Toxic Islamic Homes Spawn Islamic Terrorism Not Domestic Terrorism: Democrats appalled at Vetting Refugees

The leftists “yap” (our scholarly president’s word) about Omar Mateen being a boy who was born in New York (“as was Donald Trump, Hillary opined) and grew up in the United States. Orlando was a domestic terrorist attack they say. What’s missing is that Mateen grew up in the home of Afghan immigrants –– if you’ve read about the father, the house and environment for a young boy was toxic concerning the American way of life and values. Mateen grew up distinctly Islamic. Fifteen thousand unvetted Syrian Refugees are expected to arrive in the U.S. annually for the next five years. Islamic families average five children each, growing up in toxic homes. A dreadful reality. This is not domestic terrorism. This is terrorism born of a hate for infidels, our way of life, our country–– and adherence of their holy book, the Koran. Days after the Orlando terrorist attack,

Just this morning, I heard the FBI is still attempting to discover the motive for the killings. Don’t get me wrong. Omar Mateen, blessed with American citizenship, is to blame. I’m not making excuses for him. Just as all parents in this country are morally charged with bringing up emotionally healthy children, that moral dictum should not change due to an allegiance to the prophet Muhammad.You know, we’re talking about murder here. Multiple murders.


Obama has said Mateen was radicalized online. Really? Does he know that as a certainty? If so, does he know with certainty Mateen’s family are not radicals? The father Saddique Matteen announced his run for the Afghan presidency, and according to this site, supported the Taliban. So a boy grows up knowing his father champions the Taliban. The problem is we let these parents into the U.S. That’s a big problem. Thousands like them are here now with more coming. Limbaugh said this morning that 1 MILLION Muslims have come to the USA during Obama’s 8-year reign.

Mateen called 9ll, his wife, a radio station and posted on Facebook while he was murdering 49 people and gravely wounding many more, He declared allegiance to ISIS, and shouted Allahu Akbar  as he pulled the trigger. Yet authorities are still searching for Mateen’s motive! Mind bogglin isn’t it? Democrats oppose vetting those coming to this country from anti-American countries. That ‘s nothing short of mind-boggling to most of us. We build fences around our homes, put strong locks on our doors, always lock our car doors, install alarm systems and plan to abort violence by being aware and well-prepared. Yet, we’ve let our country fall into the hands of subversives. Congress has the power to stop this evil, but does nothing.

Obama Pen In Hand

If we believe the myriad former FBI authorities appearing on television since the Orlando attack, the abilities of the FBI have been neutered. If true, the FBI cannot keep an eye on mosques or Muslim communities, or their declarations on social media. Apparently, a member. of the Muslim community must come forward and offer information of a pending danger for the FBI to take notice. This is Obama’s legacy. Orlando is Obama’s legacy. Hillary’s legacy. What difference does it make at this point? The difference is the lives to be lost in future attacks.

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  • maryland2

    I have my issues with Trump, but he is right about a lot of things. The elites endorse illegal immigration but the illegals don’t live in their neighborhoods. The elites (congress) gave us Obamacare and then eliminated themselves and their staff from the mandates. The elites give us failing schools while enrolling their children in private schools. The elites want to take our guns while they are protected by body guards. And “Bobble-head” Clinton and her elitist friends think we are the problem.

  • Guest

    Welcome back Maggie. We missed you !

    • GUEST, thank you. Not sure how regular I’ll post. Life keeps getting in the way but I appreciate your kind words. Thanks for coming by.

  • That was my first thought too, Maggie: children learn what they live. We need to fight the Islamization of America with multiple weapons, and one of those is establishing laws against radicalization of children. It won’t stop them all, but it will catch a few. Like everything related to terrorism, it’s a game of probabilities and chance.

    Good to see you back – Xavier.

  • That Islamic Moron in that White house wants this country gone. If ANYONE can’t see he hates this country they’re utter fools!