Fox News Subtly Disses Female Trump Supporter Living in Same Building as Farook

I can’t remember what time it was last night (12/3/15) during Megyn Kelly’s show –– the first of the Kelly File, or the later one (which was not a rerun). I also can’t

Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly

remember who the reporter was in California that she had on her show. The news had already broken of a female living in the same building, seeing people working all night, and many more than normal packages being delivered to Farook’s address (in Redlands, I think). Megyn Kelly asked the reporter what else the woman said. He didn’t want to say. Kelly pushed him. I can’t quote it exactly, but he said “She’s a Trump supporter . . .,” and it came across to me a little like ‘so we can’t give her any credence.’ That is not what he said, remember, but it’s the attitude I believed he had. He did not want to be in that conversation. I don’t think Megyn Kelly answered in any way. My apologies for having no confirming links –– this is my take on what I heard. Anyone out there see that interview?

This morning I’m hearing that the woman saw something, but didn’t say something because she feared being called a racist. Remember the “Clock Boy?”



ONGOING UPDATES HERE: Syed Farook Employed by San Bernardino County as Environmentla Health Specialist

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  • Meg

    This is what we have to put up with today. Tell about something you see and you will be called a racist. I understand why she didn’t report it. Being a Trump supporter has nothing to do with what happened. Taking guns away will not solve the problem, but will only make it worse. Bringing more refugees in will only compound the problem. Any muslim, citizen or not, can put Americans at risk. Look at this guy. He worked a normal job for 5 years, went to Saudi Arabia, came back radicalized and went on a killing spree for allah. The spirit of the antichrist has been turned loose on the earth. We are in a battle of good vs evil.

    • Meg, can’t understand why he mentioned it if he wasn’t going to quote her. I wouldn’t want to say anything either. Farook was likely radicalized long before going to SA to bring back the bride he reportedly had been communicating with in an online dating site. We sure are in a battle of good and evil, as members of Congress tell us prayer is worthless.

  • I cant stand her Maggie

    • Hi MJ, now rather than listening for fair and balanced on her show, I look for deception. Off topic, I hope you know how very much Grumpy admired you. I’m sure you do. He was so generous to all of us in his support and praise.

  • clayguy1

    I used to admire her till she did what she did in the debate.. her true colors came out … against the only one who can save this country.. Trump…or Cruz… she’s shown her true allegiance and that’s to keeping the same ole the same….