Judge Jeanine Pirro on Mitt Romney: The Insurrection – You Just Have to Hear It!

Jeanine Pirro is the Master of Smack Down, but this one is particularly delicious.

Jeanine Pirro

Jeanine Pirro


Judge Jeanine Pirro, Opening Statement on Mitt Romney (Video)

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  • PostLambJam

    Best comments I’ve heard concerning Mittens “mistake.” #LionPartyRising

    • PostLambJam, I agree. Does your #LionPartyRising hastag have a specific reference, or does it refer to the people fighting back? Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

  • Fixall

    She tells it like it is. But the Republicans Rather fight each other than Killary. This is exactly what the Democrats want so she will be the next Prez. They better get their act together.

    • Good morning Fixall, yes, we do have that problem. I think the fiery mindset of conservatives shows they are willing to fight for a candidate, right or wrong. We’ve been used the past two elections and people are willing to mix it up. Of the top two candidates, I believe Hillary will be cut to her knees in debates, and no matter what she says, she knows it. If the RNC doesn’t get behind our candidate, this country is lost. The establishment, old guard, career pols have created this problem. It’s time it comes crashing down.

  • cryandhowl

    Hello Maggie! Man, it’s good to “see” you. I hope all is well with you and your family.
    I listened in utter disgust to Romney’s speech the other day, posted my comments over at C & H. I have to tell you, the good judge Jeanine hit it out of the park. I’m so sick of reading the crap about Trump over at Red State and SOOPERMEXICAN. Heck, Red State banned me from commenting there, but that’s cool. It shows me all I need when it comes down to discerning who the genuine conservatives are.

    • Hi cryandhowl. It’s good to be back, but you know how things are going here on my end. I just hope it lasts awhile. “Disgust” is what I felt the minute I heard Romney was going to speak. I knew what was coming. My position is still, I support our candidate, and my first choice is Cruz, but let me tell you, when Romney eeeeked out “vote for Cruz” in (whatever state), he had bile in his throat. He would no more support Cruz than he would Trump. Pirro was right on many levels, but I hope people listened to her points about Romney and his friends losing power. That’s at the crux of it all.

      I love all you guys who fight it out on blogs. I can’t do that, but I truly appreciate what you do. I’ll be over to read.

  • ArmyAviator

    I had no idea as to the WISDOM of Judge Jeanine Piro. Her opening monologue regarding the now-famous “Mittens” speech hit the ball out of the Park! I have nothing but respect for Judge Jeanine, but now, have much CONTEMPT and DISDAIN for “Mittens” Romney. He’s a fair speaker, but is a pantywaist, milquetoast, pussymouth sorry example of a man!

    • ArmyAviator, she is one pithy talker. No doubt she was fearsome in the court room. When there is a big event happening, her Opening Statements are often the best thing on TV. Thanks much for stopping by.

      • ArmyAviator

        Now that I have found your “corner,” you can expect me to be a regular reader and contributor. Thanks Maggie!

  • Mike Bromley

    Ignore The Bern at your peril, America. No, I don’t support him.

    • bg9g1

      what i get a kick out of is the fact that they call
      Bernie a “socialist”, and albeit true.. then what
      the heck does that make Hillary?

      edited to add:

      Hillary is to the left of Bernie, and there’s not much farther to the
      left one could go, well, except perhaps a progressive, which as is
      Socialism, Naziism, only a tad deeper (don’t believe she ever marched with or for Blacks anywhere, ever, has she?)

    • Mike Bromley, you’ll find almost zero readers/commenters here supporting either Democrat candidate.

    • ArmyAviator

      Yeah Yeah. But, the Democrats have the system RIGGED in favor of Old Granny. No matter what the PEOPLE want, Old Granny is going to get the nomination. The “Fix” is in on her FBI criminal case as well. There will be no indictment, no, not even a slap on the wrist! If anything there will be an admonishment of Old Granny and ALL of her traitorous and criminal crew!

  • bg9g1

    Thank You for sharing!

    if true, a conventional
    bloodbath might ensue..

    • Hi bg9g1, I don’t have a crystal ball, but I don’t Romney will get in the race. His Damnation of Trump speech publicly put him right where we all knew he lived in the political world. He spoke the words, and I don’t think will recover, politically. Just my opinion.

      • bg9g1

        hi 🙂


        Pro-Amnesty Pundits Pine for
        ‘Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio Moment’

        that’s why there’s a back up plan, if Romney fails, there’s always Ryan/Rubio, which is why he’s hell bent on staying in and WINNING FLORIDA as he loses loses loses everything except one state so far.. not to mention Jeb’s “i’m going to win after i lose” comment that’s quite puzzling, well, not really, i mean, we’ve heard similar contradicting statements from Congressional politicians.for like, forever.. aah, whatever the truth is, something smells real bad, and it’s not Donald Trump.. btw, Cruz is a liar, i have tons of proof to back that up, ie: McConnell lawyer heads his pro-Cruz anti-Trump PAC and big corporate donors .. i call him the Manchurian candidates Manchurian candidate.. can’t believe i was so gung ho for him at the start.. oh well, even old dogs like me make new mistakes.. 🙂

        later.. and/but, i hope & pray you’re right..

      • ArmyAviator

        “Mittens” once again, PROVED to all, that he is a pantywaist and a milquetoast. Better suited for Romper Room, than hardball politics! He has the contempt of a majority of CONSERVATIVES, while remaining the “darling” of the GOPe!

  • Xavier

    I love Judge Jeanine, and she’s right on target here. I expect Romney to take Rubio’s slot before the attempted open convention. Good to see you back, Maggie, and I hope all is well.

    • Hi Xavier, you may be right. It’s a crazy year and I guess crazy includes a prior, loose-mouthed loser entering the race isn’t out of the question. Our family is still in the fight. When I have to be away, I’ll always come back –– eventually blogging is always my catharsis. Thanks so much for sticking with me. Love your comments.

  • maryland2

    I love Ted Cruz, but if it’s Trump I’ll support him with enthusiasm. In which case, I have a suggestion for Trump. At the debate, just refuse to answer any questions until Hillary answers question about Benghazi; gun running, where Obama was that night, why she disregarded Chris Stevens emails for more tactical support, her email server and The Clinton Foundation. Maybe he could ask her how does a Senator makes hundreds of millions of dollars? What qualifications her daughter had to make $600k(?) on NBC? Or maybe after every question directed at Trump he could just answer “What difference does it make?” That should be a short debate.

    • maryland2, brilliant –– love your questions. I will support our candidate, prefer Cruz but am dubious that he can beat Hillary, because the establishment will do anything & everything to eradicate his candidacy. Romney calling for votes for anyone but Trump is a red herring. They hate Cruz more than they do Trump and that worries me.

    • maryland2, brilliant –– love your questions. I will support our candidate, prefer Cruz but am dubious that he can beat Hillary, because the establishment will do anything & everything to eradicate his candidacy. Romney calling for votes for anyone but Trump is a red herring. They hate Cruz more than they do Trump and that worries me. (By the way, I replied yesterday. It shows on the backside of my dashboard, but not here. Weird.)

  • Marshall Kilman

    My message to Mr. Romney is: how dare you attempt to dictate to me (John Q Public) who I can vote for? One thing I know is the American people do not like someone telling us who we can vote for…we make our own individual decisions. Your image and reputation from my perspective is damaged, I hold you in contempt and scorn your negativity and you can tell the rest of your elite friends their days are numbered.

    • Marshall Kilman, great answer. Thanks for stopping by and chiming in.

  • American Remnant

    And when Mittens gets no traction it’ll be John McCain next at bat.