Benghazi: US Military Did Not Meet Its Required Deployment Deadlines Video

Listen as we learn how our military was not scheduled for any increased security measures in the middle east on the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attack. In fact, other activities were underway on 9/11/12 Croation was in the middle of a long-planned training exercise. “Refueling tankers were based in England. Fighters in Aviano, Italy were undergoing a review and were disassembled. Fleet Anti-Terror support teams in “ROTA Spain did not have their own vehicles or air craft. Aviano would have to wait for transportation to arrive from Germany.” The timeline in the video is one of the best I’ve seen. This is Democrat governance –– Deadly incompetence on full display.

My snippet loose transcription from the video:
Shortly after 5 pm, Leon Panetta issued very clear directions to Obama: “Do everything possible to save Americans.” By 7 pm Panetta gave another very clear order: he said to “DEPLOY.” Two hours passed before Panetta’s order was received. 

It is concerning that none of the US forces ordered to deploy met their required deployment timeline. Ultimately, the Americans in Benghazi were evacuated by Libyans who got them to the airport and flew them to Tripoli. None of the US military ordered to deploy, met their deployment timelines.Special Operations forces in Croatia eventuallly landed in an intermediate staging base in Europe. Twenty-two hours after the attacks began Special Forces from the US arrived there (at the same place in southern Europe) ninety minutes later. A FAST [(Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Teams (FAST] platoon was picked up by a C-130 from Germany and arrived in TRIPOLI ON September 12th. [Not so fast] Nearly twenty-four hours after the attacks began F-16s from Aviano Italy were not deployed for multiple reasons, …

Benghazi 100

Rep. Roskam on military relief (no relief) to Benghazi

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