “the biscuit” containing the nuclear codes for the nuclear football (the case with the “button”). Hillary asks:

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“Do we want his [Trump’s] finger anywhere near the button?  Source  Her husband’s finger was missing for months after he lost the codes to access the nuclear codes.


“the codes were actually missing for months. That’s a big deal — a gargantuan deal.” ~ General Hugh Shelton

You’ll remember the hue and cry that Bill Clinton’s disgrace was ONLY ABOUT SEX. The man is a serial philanderer. Could the lost card was be left behind on a nightstand somewhere? Completely possible knowing his rogue adventures that another government tried to set him up with a paramour, but hey, it was only about sex not national security.

A similar claim was made by Lt Col Robert Patterson,[all emphasis mine] a former aide, in a book published seven years ago. He was one of the men who carried the briefcase, known as the “football”, and he said that the morning after the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke that he made a routine request of the president to present the card so that he could provide an updated version.

He thought he just placed them upstairs,” Lt Col Patterson recalled. “We called upstairs, we started a search around the White House for the codes, and he finally confessed that he in fact misplaced them. He couldn’t recall when he had last seen them.“Source

The FBI did not find that Hillary had intent to destroy State Department documents, but now we know she used software, known as Bleach Bit to totally obliterate whatever she did not want found. Sounds like intent to me. What is wrong with our FBI?

Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information. ~ FBI Director James Comey FBI Press Release

Remember, Hillary was in charge of the State Department. She wasn’t the print room clerk. Whatever culture thrived there, she was in charge, responsible and sat at the head of the table, and she had an abundance of perks besides her government paycheck. She’s an abuse, just like her husband.

While not the focus of our investigation, we also developed evidence that the security culture of the State Department in general, and with respect to use of unclassified e-mail systems in particular, was generally lacking in the kind of care for classified information found elsewhere in the government.

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Can you imagine how carless she might be with the long hours required to devote to the presidency? Can Huma Abedin clean up after her fast enough? No doubt she can. She’s been doing a good job of it for a number of years now.

Can you imagine both of them back in the White House? Last time they made off with $190,000 worth of White House China, flatware and furniture before they had to ship it back. An another $86,000 in gifts that did not belong to them personally [were also taken and reportedly returned]. Remember staff pulling all the “Ws” from the computer keyboards? Way beyond careless. More like destructive and purposeful. They are destructive people, revenge seeking people, leaving a wake of misery behind them everywhere they go. Source

I have not found a definitive statement from the Parks Department that the items taken were actually received from the Presidential couple.. Her fingers will be into so many things [Your privacy, your 2nd Amendment Rights, your health care] she may not have time to remember in which pantsuit the “biscuit” is residing.

Hillary’s Missing Whitewater Documents. In 1996, a special Senate Whitewater committee released a report from the FBI demonstrating that documents sought in the Whitewater investigation had been found in the personal Clinton quarters of the White House. The First Lady’s fingerprints were on them. The documents had gone mysteriously missing for two years. Mark Fabiani, special White House counsel, immediately stated that there was no problem, according to the Times: “He added that she had testified under oath that she had nothing to do with the documents during the two years they were missing and did not know how they ended up in the family quarters.” Hillary remains the only First Lady in American history to be fingerprinted by the FBI. Those weren’t the only missing Whitewater documents later found in the Clinton White House. Rose Law billing records were found years after being sought “ in the storage area in the third-floor private residence at the White House where unsolicited gifts to the President and First Lady are stored before being sorted and catalogued.” Source

Trailer for Clinton Cash [if you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a watch – full version second video down]:

(Video) Clinton Cash 
To one of the points in the video, Hillary strongly endorsed the Iraq war.The Clinton foundation in 2013 spent only ten percent of its income on charitable grants. All that talk about the great good from this group of scammers is pitiful.

In a tweet posted last week, the Clinton Foundation claimed that 88 percent of its expenditures went “directly to [the foundation’s] life-changing work.” Source

OR you can watch the full documentary below – the information on Africa is interesting:

Full Documentary: Clinton Cash

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