Saudi Prince Alwaleed Wears Bandolier as Democrats Cry for Gun Control – Prince Offended at Ban on Muslims

One of the richest men in the world proudly straps his ammo to his chest. I think you’d call this Open Carry. You may remember New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani returning Alwaleed’s $10 MILLION check shortly after September 11, 2001. The Prince blamed U.S. policies in the Middle East for bringing down the World Trade Towers, much of the Pentagon and United Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Another Alwaleed story below the photo.

Saudi Prince Alwaleed

Saudi Prince Alwaleed

The other story is the Twitter battle Alwaleed bin Talal is in with Trump and Ann Coulter. The Prince has called for Trump to step out of the presidential race. Never mind that he’s a Saudi and doesn’t get a vote (or who knows, maybe he does). Trump called him a “dopey Prince,” and said he won’t buy our politicians if he’s elected in 2016. The Prince is offended at the talk of a ban on Muslims, but not the constant call for disarming Americans. That would be just too delicious. He spends a lot of time in the U.S. and hob nobs with every high-profile personage he can get next to for a photo-op. Read the tweets at Breitbart.

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  • Still Capnjoe

    Giuliani sent the check back…..

    Makes a body wonder if Alwaleed isn’t one of the high profile names mentioned in the redacted 28 pages of the 9/11 probe conducted by Congress.

    • Still Capnjoe, absolutely and what a disgrace that we’ll never know. The whole report should be out there and we’d know just what oil shenanigans we’re involved in, that tie to the terrorists funders.

      • Still Capnjoe

        Its’ well understood that the Saudi’s funded 9/11, and still continue to fund jihadist here in America.

        Oil and slick politicians,,, two very slippery subjects.
        The best way to deal with that is kitty litter.

        • Still Capnjoe, good thinking 🙂