Oscar Rodriguez: Flag Folding Speech Enraged Authorities for Mention of God

Rt. MSgt Oscar Rodriguez, Jr. was known for more than the medals he so humbly wore. Our soldiers cannot say the word God and our FBI, CIA and police cannot say the words Islamic Terrorism, or as we’ve heard today, ISIS, even when quoting from a jihadi’s own words . Authorities removed actual quotations from official documents in the aftermath of Omar Matten’s attack in Orlando and released the sham to the public. See the videos below.


During his 33 years of service, Rodriguez sacrificed greatly for our nation – including losing his business as a result of being called to active duty from the Reserve. Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) spoke of Mr. Rodriguez’s story from the Senate floor as an example of how our veterans pay a high price to serve our nation.

For many years, Rodriguez regularly performed a patriotic flag-folding speech at retirement ceremonies, and civic and patriotic events.

Master Sergeant (MSgt) Charles “Chuck” Roberson is a USAF veteran who retired on April 3, 2016 at Travis Air Force Base. A month before his retirement, Roberson saw Rodriguez perform the flag-folding speech at a friend’s retirement ceremony. Moved by the speech, Roberson personally asked Rodriguez to give the same speech at his own retirement ceremony. Rodriguez readily agreed. Read a script of the speech. Source: First Liberty

Members of MSgt Rodriiguez’s own command came to the retirement ceremony, assaulted him and removed him from the ceremony for daring to mention God in his speech. (Second video below)

“I have given more than three decades of service to the military and made many sacrifices for my country,” said Rodriguez. “To have the Air Force assault me and drag me out of a retirement ceremony simply because my speech included the word ‘God’ is something I never expected from our military.”- MSgt Rodriguez, Jr.Source: First Liberty

Watch the speech in the first video below (more at IOTW Report)

The Flag Folding Speech

The Assault
For more about Msgt Rodrieguez, visit First Liberty

  • Guest

    May God bless this patriot and give him strength to stand up to this disgraceful injustice bestowed upon him.

  • Blessed4316

    Thank-you for your service. This was a terrible injustice to have your speech stopped at the ceremony. The very definition of tyranny is the persecution of an individual for not following the ” government approved script”. Think about that for a while. Do we live in a land of free speech? Will our military be used to stop those who depart from the Government script and only the speech that it approves? I spent hours trying to get a written copy of your speech to save. I now have it. Thank-you.

  • Fixall

    This gets scarier everyday as to how far we have been invaded from within. Hopefully our own military does not turn on us.

    • Sure makes you wonder doesn’t it. I’m sure these guys didn’t want to do what they were ordered to do in this story.