Christmas Tree 2015 December 7: Marine MSgt Robert Allen Sings to His Wife – In Remembrance of Pearl Harbor

I first posted Master Sergeant Robert Allen’s Christmas song for his wife in December 2011. Another wife left alone, again, at Christmas time. It makes me think of the women left behind on December 7th 1941 with their men stationed at Pearl Harbor. How long did it take for them to know the fate of their loved ones –– seventy-four years ago today? The men who survived were surely thinking of their families, too. What a terrible time had begun in our history. Also below is a poem, Army Wives Lonely Christmas by Bradley A PerainoIn the words of Tiny Tim Cratchit: “God Bless us, every one.  Video below, and last but not least, Robert Allen is a native of Pawnee, Oklahoma, my home state.




My Lonely Christmas” (Army Wives lonely Christmas)

Author: © 2005 Bradley A Peraino

“My Lonely Christmas”

As I lay down to sleep, this eve of Christmas morn, ‘
I slide between the cotton sheets so comfortable and warm.

A tinge of guilt comes over me followed by a saddened tear.
I say another lonely prayer that only God can hear.

I turn the bedside light off and quickly settle in,
but it will be a few more hours before my night comes to an end.

I lie here all but motionless, eyes wider than the sky.
I try to think of happy thoughts, but I still break down and cry.

I punch my flattened pillow and lie flat on my back.
I’m thinking of my soldier who’s bravely serving in Iraq.

I finally stop my crying and a calm sets in my heart.
For, I know this year will quickly pass, then we’ll no longer be apart.

My eyes are feeling heavy now, so I send God one last prayer.
“God, please protect my soldier while fighting over there!”

Marine Master Sergeant Robert Allen

Marine Master Sergeant Robert Allen


Marine Master Sergeant Robert Allen’s Christmas Song for His Wife (Video)
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  • shatto

    Monday we, some of us anyway, will remember December 7, the
    beginning of World War II, which was the last war America entered with
    the intention of winning.
    Yesterday, President Obama gave a rare and
    ‘historic speech’ in which he continued pushing for the disarming of
    American Citizens and to be nice to citizens of other countries, even if
    they support war against us.
    Contemplate that. Elections are upcoming.

    • shatto, I think about it all the time. I just posted his speech transcript and plenty of commentary. His comments on the AUMF are mind-boggling. He and every Democrat tied to his apron strings will push for gun control until they take their last breath. Thanks much for coming by.