Taxpayers Hand Over Billions For Cost of Refugees to Intl Org for Migration – Website Touting COP21 Summit in Paris

Have you wondered how the many refugees get to North America? Who flies them here? Who pays for it? Who decides who comes and who doesn’t. This answer might surprise you. See it below. In Canada, the government set up separate terminals. On arrival, the refugees are given food and water, and are processed in about three to four hours. That’s “three to four hours” to complete “a lot of paperwork.” The refugees began their journey from the Marka Airport in Amman Jordan. So far, haven’t found the arrival point in the U.S.

Click to visit Creeping Sharia

Click to visit Creeping Sharia

At the airport, individuals who pass the checks will become permanent residents of Canada. All will then continue on to a welcome centre. In Toronto, that will be at the airport. In Montreal, it will require a short bus ride.

The facilities include food, water, a play area for children and prayer rooms. People will receive winter clothing and get a Social Insurance Number. They’ll then be taken to a local hotel for an overnight stay and a meal before beginning the next step. . . .

The Immigration Department says government-assisted refugees [those not privately-sponsored] will be transported to their destination communities over time. If those communities aren’t ready for them, Syrians will be accommodated in what are being called “interim lodging sites.”

Six sites have been identified at Canadian Forces Bases Kingston, Valcartier, Meaford, Petawawa, Trenton and Borden. Source: CBC

What I didn’t realize and think many do not realize is that the United Nations does the ‘picking.’ The UN is the ‘decider.’

In recent years up to 95% of the refugees coming to the U.S. were referred by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) or were the relatives of UN-picked refugees.  Until the late 90’s the U.S. picked the large majority of refugees for resettlement in the U.S.

Considering that the refugee influx causes increases in all legal and illegal immigration as family and social networks are established in the U.S., the U.N. is effectively dictating much of U.S. immigration policy. Source: Refugee Resettlement 

Maybe that doesn’t bother you? Look at this stat from 2013:

The state of Delaware [Joe Biden’s state of residence] has resettled less than 10 refugees annually in recent years even though then Sen. Joe Biden was a sponsor of the 1980 Refugee Act – the bill which defines the refugee program we have today.

Upon entry, a network of private, “nonprofit” agencies (so-called “voluntary agencies”) selects the communities where refugees will live. The agencies are either headquartered in Washington DC or have lobbying offices there.

Washington DC took less than 200 refugees between 2007 and 2012.

In September 2015, Business Insider said the first 18,000 Syrians had been “chosen” for U.S. resettlement. The process takes eighteen to twenty-four months, and US State Department NGO contractors (Non-Governmental Officials) fly from Washington, D.C. to the camps where the 18,000 are waiting. This will make you feel so much better:

Officers from the Department of Homeland Security fly from Washington to the camps and conduct interviews with candidates, seeking to weed out what a US official called “liars, criminals and terrorists.”

The BI article reports the US spent $1.1 billion in 2014 to resettle 70,000 people from around the world, but did not have an estimate for the screening processing costs for Syrians.

The State Department doesn’t keep records indicating the reason for resettlement. Convenient for propaganda purposes.

The Obama administration has placed a priority on LGBTQI asylum seekers and refugees. This has resulted in an upsurge of asylum requests on this basis – even from countries like England! Since the State Department does not keep data about numbers admitted by reason for admission, we can’t obtain exact numbers of those admitted on the basis of LBGTQI persecution, but one private refugee agency has set up an office in Nairobi, Kenya to assist intending LBGTQI refugees.

Off-topic: Do you know what the acronym LBGTQI stands for? I didn’t. LBGT, yes, but LBGTQI? I looked it up: Lesbion, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender, Queer, Intersex. Intersex: is “a general term used for a variety of conditions in which a person is born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t seem to fit the typical definitions of female or male . . ..” Muslims, of course, hate the parts of LBGTQIs.

Have you ever heard a Liberal say a negative word about Islam based on their hate for, and treatment of, homosexuals? I haven’t, just as I’ve never heard a negative word from feminists about the treatment of women in these countries.

The program has gradually shifted towards the resettlement of refugees from Muslim countries. Some individuals from Muslim countries are Christians or other minorities, but most are Muslims. In the early 90’s the percentage of Muslim refugees was near 0; by 2000 the program was 44% Muslim. The Muslim component decreased after 911, but today is back up to about 40% and is set to rise from here.

