Religious Volunteers Receive 25 Percent of Government Loans Repaid from Refugees: Calls for Another 90,000 to US

The U.S. Government provides the Billions needed to bring refugees to the United States. The Billions go to the “International Organization for Migration” (IMO). The IMO purchases airfares and takes care of other necessary expenses for each refugee coming here. The State Department reimburses, or deposits the funding once the details of the arrival are available. In addition are the “Refugee Contractors,” also known as “volunteers,” or specifically as Volunteer Agencies (VOLAGs). The rules are that the refugee must sign a promissory note and pay back the loan. If the loan is paid back, twenty-five percent goes to the “Religious” volunteers. Lutherans are calling for another 90,000 refugees to collect from, but there are no calls for bringing Middle Eastern Christians to safety first –– in fact these “religious” organizations are pushing back hard against the idea (more below). Like the kitchen sink, I’m throwing a lot in.

VOLAG Revenue

VOLAG Revenue – Click the Graphic for more


Under the agreement, refugees have to agree to pay back the loan within 42 months (three and a half years), and the average monthly payment is $85, says the State Department. The average loan amount for each refugee is $1,200, and the average number of people in a refugee family is 2.1, making the average loan note for U.S.-bound refugees $2,500.

Newsweek visited a recently resettled Syrian refugee family of four in south Florida earlier this year, and its travel cost was $2,174. Walid, a father of two young daughters, told Newsweek he had “no choice but to agree to it because that’s the only way I could get a flight over here.”

Since the implementation of the Refugee Act in 1980, more than $876 million in refugee loan repayments has been sent to the U.S. government, according to the State Department. Source: Newsweek, December 2015

Someone has to collect those loans, right? And beyond the Newsweek article, I haven’t found confirmation of repayments. It’s reasonable to consider that few of the loans are repaid. But, again, who goes after the monthly payments? Who’s knocking on the door, making the phone calls, writing the collection letters? The answer is “faith-based agencies.”

Faith-based agencies that resettle refugees in America stand to gain more than a clear conscience if the United States — after what is expected to be a fierce debate in Congress — accepts a proposed 10,000 Syrian refugees next year.

More refugees also means more revenue for the agencies’ little-known debt collection operations, which bring in upwards of $5 million a year in commissions as resettled refugees repay loans for their travel costs. All nine resettlement agencies charge the same going rate as private-sector debt collectors: 25 percent of all they recoup for the government. Source: Religion News

These “faith-based agencies are known as “Voluntary Agencies,” or VOLAGs and this source claims that those heading the agencies make six figures annually, meet weekly to decide which refugee goes where, and you have no say in it.

One Springfield, Mass., refugee didn’t understand plumbing. He left the water running constantly, creating a $13,000 water bill. Who paid? Not the refugee. . . .

They are not taught to assimilate. They are however, taught how to game the system. In Portland, Maine, Somalis who failed driving tests were not coached to improve their driving skills, but to launch massive letter-writing campaigns criticizing the test administrator who failed them. . . .

The above is known as Community Organizing. Obama taught the same methods to countless single mothers in Chicago. Assault City Hall over everything. It worked.

List of VOLAGs (funded by federal and state governments):

Church World Service (affiliated with the National Council of Churches)

Catholic Charities/ US Conference of Catholic Bishops

Episcopal Migration Ministries

Ethiopian Community Development Council

Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society

International Rescue Committee

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service

U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants

World Relief, Inc.

See the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service in the above list?

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service has urged the Obama administration to show “moral leadership” by boosting its 2016 Syrian refugee allotment from 10,000 to 100,000.

Adding 25 percent to those additional 90,000, who pay back their loan or a portion of their loan, might be a tidy sum. These agencies “volunteer” only when they don’t get paid, and something is always better than . . . nothing?

Faith-based agencies resettled a majority of the 70,000 refugees who made America their destination in the past year. Next year, the Obama administration aims to raise the figure to 85,000, including 10,000 from Syria, where thousands have fled the brutality of the group that calls itself the Islamic State and a bloody civil war under the Bashar Assad regime. (see the link to Religion News above)

The United Nations reports a gap of $2.5 BILLION in funding needed for four million Syrians.

Jim Simpson, writing at Capital Research:

There are 350 federal subcontractors [VOLAGs] in 190 cities, all affiliated with the nine main refugee VOLAGs, but cataloging them is beyond the scope of this paper.

Then there are powerful, liberal private funders: Bauman Foundation, Ford Foundation, Gill Foundation, Open Society Institute/Foundations, Public Welfare Foundation, NEO Philanthropy, New World Foundation, Unbound Philanthropy, Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program, Y&H Soda Foundation, Reynolds Legacy, Tides Foundation, and the Arca Foundation. Jim Simpson, writing at Capital Research has profiled each of these groups. No doubt you will hear infamous names you already know: George Soros, National Council of La Raza, The Alliance for Open Society International, Van Jones’s Color of Change, Marxist newspaper In These Times, Immigration Rights Coalition, Southern Poverty Law Center, the Center for American Progress, and so much more. Click the link in this paragraph to read more and watch the hair on your arms stand at attention.

Each are legal lobbyists, promoting leftist policies. “Many reflect the “Social Gospel” i.e. the effort to marry socialst ideas with Christian doctrine begun by Progressives at the turn of the century.” The World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches are steeped in these policies and are inherently linked to the the Refugee Contractors (Volunteers):

From the National Council of Churches website regarding Syrian Refugees:

The National Council of Churches echoes and endorses the call of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service for the US Government to open its borders to 100,000 Syrian refugees this coming fiscal year, in addition to increasing the total U.S. resettlement commitment to 100,000 refugees from other parts of the world.

Among the VOLAGs I see no call to bring Christians to safety first. In fact it’s just the opposite. Such a suggestion is categorized as “pockets of resistance.” VOLAGs have a mission to crush such resistance –– meaning certainly not rescuing Christians before Muslims. Read more at Breitbart.

Remember, by far, Americans believe in God, and 78 percent are also Christians. 

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  • cryandhowl

    You put this piece together very well as always Maggie!

    Several Syrian families have been “resettled” in Dallas a week or so ago. Not to the pleasure of the Dallas residents, but they have no say. I think about 800 illegal alien “children” (under age 18) from Central America were sent to Ellis County here in Texas, which is the county next to the one in which I live. I’m not sure what town but I think it is in Maypearl, about 30 miles from where I live. The local radio/news reports that the mayor or other local government officials aren’t happy because they weren’t informed about the arrival until it happened. They are located in some kind of recreational hotel or facility with indoor swimming pools, cable TV, free meals, immunizations, soccer games, etc. They’ll receive free medical, education in their own language, and they’ll be there for a minimum of 21 days, and all this goes right back to the VOLAGs you mentioned. They can’t get enough refugees and they don’t care about any hardship the local communities endure.

    • CryandHowl, See, this story you’ve added here are the stories we don’t know and no one reports. Can’t tell you how hard I’ve worked to try to find out where these people/children are being “resettled.” I think small towns around the country are being inundated with foreigners. Fundamentally changing small-town America.