French Jews Fleeing to Israel: The Oh-Noes Moment – French to be Left the Only Target for Muslim Radicals

Anyone with a Jewish grandparent can immigrate to Israel with free airfare, full citizenship and other benefits to help start a new life, and the Israeli government are courting French Jews, and a fair exodus is underway.

Jews have again been murdered on European soil. We are preparing for the absorption of mass immigration from Europe, and we call on the absorption of mass immigration from Europe. ~ Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister

A young female reporter, I assume in Israel for VICE News, interviews Natan Sharansky, Chairman of the Jewish Agency. While she is quite polite, she hasn’t lived enough, or studied documented history enough. By the questions she asks, it’s impossible to believe she understands Jewish history. Later in the video, I detect (just my opinion) that the Palestinians in France have an equally tragic history.

The video intro below, is worth viewing. I have skipped to the interview.

The following is from the conversation between the reporter and Sharansky:

REPORTER: We wanted to investigate these reports of an “exodus” and Israel’s part in it.

There are a lot of reports now that there is going to be some sort exodus of Jewish people …

Natan Sharansky

Natan Sharansky

SHARANSKY: It is happening. More than 2,000 people came these last two weeks, and the speed keeps growing. This year we will have more than 30,000 new immigrants coming to Israel. It’s the record of the last twelve years.

REPORTER: Do you realize how crazy, in a way, that sounds to an outside person’s perspective, to leave a place like Paris because it’s unsafe enough to move to Israel?

SHARANSKY: France has good laws against anti-Semitism, but it’s not about laws and it’s not about physical protection. It’s about whether you can feel comfortable and secure at home, and they find out they feel themselves much more at home when they come to Israel.

The video takes you to an “absorption center” where newcomers to Israel can live and study Hebrew for their first six months free. Sharansky and the reporter enter a classroom (perhaps all Russian students). Sharansky asks the students why they have come to Israel. A young woman says ‘we have no protections from the government, as we do here. Yes, we have war here but everyone is under protection. We have shelters, an Army person who will save you from the situation.’

REPORTER: Is Israel actively planning to relocate” hundreds of thousands  of Jewish people to Israel from Europe?

SHARANSKY: At this moment we are discussing plans for the next 50,000 French Jews moving to Israel. It can easily happen in the next five, or maybe, three years.

REPORTER [Clueless]: What’s going on in Europe that’s pushing people to Israel?

Ashdod, Israel

Ashdod, Israel

SHARANSKY: The anti-Semitism of the new population of Europe is very strong, and sometimes it goes to the extreme with terrorist activities.

REPORTER:  What do you mean about the new population of Europe?

SHARANSKY: The new anti-Semitism is the anti-Semitism that was brought by millions of new citizens of Europe who came from the Middle East.

REPORTER: “Muslims?”

SHARANSKY: Well, Muslims. I try to be politically correct, and of course, the overwhelming majority of Muslims are loyal citizens, but anti-Semitic prejudices are very strong. I believe this century will be last century Jews will live in Europe, and Jews have been living in Europe for more than 2,000 years.

REPORTER: Some would say your predictions are exaggerated.

SHARANSKY: I hope that I’m wrong, and when I say that it can be the last century, I say it as a tragedy, not as a triumph. If they have to leave Europe, I want them to come to  Israel

REPORTER (or another female voice): It is true that there have been high-profile anti-Semitic incidents in France. In the summer of 2014, in another round of fighting between Gaza and Israel, several anti-Israel campaigns turned into mobs. In the suburbs of Paris, pro-Palestinian demonstrators attacked Jewish-owned businesses and surrounded a synagogue. But some of those pushing for an exodus believe Israel is grossly exaggerating the dangers of Europe.


FLASHBACK: Less than one year ago, near Lyon, a French Muslim decapitated his boss, hung the head on a fence post and hoisted an ISIS flag. We needn’t go into the other, numerous outrageous Islamic attacks against Jews, and well … just people, like you and me, in France.

There are others speaking in the video. I detect the ‘oh noes’ moment of France, with the third largest population of Jews in the world, recognizing a great economic loss hurtling at them when they lose the contributions of industrious Jews have fled to the only democracy in the Middle East.

Who will Muslims attack when Jews have moved on? Charlie Hebdo is still thriving in France, so there’s that, but every true-blooded Frenchman (if there is such a thing) is an infidel, so there’s that, too.

The video below is Part one of three (two yet to be released) produced by VICE News (read more).


Flight to the Holy Land: Europe’s Jewish Exodus – Part 1 (video)

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