Bryan Pagliano: No Proffer but Immunity? Is This How DOJ Gets Hillary Out Of Her Mess?

Bryan Pagliano, the State Department staffer who set up Hillary’s private server, declined a “proffer” in September 2015. Assuming he has not given the DOJ a written proffer, is it possible pertinent questions will be ignored? Who would know if he went before whomever at the DOJ and shared tea and shortbread cookies? Pagliano’s not going to tell. Do we really think this Department of Justice is interested in the truth? How naïve can we be after all these years?

Hillary Clinton with Bryan Pagliano and his Wife

Hillary Clinton with Bryan Pagliano and his Wife

Bill Clinton with Bryan Pagliano and his Wife.

Bill Clinton with Bryan Pagliano and his Wife.

If the FBI recommends indictment, what’s a corrupt Department of Justice to do? This particular DOJ doesn’t flinched at the raised eyebrows or fists of Americans like us, but in an election year, when the prospective indictee is running for president, it’s asking for unneeded trouble to do nothing. Perhaps Loretta Lynch doesn’t have the iron stomach of her predecessor, Eric Holder. Perhaps she really wants a seat on the Supreme Court.

If Bryan Pagliano simply set up the server(s) and testifies he heard no evil, saw no evil, he cannot speak evil of Hillary. Convenient. Smells like the long, rotten, sulphurous, gagging and sad death of the rule of law we’ve been inhaling for eight years.

Can it be a more perfect way to get Hillary’s server and email mess behind her as she sails to the Democratic nomination? And who is to question it? The FBI? I don’t think so. They can recommend indictment, and nothing more (unless someone wants to talk, and if they did … ).

Remember when Rep. Trey Gowdy denied Lois Lerner immunity without a proffer, a written statement of what information she would give to the Committee? She refused. So, no proffer. No immunity. No punishment. No justice. Lerner faded away with her benefits. A fly on the wall tells me she snickers about it at breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time.

No, I’m not an attorney. I welcome any correction from someone who knows. Anything other than ‘the Department of Justice would never do such a thing’ will be taken seriously and with respect.

In the meantime, we are out here thinking, ‘ah, they’ve got her now.’ Don’t count on it.

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  • Fixall

    People seem to forget how the WH was run when Mr. Bill was Prez. Short memories of the American people. Their mindset is “we need a woman President,no matter her credentials” Wake up people!

    • Fixall, I remember how it was run. How is it possible Monica Lewinsky walked down a HALLWAY in the West Wing, and flipped her thong undies with Clinton watching???? I remember how WH staff under Clinton destroyed computers and took china. Hillary wasn’t beloved then. Isn’t now. As you said, it doesn’t matter.

  • ArmyAviator

    There is no doubt, that the “Fix” is in for Old Granny Clinton! Hey, the rubes out there in “flyover” country don’t even know who Washington DC was named after, so who cares…right?

    • ArmyAviator, I’ve never thought she would be brought to justice in any way, shape for form. She is personally repugnant to many who will vote for her, but she will give them “things” and nothing else matters.

      • ArmyAviator

        Hi Maggie: When it become known, however, that Old Granny once again slipped the bonds of justice, the “rubes” are going to raise hell. However, the Liberal Socialist Democrat rubes will vote for the crook anyway. It’s awfully hard, to run a campaign against Santa Claus!