Membership in a U.S.-registered Islamic terrorist group is not a bar to entry on the program as long as the refugee was not a “direct participant” in “terrorist” activity. Source: Refugee Resettlement – so much excellent information here. Please visit and read it all. Prepare to be horrified.

The International Organization for Migration gets your money and mine:

Not all of the millions of refugees who have resettled in the United States over the past several decades can afford the cost of travel to their new home country.

For the past 60 years, the U.S. has offered all refugees interest-free loans to cover the cost of their travel, but what exactly does this loan program entail? And how much, on average, do refugees have to pay back to the government?

Before refugees arrive in the U.S., they have already been through the most stringent background checks of any group entering the country. Prior to boarding a plane, they must sign a promissory note agreeing to repay the cost of their airfare to the U.S. government if they did not personally pay for their ticket. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) covers the cost of U.S.-bound tickets with funding provided by the State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration. The loan money repaid to the U.S. government is invested back into the U.S. refugee program, according to the State Department. Source: Newsweek (see some estimates of cost here)

This means we, the taxpayers, hand over funds to “The International Organization for Migration” (IOM). Visit the website. You’ll see among the slideshow banner the words “Human Mobility at COP21” (Obama’s Climate Summit in Paris a couple of weeks ago).

The article above states that taking on debt is a lot to ask of those fleeing war zones. What is not said is with few exceptions, those fleeing are Muslims, and they are fleeing the Islamic ideology that targets them. Wouldn’t you think they’d flee that ideology when they arrive in a safe place. Yeah, I would, but they don’t. They just don’t. Rather, they help it brew here on our shores. Funding mosques, raising their children to obey the prophet, who, by the way, isn’t a god, and certainly isn’t God. Just a prophet. All this ruination, torture and loss of life over a “prophet.”

So who picks up the loans, most of which are not repaid? You do, of course.

I agree that we must be very careful about who is permitted to enter the United States, but I object to the president’s plan for a very different reason. I think it is a sign of Washington’s moral and intellectual bankruptcy that US citizens are being forced to pay for those fleeing Washington’s foreign policy.

For the past ten years the US government has been planning and executing a regime change operation against the Syrian government. It is this policy that has produced the chaos in Syria, including the rise of ISIS and al-Qaeda in the country. After a decade of US destabilization efforts, we are now told that Syria is totally destabilized and we therefore must take in thousands of Syrians fleeing the destabilization that Washington caused.

Has there ever been a more foolish and wrong-headed foreign policy than this?

The American people have been forced to pay untold millions for a ten-year CIA and Pentagon program to undermine and overthrow the Syrian government, and now we are supposed to pay millions more to provide welfare for the refugees Obama created.

Who should pay for the millions fleeing the chaos that Washington helped create? How about the military-industrial complex, which makes a killing promoting killing? How about the Beltway neocon think-tanks that continue to churn out pro-war propaganda while receiving huge grants from defense contractors? How about President Obama’s national security advisors, who push him into one regime change disaster after another? How about Hillary Clinton, who came up with the bright idea that “Assad must go”? How about President Obama himself, a president elected to end wars, but who has ended up starting more wars than his predecessor? It’s time those who start the wars start paying for the disasters they create. Then perhaps we might have some relief from an interventionist foreign policy that is destroying our financial and national security. Source: ZeroHedge

In November 2015, Senator Jeff Sessions said the Syrian refugee plan will cost $55 BILLION. Double it, then triple it and cross your fingers.

I don’t hate these people. I hate it that anyone must live in places where dictators have no respect for the lives of others. I also hate it that it often rubs off on the people. No respect for the West. Nothing said about the evil done in the name of “allah.” We must face the fact that those fleeing Islam bring it with them. They birth multiple babies, and as we’ve seen, those younger generations have a tendency toward radicalism. They are disenfranchised, don’t you know, but we don’t disenfranchise them. The way they are brought up puts them in uncomfortable positions in the free world. It’s simply the truth.  Read about “Linda,” an ungrateful Syrian refugee in Baltimore, whose husband now has a job and her daughter earphones and a cell phone.

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