GOP Debates – Common Core: It’s the Money, the Worldview, the Textbooks

Have you noticed how the conversation goes when GOP candidates talk about Common Core? No need to spend time gathering candidate’s comments because they don’t go far beyond, ‘it’s a disaster,’ ‘Common Core will be gone if I’m elected,’ ‘we’ll send education back to the states.’ Nothing much wrong with that but it leaves out a hell of a lot that should be said. If you’ve paid attention, you know there has been little to talk about the textbooks, the content of those textbooks, or the part Bill Gates and Microsoft plays in infiltrating our children’s worldview. How are textbook chosen? Who publishes our textbooks?

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Read carefully the bottom three (four, five and six) above.The graphic above is allegedly a Common Core homework assignment for 3rd grade grammar produced by Pearson Educators. Never let an opportunity go to waste, even in grammar class, to tell children we must obey government officials and that the nation’s needs are more important than an individuals. Throughout our history, it has been individuals who achieved and produced. The government produces nothing.

Billions of dollars are at stake. The ‘designers’ and ‘producers’  of Common Core materials are counting on your child’s brain being available to soak up their propaganda. It’s the “fundamental transformation of America” Barack Obama has boasted of, and acted upon, over and over for eight years.

Until the creation of Common Core, businesses have found breaking into the K-12 market very difficult. States have historically written their own curriculums and standards, buying suitable materials and textbooks as they saw fit. Creating content that was accessible to multiple states was difficult and being able to approach the districts within their tiny budget window was nearly impossible. The nuanced field of state, local and federal funding and regulations that companies are forced to navigate takes years to master and states were the ones controlling the checkbook.

From a business point of view, why go to them when you can make them come to you? Many of the people who financially aided the creation of Common Core have investments in place in companies that would do quite well with the standards implementation. By using financial clout and political connections, billionaires, not teachers, were able to influence the landscape of our education system…

Given the growing emphasis on technology in the classroom plus Silicon Valley’s affinity for gadgets, there are dozens of start-ups trying to cash in on the new market. Rupert Murdoch’s company Amplify has created its own tablet and Common Core-aligned games. According to CNBC, the amount of venture capital invested in education start-ups quadrupled, from $154 million in 2003 to $630 million in 2012… Read more

CSCOPE Texas, a part of the Common Core web

CSCOPE Texas, a part of the Common Core web

How many parents, how many in GOP leadership understand it’s all about the money and about changing the view of American history? How many Common Core investors share your values and views of America? How many were invited to the Obama White House for state dinners or an evening with Jay-Z and Beyonce, and an after-dinner cognac and chat with the president to stress the need for social justice in education. Social Justice is the backbone of Common Core. The train wreck won’t take long — just long enough to derail your child’s learning. A few years down the road, when parents begin to pay attention, the moneymen move on to more profitable ventures, and we’ll remember that we were warned Common Core was never field-tested.

What if a textbook teaches the following about the Bill of Rights:

“The Government of the United States is currently revisiting The Bill of Rights. They have determined that it is outdated and may not remain in its current form any longer.”

Actually, the statement is not a statement of fact, but an introduction to a proposed lesson asking the students to “prioritize, revise, prune two and add two amendments to The Bill of Rights.” Read more here and notice the Second Amendment discussion.

Should your child’s years in school be part of paying back the “education debt,” “education equity,” “social justice?” It is imperative to understand that Common Core is a business venture, and on the way to the bank, it is likely the Progressive agenda will be promoted and realized. Only pieces of study materials have been revealed, so you’ll have to put the slide show together yourself, and you won’t be able to keep up, because change means cha-ching. Your school district will be left with the bill.

Common Core exists because of Bill and Melinda Gates, their extraordinarily liberal worldview, wealth and the opportunity to get Microsoft learning products into every school –– the opportunity to write the software that schools your child.

David Coleman is behind the “English” studies in Common Core. In his world, non-fiction reading is rightly a priority. Take a moment to think about what “non-fiction” your child will read once Common Core cannot be quashed. You are unlikely to find history as you know it to be true. You may find everything written by Barack Obama before and after his presidency, the United Nations plan for globalization and open borders, the selected works of Mao Tse-Tung, and the memorization of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. We don’t know, do we? We can’t trust, can we? Your local board of education and your Parent-Teacher organization, is non-existent under Common Core.

Globalization of your child’s mind: I have found one source that connects Common Core Initiative Standards (CCIS) to “Connect All Schools,” and that is on the “Connect All Schools” website page titled One World Education (OWE). Second, our Department of Defense (DOD) has partnered with the Connect All Schools program. Connect All Schools is connected to Vartan Gregorian. Gregorian is connected to Barack Obama in numerous ways, including as a member of the White House Fellowship Commission. Gregorian was born in Tabriz, Iran to Armenian parents. He came to the U.S. in 1956 to study at Stanford. He became a naturalized American citizen in about 1979. He graduated Stanford University, is currently the president of Carnegie Corporation and is a former president of Brown University in Rhode Island. Pertinent to this article is his seat on the board of The Qatar Foundation International (QFI). More here – A Wahhabi State Skypes with Your Children.

The denuding of Common Core takes far more effort than a president declaring it a disaster, and a state rejecting it. Power to the states, absolutely, but we can beat back Common Core without parents examining textbooks, lessons and testing methods.

Trump, Cruz and Rubio should get busy explaining exactly what Common Core is and who and what is behind it. If you are close to one of the campaigns, encourage your candidate to get current on Common Core. We need more than “I’ll send education back to the states”

Doug Ross’ daily round-up is featuring Common Core and our candidates today.  See my Common Core Database here.

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  • marlene

    SPOT ON! Commenters, please read:
    “Ted Cruz, Common Core, Homeschooling and His Proposed S-306 Bill” Anita Hoge; and
    “Cruz’s Unethical Profiling of Americans” and
    “The Lies of Romney, Megyn Kelly and Ted Cruz” Kelleigh Nelson.

  • Marlene

    I am a different Marlene than the one below.
    Actually I did hear Ted Cruz’s father talk about Common Core and he talked about John Dewey, as well as the social engineering Soviet style. I remember thinking wow, the man knows what he is talking about. So Cruz’s dad gets it, I know that.
    Also Maggie have you read Credentialed to Destroy: How and Why Education Became a Weapon by Robin Eubanks? I have a few copies and would be happy to send you one. The research is phenomenal. She has read books from the 30’s – the 90’s, including books that had been translated from Russian to English, books that the architects and masterminds of public education used (and still use) to create a specific type of citizen.
    I highly recommend it, it will stun you how diabolical these people are.
    She also has a blog (not for the weak minded) called You will not get the kind of information anywhere else nor will you encounter someone as brilliant as Robin Eubanks.

    • Another Marlene, I have not read Eubanks book, nor did I know about it. Thank you for your kind offer to send one, but I have just purchased it from Amazon. I cannot promise to probe deeply, as my son is ill and life has changed for me. Blogging is no longer the first thing on my mind when I awake each morning. I wrote about Common Core until I nearly became sick of it. I have no children nor grandchildren in classrooms. The Timeline I put together would turn anyone’s stomach who cares about our children. I believe, as I said in the article above, it’s a lost cause. No one is going to get “rid” of CC by passing a law. This will take educators who understand the threat and go to war to defeat it. Educators who know the materials coming into the classroom and who are strong enough to weed-out the teachers who work diligently to propagandize our children for their own social gain, tenure and welfare.

      Since I bought the book, I won’t have to feel too guilty if I don’t do the research full justice. The reviews were strong. I look forward to reading. Thanks so much for coming by and joining the conversation.