ISIS Video: We Haunt Minds of Your Soldiers, Sew/Sow Fear in Their Hearts –– Send Them to Hell with 50 Cent Bullets

In the video, an English speaker does not identify ISIS or any specific location. He starts with the ISIS flag, and a view of a city street and refers to it as “our Khilafah,” [caliphate]. I began transcribing some snippets, but then became intrigued. It’s mostly complete below, along with the video. What is so eery are the graphics, particularly those showing our military. Men with pills to kill themselves. A man looking crazed, and the stats of military suicides each day in the U.S. A quick Google search shows the numbers in the video to be slightly lower than , ,  reality? Do we really know reality?

Thanks to Young Conservatives for the video and this point: “Hillary Falsely claimed ISIS was using Trump in Recruiting Videos, turns out 2 Prominent Liberals make an Appearance.” I see three Democrats. Bill Clinton’s one of them.

Transcript below. I encourage you to take a look at the graphics.

ISIS Vision of the American Soldier

ISIS Vision of the American Soldier

Begin partial video transcript:

Our ., remaining and expanding . . . it’s territory already greater than the size of Britain, eight times the size of Belgium, and thirty the size of Qatar . . . based on prophetic methodology, follow the Koran and Sunna, not a secular state built on manmade laws, where soldiers fight for prominent legislators, liars [shows White House and U.N. logo, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, among others}.

There is not difference between an Arab, a non-Arab, a black man or a white man except [inaudible], this is the glory of faith that unites us.

The video touts Sharia, and justice in Islamic courts. Islamic schools for their “cubs and their pearls.” Have to assume that means children –– you know, those they hide behind when they store their weaponry and bombs inside those schools.

America, you claim to have the greatest Army the world has ever known. may have the numbers and machinery, but your soldiers lack the will and resolve. Still scarred from their defeat in Afghanistan and Iraq, they return dead or suicidal, with over 6,500 of them killing themselves each year.

While you go around cooking the facts on the results of your military airstrikes, we continue to haunt the minds of your soldiers and sew fear into their hearts, with eighteen of your soldiers committing suicide each day. In addition to the $6 Trillion price tag on your war, you are now too weak to put boots on the ground. You opt, instead, to attack us from the air with missiles, each worth $250,000.00, while we send [inaudible] to hell with fifty-cent bullets.

Then there’s the coalition of devils, with Iran, Turkey and Russia leading the fray.That’s because the beloved [Mullah] of KUFR always unite you together to fight the truth, so BRING IT ON, ALL OF YOU. Your numbers only increase as in fate, and we’re counting your banners, which our prophet said would reach eighty in number [12,000 under each banner] and then the [inaudible] of war will finally burn you on the hills of death. BRING IT ON! We echo the mighty call of our prophets. Gather you allies. Plot against us, and show us no respite. Our ally is the greatest. He is the allah, and all glory belongs to him

ISIS Vision of the Blood of American Soldiers Taking Their Own Lives

ISIS Vision of the Blood of American Soldiers Taking Their Own Lives

No Respite

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  • cryandhowl

    I’m wondering when the media will call her out on this one?

    • It will never happen, Steve.They will do nothing to cast a shadow on her, and they do everything they can to wash the dirt already there.