Rabid Anti-Semite of Syrian Descent to Advise on ISIS: Robert Malley Hamas Supporter Fired by Obama Rehired by Obama

After the firing, during Obama’s first campaign, Obama said Robert Malley “will not play any role in the future.” Hamas is officially in the White House. Obama’s first campaign foreign policy adviser, Robert Malley, admitted he had regular contact” with Hamas. The crowd roared. Obama had to fire him. Malley’s Jewish-Syrian father, Simon Malley, was a close friend of Yassar Arafat. Before Obama fired Robert, his campaign aides were quoted saying Malley delivered messages to Egypt and Syria, assuring Obama would “enhance relations with Cairo and Damascus.”  Consider how those “enhancements’ worked out for the United States. Now another raging-Leftist Czar with a paycheck and Obama’s ear at one of the most dangerous times in our history.

Robert Malley

Robert Malley


According to the government watchdog group Judicial Watch, the White House downplayed the controversial appointment by “burying it deep in a press briefing delivered at a Paris hotel during the recent climate summit.” Source: Fox News

In February 2014 I posted the following:

Malley is a Harvard-trained lawyer and Rhodes Scholar serving as North Africa Program Director for the International Crisis Group which receives funding from George Soros’ Open Society. According to this investigative report, Malley’s Jewish-Syrian father, Simon Malley, was “a key figure in the Egyptian Communist Party.

In the 1970’s the Malley family lived in France, where Robert’s father Simon Malley, published a radical magazine about Africa, Afrique-Asie, which supported various leftist “liberation movements” as well as the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. According to the Washington Post:

Police are looking for the editor of Afrique-Asie magazine, whose pro-Soviet line and support for certain Third World countries is said to have upset President Valery Giscard d’Estain, The Sunday Times of London reported.

Egyptian-born Simon Malley, 47, his American wife Barbara and their three children reportedly have gone into hiding. They face expulsion for what officials describe as “political activities which do not correspond with, and even run contrary to, French interests in certain countries.”

Afrique-Asie, which has a circulation of nearly 120,000 mostly in Africa and Latin America, is said to have received Soviet financial backing. Malley, a founder of the Egyptian Communist Party, arrived in France 11 years ago from the United States, where he worked for a Cairo newspaper. (Washington Post, Aug. 7, 1980)

According to the UPI:

… Interior Minister Christian Bonnet told the Assembly that some articles written by Malley were “genuine appeals to murder foreign chiefs of state… ”(October 3, 1980)

The New York Times characterized the magazine with these words:

Afrique-Asie, which is issued every other month, has strongly backed leftist revolutionary movements, criticized moderate African and Middle Eastern leadership and denounced Israel. (NYT, Oct. 4, 1980) and reported in the same article that Yasir Arafat had protested the expulsion order to the French government:

Support for Mr. Malley has come from … African and Middle Eastern leaders as well as from Yasir Arafat, leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization. Source: CAMERA

Once again, when Obama fired Robert Malley as his foreign policy adivser, he stated Malley would not have a role in his future administrations.

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  • rayhause

    We could refer to this as the “Fox in the Chicken House”.

  • Rachel Greenberg

    Obama is free to show his true colors….he’s a veno mous antisemite and likes to surround himself with like minds