Syrian Refugee Feels Anti-Muslim Sentiment in US: The Saga of Linda

Syrian refugee “Linda” lost her only boy child of her six children in a bombing in Damascus. She, her husband and five daughters fled to Lebanon. It was tough there: UN food stamps and the stress of applying for asylum in the U.S.

Photo courtesy of ABC News

Photo courtesy of ABC News

Sitting at a picnic table, watching her daughters run around in the playground of a mosque in Baltimore, she said the process was complicated.

“What can I tell you? They asked questions about your whole life since birth — what did you do?” she said.

“Not only you — about your relatives, about your parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, all of your family, the whole family history.”

Linda and her family arrived in Baltimore in late 2014, among a handful of Syrian refugees to settle in the US city in the past few years.

Her husband works as a delivery driver, her five daughters are in school and, for the first time in her life, Linda has learned how to drive.

“Of course I’m happy,” she said, looking at her eldest daughter, 16-year-old Faiyza sitting next to her listening to music on her phone through headphones.

While Linda has found friends at the local mosque who have helped her navigate her new life, America does not yet feel like the perfect home.

“Half of the society is okay in welcoming us, the other half is not,” she said. Source: ABC

“Linda” should meet the parents of Martin Richard, the eight-year-old boy torn to pieces by the bomb Boston Bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, set down, almost right next to him. Martin Richard was ‘chosen.’ She should talk to the 3,060 children orphaned in the September 11, 2001 attacks (not including those losing a parent of a first responder who died of attack-related diseases). The Tsarnaev’s were living the American dream as they plotted and committed their jihad as persons suffering from political persecution in their Muslim homeland.

“Linda,” finds some solace in the Baltimore mosque, while the rest of us find no solace. Do we care that “Linda” and all other “peaceful” (and ungrateful) Muslims who intentionally come here, insist the theocracy they choose to live under is peaceful? No, we do not. We’d like too. We’ve tried, but frankly, we have Americans feeling desperate and hurting from sea to shining sea because of the upbringing of Middle Easterners.

The devastation in Syria is surely awful, but we know “awful,” too. Of the 9/11/01 attacks, of 3,996 dead, only 291 bodies were found intact. Fewer than 1,600 victims were positively identified. TWENTY THOUSAND PIECES of souls were found. SIX THOUSAND pieces of human souls were small enough to fit in test-tubes. Only two hundred pieces matched to a single person. TEN THOUSAND unidentified pieces frozen for later analysis.

So, a message to “Linda:” The problem is what you call your “religion.” As much as you wish it to be, it is not peaceful, and truthfully, it isn’t even a religion. We can’t trust you because we don’t know that you want to assimilate, to become an American. Are you grateful that someone gave your husband a job? Would have been so nice to hear that in the interview you gave ABC. You said, “Of course I’m happy.” What a pitiful response, and pitiful that the interviewer had to ask. Will your mosque let you live the American dream? You know, some mosques grow terrorists. We will give your family, and terrorists, food stamps, free education including college, and medical care because we have no choice, but “Linda,” we don’t know you. We don’t know if you have, or want, a spirit of good will toward this country. Seems maybe you do not.

Linked at Badblue – Uncensored news 24/7, read it here and be amazed at what the MSM misses.
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  • Gary

    Give up your satan worshiping “religion,” and you might find more acceptance.

    • Gary, this has been my rebutt. Give it up if you want to live in peace and freedom. It cannot happen under Islam.

  • ahva

    The more they whine and cry the Harder they need looked at. The “hug a Muslim” dude. Arrested for terrorism. The “no fly” Muslim .. part of ISIS… The more they whine the closer we need to look. I feel Linda isn’t telling us everything now. Had she just understood safety issues and cooperated … But Now? She needs put under the REAL microscope.

    • leewacker

      When they start saying how ‘nice” they are, how much they ‘like’ it here, one should get suspicious! Wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t have a knife under that hijab somewhere! They are ALL bad, and must be eliminated from our country–one way or another!

  • leewacker

    Lady, if you don’t like what you have found here, leave! The road runs both ways, and it would be to your advantage to be on it! We’re sick and tired of garbage like you invading our country—the lifeboat is overloaded, and is slowly sinking—because of people like YOU!

  • Bert Dirt

    in order to stop the needless , whining please throw yourself under a bus, thank you…….much better.

  • Jimini’s Cricket

    Good article and great points addressed to Linda. One thing that should be noted that should have been conveyed… Note to Linda: if the situation were reversed, Dear Linda, and we were coming to your country, how would we strangers be accepted there, especially those of us who are Christian? You could potentially say that ‘you’ would welcome us with open arms, but you know on many levels there would be an element of your ‘society’ that would not, better stated, NO tolerance in your native land what so ever. There is NO country like the United States of America and there never will be. What many Americans are coming to realize and beginning to resent are people like you who are not accepting as you feign, and accepting to melt into the fabric of this country like you should be as a new American, if you so choose to stay. If you can, ‘forgive’ those of us who have a really hard time believing you.

    • Jimini’s Cricket, at some point the issue of infidels being unwelcomed in the Middle East crossed my mind, but I lost it along the way. It’s exactly true. These people are inherently , historically whiny. I am so totally over being sympathetic. Thanks for stopping by.